Sir, How About A Marriage? - Chapter 814 - : Dignity

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Chapter 814: Dignity


Old Master Yin’s gaze turned pointed as he said, “Her love? If it weren’t because you’re so responsible and thoughtful, the Yin family’s dignity and reputation would have been trampled under someone’s feet at this moment. Ning Dong, return and talk to your parents. I’ll have to trouble them to visit our house. For the sake of the Yin family’s dignity, I’ll definitely prepare a generous dowry for Yin Yi!”

Ning Dong was very tactful. He glanced at the tablet on the table before he said, “Grandpa, only you, Yin Yi, and I know about this matter. Even if it’s my parents, I won’t say anything about it. I’ll tell them that I like Yin Yi so I want them to propose marriage. As for that matter, let’s just bury it.”

Old Master Yin was in a great mood. He patted Ning Dong’s shoulder, looking very appreciative.

After Ning Dong left, Old Master Yin could not hold it in any longer when he looked at the tablet. He summoned Yin Bin over. He naturally had to let Yin Bin know what his daughter had done.

Guan Ning’s face paled after she looked at the tablet. She gripped the tablet tightly as she asked tremblingly, “Where, where did this come from?”

Guan Ning had lost her composure in front of her father-in-law, and her voice was very high-pitched at this moment.

Yin Bin’s expression was unsightly as well. “Father…”

Old Master Yin waved his hand. “I’ve already convinced Ning Dong to marry Yin Yi. Do you have any objections?”

Yin Bin and Guan Ning exchanged a look.

Old Master Yin looked at the couple and said, “Ning Dong said he had been schemed against. Yin Yi’s original target was Mu Chen. For the sake of the two families’ reputation, he’s willing to marry Yin Yi.”

Guan Ning’s heart skipped a beat. “Yin Yi didn’t do it voluntarily! We can report him and sue him!”

“Sue him for what? For raping your daughter? What evidence do you have? Do you have any evidence? Your daughter did it willingly! If you insist on exposing the matter, I’m afraid the Mu family will get involved as well! Can you afford the consequences?” Old Master Yin said angrily.

Yin Bin could not help but say, “Doesn’t this mean Ning Dong benefited for nothing? Although we intend to match-make them, we’re not completely satisfied with the Ning family…”

Old Master Yin sneered. “This is all of your precious daughter’s fault. What? You want to use the Yin family’s reputation to seek justice for her?”

Yin Bin and Guan Ning did not dare to say anything else.

Old Master Yin looked at the duo and said, “Quit while you’re ahead. That kid is quite scheming, but the important thing now is to suppress this matter. Fortunately, his family background is not bad, and he’s not a bad match for Yin Yi. He’ll ask his parents to come over to propose marriage. At that time, both of you better go with the flow.”

Then, Old Master Yin switched the topic and said, “Our family also cannot interfere in Guan Tang’s matter. It’ll blow over eventually. If we help her, it’ll only make things worse. Perhaps, we can use Yin Yi and Ning Dong’s marriage to divert the public’s attention.”

“The most important thing now is Cheng Che. There must be enough pomp for his return to the family. We must show him how much we value him. Do you understand?”

The duo nodded solemnly.

Although Guan Ning was unhappy about her daughter’s matter, she had no choice but to put it aside for the sake of her son. She had to prioritize matters so she would have to wrong her daughter for now.

Yin Bin thought about it for a moment before he finally told Old Master Yin about his original intention of wanting to make a connection with the Ning family.

Old Master Yin raised an eyebrow. “I didn’t expect there to be such a relationship. This is even better. When the Ning family comes, have a proper chat with them. Don’t create unnecessary problems.”

Guan Ning lowered her gaze. ‘Is my daughter going to be married off just like this? There’s also Guan Tang. The Yin family protected her for so many years, but they suddenly let her go when Guan Tang needed them the most.’

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