Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 720 - Reflection

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720 – Reflection

Liu Feng blurted out, “His control of space has disappeared and the Thorn Domain was strengthened. This is the ability that the mutated Thorn Dragon gave him : damage reflection. This ability is stronger when faced with strong opponents. From the looks of it, the reflected damage is at least 60%.”

Just as Liu Feng was speaking, a layer of armor appeared on Zhou Pengzhan’s body. A pair of large metal wings spread out from his back and silver armor covered his entire body. This was his Two-Word Battle Armor.

The moment his Two-Word Battle Armor appeared, his entire aura changed abruptly, and his aura wasn’t inferior to Tang Yuge’s. Sharp thorns drilled out of his Battle Armor and covered his entire body.

Zhou Pengzhan did not continue to attack. Instead, he flapped his wings and soared into the sky. His first and third soul rings lit up.

He didn’t attack but waited for Tang Yuge to attack him as though he wanted to use the reflective ability to attack Tang Yuge.

Lan Xuanyu narrowed his eyes. What he wanted to know was whether Tang Yuge’s Five Elements Divine Light could be used.

He immediately understood the opponent’s tactic. It was obvious that Zhou Pengzhan was specially prepared for Tang Yu to use his ability to reflect damage.

His ability to reflect damage was not only able to reflect the opponent’s soul skill, but it was also able to greatly reduce the attack power on his body. This way, with the strong defense of his Two-Word Battle Armor, he seemed to be in an invincible position.

The sixth years had no intention of winning against Tang Yuge in this match. They only wanted to fight to a draw and consume Tang Yuge’s soul power at the same time to weaken her strength in the later battles. It was indeed a good plan!

Tang Yuge didn’t continue her second attack and merely looked at Zhou Pengzhan calmly.


In the past, when they were in their third year, Tang Yuge didn’t pay much attention to Zhou Pengzhan. Zhou Pengzhan had relied on the unique characteristics of his Martial Soul to get into Shrek Academy. At that time, he had a nickname in class—Spiky Ball.

He liked to find people to spar with when he had nothing to do. He liked to let people beat him and then practice his technique of damage reflection.

Everyone was also willing to train with him because they wanted to train their reflexes especially against the rebound soul skill.

This former human sandbag had grown to the point where he could represent his class in battle. His ability to reflect damage had undoubtedly increased, and even his Two-Word Battle Armor had a similar ability, which was why he chose to fight.

Did Tang Yuge really have no feelings for the sixth years at all? How was that possible? After all, everyone had studied and cultivated together for more than two years, and she was the class leader at that time. Although she wasn’t very friendly due to her bad mood at that time, she had always worked hard for her class.

She was familiar with every student. The reason why she left was not because of the teacher’s encouragement but because she felt a sense of warmth from the first years. Maybe it was because that person was among the first years.

Under the influence of many factors, she chose to leave.

Looking at the growing Zhou Pengzhan, she actually felt very gratified. Whether Zhou Pengzhan could get into the Inner Court or not, at least he had grown up and was already a Two-Word Battle Armor Master. He could successfully graduate from the Outer Court.

Zhou Pengzhan was also looking at Tang Yuge in the air. With seven soul rings flickering on her body, she looked even more beautiful. Deep in his heart, there was always the shadow of this class leader. Not only him, but many boys in the class had the same feeling.

He still clearly remembered that at the end of the fourth year, among those students who were eliminated because they were unable to complete the Sky Fighter mission, there was someone who cried and said how good it would be if the class leader was still around. Zhou Pengzhan knew that he was not the only one who liked Tang Yuge.

At this moment, facing Tang Yuge, his emotions were extremely complicated. There was excitement, apprehension, and also nervousness. He hoped to prove himself in front of Tang Yuge the most. Perhaps only by doing so would he have a chance in the future.

He cultivated with all his might to increase his strength so that he could get into the Inner Court because it was said that after getting into the Inner Court, he would be able to participate in that famous matchmaking event.

In his heart, the class leader would definitely be able to get into the Inner Court. If he could get into the Inner Court, he would have a chance to confess to her.

Even if he failed, it didn’t matter. At least he’d worked hard.

This was also the motivation for Zhou Pengzhan to move forward. He was able to stand here because of his own hard work. Although his Martial Soul was unique, it was not strong in class until he broke through to the sixth ring. When many students were still at the fifth ring, he had already broken through to the sixth ring.

Relying on his unique ability, he completed two extremely difficult Sky Fighter missions and obtained quite a lot of rewards.

He looked down with a burning gaze and suddenly saw Tang Yuge shaking her head gently. In the next moment, she moved.

Tang Yuge tapped the ground lightly with the tip of her toes and soared into the sky, heading straight for Zhou Pengzhan.

A seven-ring Soul Sage could already rely on her soul power to fly. Even without a Two-Word Battle Armor, it would not affect her movements in the air. This was also the reason why Sima Xian and the others’ expressions changed drastically. If Tang Yuge could not fly, their plan would undoubtedly have a higher chance of success.

Zhou Pengzhan crossed his arms in front of him and the silver light on his body was faintly discernible. The wings on his back opened up and he suddenly flapped them as he retreated.

But in the next moment, he saw a stream of light.

Tang Yuge’s body was in the air and a five-colored light flickered. She suddenly increased her speed and arrived before him almost instantly.

Great Five Elements Divine Light!

Zhou Pengzhan was slightly flustered. He could still clearly remember how strong Tang Yuge’s Great Five Elements Divine Light was. But through the experience of the Sky Fighter missions, he had rich combat experience and immediately reacted.

The second soul ring on his body flickered, and his upper body suddenly bent down, revealing the back of his head and back. In an instant, all the spikes on his body spewed out. They were a meter long and covered his entire body as if they were covered in thorns.

A glaring dark silver light burst forth and a light shield appeared. Under the effect of his Two-Word Battle Armor, the space around him distorted.

Tang Yuge threw a punch at the silver light shield.

“Boom!” Zhou Pengzhan’s body was sent flying backwards like a cannonball, but that strong rebound also shook Tang Yuge’s arm.

The distance between them widened again!

But on that silver light shield, a layer of five-colored light was faintly discernible.

After stretching his body, Zhou Pengzhan only felt that the air around him was somewhat sticky, but the distance between them had widened again.

Even the Great Five Elements Divine Light was unable to break through his defense. How could the power of a Two-Word Battle Armor be ordinary?

But at this moment, he saw the five-colored light on Tang Yuge’s body become even more dazzling.

Just as a strange feeling appeared, he felt his vision blur as Tang Yuge appeared before him once again. This time, he didn’t even see the process of the Five Elements Divine Light being spat out.

He only saw Tang Yuge’s palm enlarging in front of him. In her palm, five-colored light coiled around and turned into a vortex as it came towards him.

How could she be so fast? Could she teleport?

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