Sir, How About A Marriage? - Chapter 813 - Marriage Proposal  

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Chapter 813: Marriage Proposal

Yin Yi and Guan Tang had failed miserably at the last moment before departing M City.

Guan Tang became fodder for the media in M City. Her scandal spread like a wildfire in just an instant.

Just as Yin Jia had said, the Yin family did not stand up for Guan Tang.

Guan Tang was hurriedly sent back to S City, and the handling of the public opinion in M City was left to Ye Cheng, the future son-in-law of the Yin family, to handle. This was not difficult for Ye Cheng, but to handle it cleanly without leaving a trace was quite difficult. After all, the other parties involved were all young masters of wealthy and influential families in M City. There was nothing Ye Cheng could do to them.

As for Ye Cheng and Guan Tang, they both knew the culprit was Yin Jia, but there was nothing they could do to her. Even if they knew, they could not say anything.

The entire family was still immersed in the joy of Cheng Che returning to S City with them, but there was a small incident before they returned.

Unexpectedly, Ning Dong came to the Yin family to propose marriage. He did not bring any betrothal gifts and only handed Old Master Yin a tablet before he kneeled in front of Old Master Yin. After that, he confessed that Yin Yi suggested being in a fake relationship to lie to the families. He also revealed that Yin Yi did not give up on Mu Chen.

Old Master Yin was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

Ning Dong told Old Master Yin that he had been schemed against in the hotel room and that the person Yin Yi had planned to sleep with was Mu Chen. Who knew something went wrong and Yin Yi came to his room instead.

Old Master Yin felt suffocated when he heard about his granddaughter’s shameless behavior. He tried to calm down as he looked at the young man kneeling in front of him. He said, “Young man, thank you for keeping this a secret. The entire Yin family is grateful to you.”

Ning Dong sighed in relief, but he did not get up.

Old Master Yin looked at Ning Dong and asked, “What do you want? I’ll try my best to satisfy your request. After all, you’ve saved the Yin family this time.” Then, he reached out to support Ning Dong up.

Ning Dong remained kneeling. He grabbed Old Master Yin’s arm instead. He looked at Old Master Yin with a sincere expression as he said, “Old Master Yin, I’ve done something wrong so I don’t dare to ask for anything. However, this concerns the reputation of the two families. I’d like to ask you to agree to my marriage with Yin Yi to cover this matter up.”

Old Master Yin was stunned. Although he had some thoughts in his mind, he did not reveal them. He was now completely focused on Cheng Che. He would only deal with other matters after Cheng Che’s matter was resolved; he did not think too much about his granddaughter’s matter. However, he did not expect the tall and slightly thin young man in front of him to be so responsible. With Ning Dong’s words, he recalled Ning Dong’s background. Marrying Yin Yi into the Ning family would only benefit the Yin family.

Old Master Yin could not help butsmile. He pulled Ning Dong up again as he said, relieved, “Good boy. I didn’t expect you to be so responsible. Since you don’t dislike Yin Yi, Grandpa will agree to the marriage and fulfill your wish.”

With these words, Ning Dong finally rose to his feet and said excitedly, “Thank you, Grandpa. Then, I’ll return and inform my parents so they can formally come and propose marriage.”

Old Master Yin smiled and nodded. He did not expect the people of M City to be so good. They had not only solved the Yin family’s problem, but even benefited the Yin family.

At this time, Ning Dong revealed a troubled expression as he said hesitantly, “But, Grandpa, I’m afraid it’ll be difficult to change Yin Yi’s mind. She has Mu Chen in her heart. I’m afraid she’ll be unwilling to sacrifice her love and marry me.”

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