She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement-Chapter 983 - Dark Clouds Disperse, Sunlight Shines

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Chapter 983: Dark Clouds Disperse, Sunlight Shines

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Holy Spirit Goldfeather looked at Lin Jiansheng, who also looked at him.

“As a Purifying Spirit God, you are the only person I can’t completely kill. However, I didn’t intend to kill you in the first place. I want you to live alone. I want you to watch me destroy this world that you guys risked your lives to protect. I want you to live in so much pain that you want to die.”


The gloomy music suddenly stopped. At the same time, the wings on Feng Yuncheng’s back stopped flapping.

The moment the music stopped, the dazed people on the battlefield suddenly came back to their senses.


When they opened their eyes and realized that they were still alive, they belatedly realized that the terrifying scene that had just happened was just an illusion, but that illusion was so real. The pain was real, the anger was real, and the despair was also real.

Therefore, even if it was just an illusion, they still felt fear.

Afraid that the illusion would come true and that all their family members would die, this group of Beast Tamers suddenly felt powerful killing intent. When this killing intent appeared, their remaining reverence and yearning for the Central Pagoda were completely severed.

And when they completely lost faith in the Central Pagoda, the Central Pagoda would just be an ordinary giant pagoda to them.

The Beast Tamers circulated their spiritual power again and launched a new round of attacks.

This time, the blades in everyone’s hands left marks on the pagoda. If one strike couldn’t cut off a brick, then two strikes. If two strikes still couldn’t cut it off, then three strikes!

With this mentality, as if possessed by the god of war, everyone seemed invigorated and unstoppable.


A cornice fell.


A door was kicked down.

Soon, the divine tower in everyone’s hearts became incomplete and dilapidated. At this moment, Holy Spirit Goldfeather was unable to maintain his human form anymore. He looked like a ball of smoke floating in the far north. Only his eyes had yet to disappear.

At this moment, those eyes were looking at Yu Huang’s ocarina in disbelief.

Others didn’t know what had just happened, but he knew.

He had just heard the Slaughter Song!

The Slaughter Song was one of Kunlun’s ultimate techniques. In the ancient era, the Divine Phoenix Divine Master was the most powerful Divine Master among the gods. Back then, Kunlun used the Slaughter Song to lead the ten direct disciples of the Kunlun Palace to draw a tie with the Divine Phoenix Divine Master.

After that battle, there was a place for Kunlun among the peak Divine Masters.

How did this Slaughter Song reach Yu Huang’s hands?

Ever since he discovered that Yu Huang had awakened the power of the Divine Master, Holy Spirit Goldfeather had been secretly observing her. According to what he knew, Yu Huang didn’t know this Slaughter Song in the past. After the trip to the Kunlun Mystic Realm ended, she suddenly knew how to play this Slaughter Song.

Could it be –

Could it be that the Kunlun Divine Master had escaped to his small world after his death like him?

Kunlun Divine Master wasn’t dead yet?

Just as this thought flashed through his mind, Holy Spirit Goldfeather suddenly heard a crack.

He looked up and saw through the dark clouds that the Central Pagoda had been cut off from the center of the pagoda under the combined attack of Mo Xiao and the others!

His divine-grade Spirit Tool was gone!


A tall tower quickly rushed towards the far north from the dark clouds.

Lin Jiansheng noticed this scene and roared, “Move aside!” With that said, he raised the Purifying Spirit Scepter in his hand and slapped the confused Beast Tamers standing in front of the Central Pagoda far away.

In the next second, the top of the tower fell from the sky and slammed into the ground.

The diagonally cut tower was inserted into the black soil, and the top of the tower was leaning against the bottom of the tower.

The two collided. In the end, they collapsed together and fell towards the continent in the far north.


The huge object landed on the ground and shook the far north.

Yu Huang and the others flew up. It was only when they flew to a height of more than two thousand meters that they could clearly see the Central Pagoda lying on the ground. The pagoda at the bottom of the pagoda was about two thousand meters long, and the section of the pagoda where the top of the pagoda was was actually ten thousand meters long!

It turned out that the total length of this Central Pagoda was 12,000 meters.

However, because the top of the tower was hidden in the dark clouds, and there was no oxygen in the dark clouds, and it was constantly releasing poisonous gas that even Beast Tamers couldn’t withstand, no one had ever really seen the top of the Central Pagoda.

Staring at the collapsed tower, Sheng Xiao asked in a hoarse voice, “We succeeded?” He couldn’t believe that they had really destroyed the Central Pagoda.

Nodding heavily, Yu Huang held Sheng Xiao’s hand and said, “We succeeded.”

They had succeeded.

The remaining soul power of Holy Spirit Goldfeather completely disappeared from the world as the Central Pagoda collapsed.

Before he disappeared, everyone heard his indignant roar.

“I can’t accept this!!!”

But he still disappeared.

After losing the power of faith, he was weaker than any soul body.

Seeing that the soul of Holy Spirit Goldfeather had finally been destroyed, the Beast Tamers all hugged the people beside them excitedly. They hammered and cheered at their companions to celebrate the death of Holy Spirit Goldfeather.

The Creator had died.

As if they were sad about the death of the Creator, dark clouds suddenly covered the sky. Immediately after, heavy rain fell.

Under the heavy rain, the Central Pagoda suddenly began to spit things out. It first spat out countless corpses that had yet to completely rot. They were the corpses of the people who originally lived on the Jade Illusion Continent. Those corpses piled up in the far north, making one’s scalp tingle.

In the end, it spat out more than a thousand Beast Tamers in the Yin Clan’s uniform.

“It’s the First Elder!” Yu Huang hurriedly ran to the First Elder’s side. When she got closer, she realized that the First Elder and the others were still breathing!

She shouted in surprise, “The First Elder and the others are still alive!” Hearing this, the Beast Tamers who were good at healing ran to the Yin Clan’s side and began to treat them.

After the Central Pagoda spat out the bodies of the Yin Clan’s people, there was nothing else in the Central Pagoda.

The rain became heavier.

At this moment, a large amount of black grievous energy floated out of the Central Pagoda. When the fog dissipated, the Central Pagoda actually disappeared. It turned into two mountain ranges formed by white bones!

The Central Pagoda was really refined from the bodies of all the disciples of the Holy Spirit Palace!

Looking at the white bones on the ground, Sheng Lingfeng sighed and took the initiative to bow to the undead who had died unjustly.

Seeing this, Yu Huang and the others also bowed.

After standing up straight, Sheng Lingfeng turned around and said to Lin Jiansheng, “God Ling Xiao, Lord Purifying Spirit Masters, please help these people who died tragically purify their spirits!” Upon hearing Sheng Lingfeng’s words, Lin Jiansheng led all the high-level Purifying Spirit Masters to the side of the skeleton mountain range and chanted the Purifying Spirit Incantation to purify the undead who had been killed by Holy Spirit Goldfeather.

Level 7 Purifying Spirit Masters were considered high-level Purifying Spirit Masters.

Yu Huang, a Level 6 Purifying Spirit Master, was also helping Purifying Spirit because of her special identity.

This Spirit Purification Ceremony lasted for eight hours.

When the spirit purification ended, the sky lit up.

The scorching sun rose as usual.

Sunlight shone on the Holy Spirit Continent. For the first time, it pierced through the dark clouds in the far north and landed on this black soil. The terpsichorean flowers that had been knocked down by the heavy rain bloomed. Under the scorching sun, they actually looked quite cute.

The black poisonous gas that always filled the far north slowly faded under the scorching sun.

The far north finally welcomed life.