Sir, How About A Marriage? - Chapter 269 - Realization

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Chapter 269: Realization

Someone made use of her eagerness to win an award to fabricate a lie. Because of that lie, she missed out on the biggest chance she had to get close to Mu Chen; she had missed out on marrying him so he could placate his grandmother.

If she had agreed to marry Mu Chen nominally back then, everything would be different now.

When she thought of her own stupidity, she burst into tears again. Who was it that hated her so much and made her fall to such a state?

Faces after faces flashed in her mind at this moment. She had to find out the identity of the person who harmed her!

“Don’t worry, Ye Xin. Even if there’s no award, it doesn’t matter. The Old Madam of the Mu family likes you so much!”

“Ye Xin, you’re about to become the Young Madam of the Mu family. Why is there a need for you to worry about the award?”

“If you ask, Old Madam Mu will definitely arrange it for you. Don’t let others reap the benefits.”

“Old Madam Mu isn’t simple. She has connections to many prominent figures. In fact, she’s a prominent figure herself.”

“Ye Xin is really lucky. I’m so envious of her. I can’t imagine how much Old Madam Mu will dote on her when she marries into the Mu family.”

“Why don’t you ask Ye Xin to speak to Old Madam Mu. She’ll definitely be able to help Ye Xin win the award.”

“Our Ye Xin doesn’t need help. After all, she relies on her own abilities!”

Words after words after words rang in Ye Xin’s mind, causing her to shudder. ‘The Old Madam of the Mu family? She’s the one who orchestrated everything?’

She had thought those from the Mu family, whether it was Mu Chen or Jiang Jin, did not care about the scandal at all.

Jiang Jin had been so kind to her, but it was all fake. Since a long time ago, Jiang Jin had already hated her and planned everything so flawlessly.

Ye Xin felt so stupid at this moment. She did not even figure this out until now.

Only Jiang Jin could calculate everything so perfectly; even the timing was perfect. Jiang Jin had intentionally pressured Mu Chen to get married when she was going to attend the award show. Jiang Jin was certain she would turn Mu Chen’s request down since she was confident she would win the award.

Indeed, Jiang Jin was an expert at scheming.

Ye Xin’s heart turned cold when she thought of the always smiling Jiang Jin. So this was what it meant by killing without a knife. If she had not been locked up in the psychiatric ward, she would not have figured this out even until the day she died.

Her parents and her brother probably did not expect the person pulling all the strings was Old Madam Mu!

Why was she so stupid? It was her own stupidity that led her to this state; she could not even blame anyone else.

Ye Xin clutched her chest and cried until she could not breathe. She felt as though someone had stabbed her heart with a knife and twisted it.

She was determined to seek revenge for being plotted against. She wanted that sanctimonious old hag to die a horrible death!

Just how much did that old hag hate her? Not only did the old hag humiliate her in public, but that old hag was not even the slightest bit apologetic even after harming her to this extent!

She vowed she would never let that old hag go. That old hag was no better than Song Ning.

When Song Ning’s face appeared in her mind, she grew even crazier.

Why did she resemble Song Ning so much? If they did not look alike, she would not have debuted under the title ‘Little Ning Xia’! If Song Ning did not appear out of nowhere, how could she fall into such a state? She had gone from being a popular star with tens of millions of fans to this. This was all Song Ning and that old hag’s fault!

Ye Xin gnashed her teeth. “There’ll be no peace between us even if I die! I’ll make you pay the price! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!”

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