SPELLBOUND - Chapter 650 Ready?

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Chapter 650 Ready?

  The hit was so strong, so sudden and very unexpected that Levy fell to the ground with a loud thud. Daaaamn! Levy’s eyes widened comically even as he was on the ground. This shorty was savage and damned brutal! And she was a girl!!! He had thought that she was a man because he assumed all soldiers under Klauz were male. It was really hard to tell because quite a number of them still wear cloaks. However, that accidental grope he had of ‘his’ chest had made it clear that the soldier he thought was a he, was actually a she!

”Y-you’re a… gi –” Levy clamped his mouth shut when she knelt down on one knee next to him and bent over to whisper in his ear. He somehow thought that the whisper was particularly menacing and full of warning.

”Shut your mouth, damn vampire. I’m a man.” She said in a voice that was pitched low.

Levy did not know why that only served to make him smirk. “Oh… so you’re hiding the fact that you’re a girl? Why? I’ve seen female dark fae soldiers –” and Levy did what he did best – tease and rile others up.

”I’m not really disguising. I just don’t want to flaunt the fact that I’m a female. Many males will usually look down on others just because they are a girl. And that’s the last thing I want happening, especially since I’m now with a new group. So now, would you kindly shut up?” she warned through gritted teeth.

”Oh, I see, I see. Sure, sure… your secret is safe with me. But first, do tell me your name.” He whispered back in almost a familiar manner.

She sighed defeatedly, knowing that she would need to play along with this vampire if she wanted her secret to be kept safe. At least for now. She wondered why this vampire was such a busybody. “I’m Laiza. Lord Klauz sent me here to protect the queen alongside you guys.”

He flashed a wide and friendly grin. “Oh… I see. Then, nice to meet your acquaintance, Laiza. I’m Levy.” He generously introduced himself and offered his name right off the bat.

She stood up, ignoring him. But Levy just shamelessly moved closer beside her and leaned into her personal space. “Laiza, can I ask you a very important question?” Levy spoke with such seriousness that Laiza was convinced for a moment. “… Are you single?”

”…!!!” Laiza almost snorted in contempt. Could this vampire ever take things seriously?! What a player!

All preparations were finally finished.

Evie rubbed Onyx’s snout gently and a little absentmindedly as she looked on at the happenings that were going on behind her. The thousands of soldiers. The dragons. Everyone. All preparing to go up against their common enemy.

She silently prayed that they would all survive this battle. That there would not be too much blood to be shed on their side.

Her gaze then slowly travelled to Onyx’s eyes. The dragon had been shrouded with dark magic ever since they were reunited in the Under Lands. The magic that Gav had transferred into him was still in him. And right now, this dragon was stronger than ever. She could feel the tremendous force of the dark magic undulating and swirling in and out of him.

At first, Evie was afraid that Onyx might not be the dragon she used to know anymore when she approached him in that cave upon their reunion. However, she was proven wrong. And how thankful she was for being proven wrong at that time.

Onyx was still Onyx. The only difference is just that he has a tremendous amount of dark magic stored within him now.

She had tested him during the first war, when they had arrived to aid their kind. Onyx was totally unaffected by the abyss and its darkness even when she had boldly entered as she flew in on Onyx to the inside of the wall of darkness.

It was like the dragon had somehow managed to tame the dangerous dark magic’s hold over his consciousness and now he turned it into his own strength. Evie believed that as how a knife was in a chef’s hand, that was also how the dark magic was in Onyx’s control.

Klauz had expressed his doubt about Onyx, but Evie chose to put her complete trust in her dragon. Of course, her vision of the future also helped her stop doubting Onyx. Because she remembered that in the future, Onyx had these similar dark magic oozing from him and yet he was not relegated to an enemy but instead, was one of her most trusted allies.

That memory was enough for Evie to feel secured in her trust and not worry at all about Onyx. Because Onyx will never betray her. Never. He would be with her until the end.

She kissed the dragon’s snout lovingly and then smiled at him.

”Ready?” she whispered to him softly and the dragon roared out his assent.

All the other dragons, including the ice dragons roared out as well. Creating a sound that had everyone sprouting goosebumps that crawled over their skin.

The dark faes, including the king, who were standing at the distance and watching over Evie’s army as they prepared themselves, shivered as well.

And then, the army joined in the battle roar.

They watched as the Light Queen leapt gracefully onto her dragon’s back. The king also saw his wife seated right behind Evielyn.

When Onyx flapped his massive and powerful wings and rose from the ground, all the other dragons pushed off the ground as well.

Everyone watching this magnificent and imposing scene had their hearts beating loud and fast and suddenly, they all suddenly feel regret that they could not join in this battle.

Another shriek was issued from the Light Queen’s dragon mount and the other two fire dragons flew forward and shot pillars of fire at the ice walls as the army began to charge forward.

The moment the ice cracked and collapsed due to the gradual melting, they entered into the dark wall.

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