SPELLBOUND - Chapter 656 King of all dragons

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Chapter 656 King of all dragons

  ”More are coming our way!!!”

Before Evie got overwhelmed, Onyx flew upwards again, high up above where the giants’ range could not reach him. Unfortunately, at the same time, it was high enough that his flame would not be able to reach and kill anything.

”Thank you, Onyx.” Evie patted the dragon’s back fondly as she breathed in deeply and rested for a while. She was thankful at how attentive he had been the entire time. It was as if he had sensed the danger and immediately pulled away. “You’re really amazing. This must also be how you always fought in the past?!”

Now Evie understood why Onyx was the only surviving ancient fire dragon after the destruction of the light faes. This dragon was incomparable. He was simply majestic – the king of all the dragons.

The dragon spiralled above the battlefield for a long while as Evie set her attention to the situation below. Her attention looked for her own people first. The vampires, the light faes, and Queen Beatrice.

When she saw that they were holding out pretty well, she moved her attention to where Klauz was. With the help of the ice dragons, and his strong army, they were steadily pushing forward. He was really showing her the calibre that he truly possessed as a fine general. And Evie started to remember the man that he was in the future. The one she had seen in her vision.

She really had forgotten about that because of her still strong anger and hatred towards him and his actions of kidnapping her in the hopes of mating her.

Quickly, Evie changed her focus. She did not like to think about Klauz at all because she would only get angered and reminded of Gav’s situation now and what she was forced to do to him. Right now, she must focus on nothing else but this war.

She shifted her mind over to Vera. They were too far over at the right side that the thick darkness had completely obscured that area from her vision.

They had yet to send any message or signal to her too. She could not help but worry for her, so she called for Zanya and Leon to go and check up on them.

She could only trust these two and not send just any dark fae out, just in case they needed some reinforcements. Silver, Leon and Zanya were a force to be reckoned with – only if it were just the three of them – so she felt more reassured if it was them who went over to check on Vera.

The trio immediately flew away and headed to the place where Vera and the rest were fighting at.

Time passed. The war continued relentlessly. Fire, blood and death began to foul up the air the more they pushed farther into the depths of the abyss.

And soon, the inevitable came. The hardest part of the battle, which was also the indication that they were finally getting closer to their end goal. The level five monsters started to appear one after another, blasting themselves and killing tens and even hundreds of them.

Evie ordered Onyx and the ice dragon riders to focus their attention on those monsters. Their aim was to have them all killed off before they could take the chance to blast themselves up amongst the ranks of the soldiers.

But they soon found a massive problem. The level five monsters would self-destruct the moment the dragons’ breath reached them. Thus, they would end up exploding even before the dragon’s fire could incinerate them.

Evie gritted her teeth in irritation. This was bad!!! Something must be done to deal with these monsters, or they would just take too many of her people’s lives with them!!

Evie ordered the dragons to back off in an instant, realizing that attacking them recklessly right now would only bring more disaster to their ranks. How? How could they deal with this new move from the enemy?!

This dilemma had Evie clenching her fists. What must be done to defeat them? What were their weaknesses?! Did they even have one?

She asked Onyx to approach the monster, still high up above at a safe distance but near enough for her to observe the massive monster clearly.

The monster kind of looked like the hippos back in the human realms. But they were dark-green skinned like the orcs in the Middle Lands and extremely massive. She needed to find their weakness! Or else… or else many will die, and they did not know how many of them there still were in numbers! But how? How could she even find out about this monster’s weakness?!

’Gav…’ she called his name in her heart as she kept her eyes on the monster rampaging below.

But no matter how hard she looked and observed the monster, she could not find anything useful. What should she do?

Suddenly, she thought of Zolan… that she should take him along with her and have him observe their enemies because that guy could certainly see and catch something that everyone else usually do not even notice. Then she bit down on her lip hard to hold back her tears as she was reminded that he was already gone. Zolan, that smart-ass blonde vampire was no more.

”Your Majesty, I don’t think you should be moving on ahead too much.” The light fae behind her hesitantly spoke up.

Evie understood her warning. She was actually way ahead of the army now. She knew it was unwise to go even farther ahead. She needed to return to her troops and assist everyone else in moving forward and kill the lower levelled monsters instead, rather than just observing here without any sure possibility that she would find any answers to her questions. But then, if she just ignored these monsters, they would just end up killing everyone!

She could go back and cast a protective shield around her troops, but she needed to go lower to the ground in order to do that. Meaning, she would need to risk herself and Onyx against those leaping giants that were dead set on aiming at them.

Damn. What should she do? Someone… something… please…

Suddenly, Evie’s eyes caught sight of something up ahead. There was something that seemed to be moving behind the massive monsters. It seemed to be walking and was too small in size to be a monster.

Evie narrowed her eyes as she strained to see what it actually was. She had never seen a monster that was in human size before this. Wait a minute… a flash of something gold caught her attention when she created a beam of light to see that moving human-like figure in the dark. And her eyes slowly widened in surprise. That seemed to be a very familiar flash of someone’s golden earing.

Golden earing… she only knew one person who wore that thing… and it was…

Her eyes stretched even wider… “Zolan?! Impossible… He is still… alive? Is that him?!!”


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