Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 721 - Rong Yuxuan

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721 – Rong Yuxuan

TL : GoldenLung

Tang Yuge obviously couldn’t teleport. She was using a variant of the Five Elements Escape technique, which she had comprehended after her Martial Soul evolved into the Ten Heavenly Stems Qilin. Five Elements Escape technique, Divine Light Bridge.

After the opponent was struck by her Great Five Elements Divine Light, she could use it to pull her close to the opponent.

Without any hesitation, the spikes on Zhou Pengzhan’s body retracted and his fourth soul ring lit up. This was his first 10,000-year soul skill.

The Two-Word Battle Armor on his body suddenly glowed brightly. Countless silver lights were like sharp thorns as they scattered in all directions with an extremely strong impact and shot outwards.

That powerful explosive force caused the space around him to distort violently, and even the Five Elements Divine Light was shaken off at this moment.

But just at this moment, Tang Yuge disappeared. She who had just arrived before him, disappeared.

In the distance, under the guidance of the Great Five Elements Divine Light that lingered in the air, Tang Yuge returned to where she was previously and watched as the silver light that shot out for tens of meters formed a gigantic silver ball in the air.

A 10,000-year soul skill used with a Two-Word Battle Armor was actually so powerful!

However, under the obstruction of the silver light, Zhou Pengzhan could no longer see Tang Yuge’s figure. Was she sent flying by him? Could she have been injured by his explosive Divine Thorn Light?


Just as Zhou Pengzhan’s mind was shaken, a five-colored light suddenly surged up from below. Just as his Thorns Divine Light had ended, it reached his feet.

At this moment, Zhou Peng had just used up all his strength and had yet to recover. Tang Yuge’s right palm still had the vortex-shaped Five Elements Divine Light as it grabbed towards his ankle.

Zhou Peng suddenly bent his knees and kicked downwards. The first and third soul rings on his body shone brightly as the wings on his back flapped violently, trying to avoid Tang Yuge’s grasp.

He had just used his 10,000-year soul skill and didn’t have the time to use another 10,000-year one. He was a six-ring soul master after all and didn’t have a Soul Core so he couldn’t recover his soul power in an instant.

However, Tang Yuge was faster and she caught his leg that was about to kick out. The strong rebound did not manage to push Tang Yuge’s hand away.

Zhou Pengzhan only felt that Tang Yuge’s right hand was extremely sticky and grabbed his ankle in an instant. Then, a strange energy drilled into his body.

The reflective ability of the Demonic Thorn Dragon Martial Soul in his body automatically exploded, wanting to reflect Tang Yuge’s soul power back, but the disparity in cultivation was completely revealed at this moment.

“Bang!” A silver wave of air exploded from Zhou Pengzhan’s leg and his entire leg was covered by a five-colored light.

Tang Yuge’s body sank and she suddenly descended. She lifted Zhou Pengzhan’s body and smashed him onto the ground.

“Boom!” Zhou Pengzhan was dizzy from the impact and the five-colored light had already drilled into his body. His Two-Word Battle Armor components were retracting one by one.

After repeating this three times, the Two-Word Battle Armor on Zhou Pengzhan’s body had completely disappeared. He was unable to unleash any more soul skills.

“Stop! The fourth years win the first match!” Ying Luohong appeared in time and stopped Tang Yuge, who was about to continue attacking.

Tang Yuge immediately let go of Zhou Pengzhan, who was dizzy from the fall but wasn’t actually injured.

By relying on Demonic Thorn Dragon’s ability to reflect damage, most of the damage would be reflected when he was attacked. With the protection of his Battle Armor, he was not severely injured.

The entire spectator stand was silent, and the sixth years were completely speechless.

As the saying goes, ‘The person in the action is confused, but the bystander sees things clearly’. Zhou Pengzhan had already done his best, but he was unable to unleash his fifth and sixth soul skills. And in the eyes of the spectators, the outcome of this match seemed to have been decided the moment Tang Yuge took off.

Zhou Pengzhan was already working very hard to utilize his abilities, but compared to him, Tang Yuge gave off the feeling of being able to lift something heavy as though it was light.

From beginning to end, Zhou Pengzhan didn’t have any chance to suppress Tang Yuge and was dominated by her.

When he unleashed his 10,000-year soul skill, Tang Yuge quietly dodged and used the Five Elements Escape technique to escape underground. The outcome of this match was already decided at this moment.

His ability to reflect damage was ultimately unable to withstand the power of the Great Five Elements Divine Light. Most importantly, from the beginning to the end, Tang Yuge had only relied on her Soul Emperor cultivation and had not released her Martial Soul Avatar.

The former class leader didn’t lose her motivation to fight because of her voluntary drop in rank. On the contrary, she was still as strong as she was in the past, invincible in the whole class.

Sima Xian’s gaze became complicated as he looked at Tang Yuge, who floated down and did not look happy from the victory. She won, and she was still so strong. Zhou Pengzhan’s ability to reflect damage did not work on her.

Zhou Pengzhan returned to his team dejectedly.

Sima Xian patted his shoulder and said indifferently, “Don’t worry about it. After all, she used to be our class leader. If it were me, I might not be able to win against her. It’s not shameful to lose to her. There will be a team battle later and you still have a chance to prove yourself.”

Zhou Pengzhan smiled bitterly and nodded. “She’s really strong, much stronger than before. I seemed to be able to see her clearly in the past, but I can’t see her clearly now. I can feel that she’s holding back, as though she doesn’t want me to lose too badly.”

After saying that, he walked to the back silently. For some reason, he had a bad feeling about today’s competition.

“Second match, fourth year Yuanen Huihui will go up, sixth year Rong Yuxuan will go up.”

This was another sixth year that Lan Xuanyu wasn’t familiar with.

Upon hearing this name, Tang Yuge was slightly taken aback. She turned to look at Yuanen Huihui, who was about to walk out, and said, “Be careful, his ability is very unique. He is good at both offense and defense, and especially good at defending and counter attacking.”

Yuanen Huihui glanced at her but didn’t say anything and continued walking.

On the sixth year’s side, a handsome young man walked out. From his appearance, he was the most good-looking among the sixth years.

Rong Yuxuan’s opponent was Yuanen Huihui, but he did not look at Yuanen Huihui. Instead, he looked into the distance at Tang Yuge, who was in the fourth years’ team. His eyes revealed an infatuated look.

Looking at him, Yuanen Huihui frowned. “What are you looking at?”

Rong Yuxuan said impatiently, “I wasn’t looking at you.”

“But you should be looking at me now,” Yuanen Huihui said coldly.

“I know.” Rong Yu turned around and looked at Yuanen Huihui. “Just admit defeat. You can’t win against me, I’m a seven-ring Soul Sage.”

Yuanen Huihui raised his brows. “Soul Sage? That’s amazing. You want to challenge her?” He pointed at Tang Yuge.

Rong Yu shook her head. “No, why should I challenge her? I don’t hit women. En, but I don’t mind being beaten by women.”

Yuanen Huihui was stunned. Why did he feel that this guy’s brain was a little rusty?

“Is there something wrong with your head?”

“Who are you calling stupid ?” Rong Yuxuan raged.

“Both of you, back off! Are we still going to fight or not?” Ying Luohong looked at the two guys chatting as though there was no one else around and she was furious, especially that Rong Yuxuan. What was he saying?

She knew a little about Rong Yuxuan. This boy had always been lively and restless during his sixth year. In the past, he didn’t stand out in strength, but in the past few years, he had improved the fastest. His speed of breaking through to his seventh ring was even faster than Li Siqi and Li Siming, second only to Sima Xian. In terms of one-on-one strength, he was undoubtedly second in the entire class and had a high chance of getting into the Inner Court.

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