SPELLBOUND-Chapter 666: Flying

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Chapter 666: Flying

“Where is Azrael?!” Vera shouted out as her eyes darted everywhere, trying to catch a glimpse of the person in question. Her heart was hammering uncontrollably within her breast as she anxiously questioned the soldiers who had just come rushing out of the inky dark wall.         

“H-he’s still in there, My Lady.” One of the soldiers that just exited the wall replied to her.     

“W-what happened? Why is he not back out here yet? Didn’t he follow all of you out?” Vera was starting to feel really nervous. “He and Sweetie are coming now, right? Right?”     

“There… there are flying monsters inside! The dragon’s wing got damaged. Lord Azrael is still with the dragon.” Came the soldier’s answer, his voice shaky as he recalled what they had to face the moment they entered through the wall.     

Vera’s eyes widened in shock. Flying monsters?!     

She whipped her head back to look towards the inky dark wall, clenching her fists tightly at her sides. She stood still and unmoving for a few seconds, as though contemplating something before suddenly nodding to herself. Then she ran towards her dragon.     

But the dark fae commander blocked her way. “Forgive me, My Lady but if you’re planning to enter the wall to rescue Lord Azrael, I cannot let you. We must discuss and make a plan first.”     

Vera shook her head. “We don’t have much time left, Commander! We need to rescue him now! It would be pointless for a rescue if we missed this chance.” Her tone was firm as a determined glint shone in her eyes. The commander knew that she was adamant.     

“My Lady. Please calm down. Going in there for a rescue without a plan is just too dangerous –”     

“But we don’t have the time!” she cut him off. “Azrael and Sweetie might already… we can’t delay anymore…” her voice suddenly seemed to be stuck in her throat after mentioning those two names.     

While Vera and the commander was at a stalemate, a shadow emerged from the inky dark wall.     

Then something crashed heavily onto the ground, sending a slight tremor across the immediate area that they were in. Everyone’s eyes circled as they saw the form lying on the ground.     

“SWEETIE!!!” Vera yelled as she rushed towards the female ice dragon. Her eyes were at the same time searching frantically for Azrael.     

When she saw him still seated behind Sweetie, the extreme fear in her heart subsided by more than half. However, she was still concerned if they were terribly hurt or not.     

“AZRAEL! Are you okay?” She surveyed him worriedly.     

“I’m fine, princess, but Sweetie is…” Azrael looked at Vera pitifully, his suspiciously shimmery eyes silently asking for help. It was obvious that he more concerned about Sweetie’s wellbeing than his own.     

Vera looked at Sweetie, looking at her ripped left wing. The dragon was making a distressed sound. Vera could feel her heart ache as she heard the dragon’s cries of pain. Though dragons are mighty and powerful creatures, injuries to their wings still hurt like hell!     

Azrael had anxiously placed his hands on the edges of her ripped wing. But his magic had tremendously been weakened. He had spent so much of his own magic during their escape just a while ago. And it was only expected. Azrael had never thought that he could actually call out such immense power as how he had done just a while ago. He had thought that he was no longer able to make it as he had not expected how destructive those flying monsters were. They were so strong that he had to give his all, even pumping in magic that was beyond his limit, just for his shield not to break. Protection shields had never been his forte. In fact, it was his weakest skill. And that was why he was always been the one going on the offensive during any battles. And yet, for the first time, he had managed to create such a strong shield that had actually managed to withstand the attacks of numerous flying monsters at once! If Sweetie had not been badly injured, he was quite certain he would already be jumping for joy and pride right now form his latest achievements.     

“Damn, it’s not working.” He gritted his teeth and growled out in frustration.     

“You need to give yourself a moment to recuperate, my lord.” The dark fae commander said and stepped forward to offer his help, realizing that Azrael was exhausted from the excessive use of his magic energy. “Here, let me try.”     

Azrael sighed heavily before stepping aside and allowed the commander to try healing the dragon.     

When it still did not work, Azure nudged Vera gently. His snout pressing lightly against Vera’s back. That movement had guided her towards Sweetie.     

Vera swallowed, shocked at what Azure was telling her to do through his actions. She already understood what Azure was trying to convey. He was urging her to do it. She did not have any magic like Evie even though she was acknowledged as an ice dragon master. What could she even do?     

Nevertheless, the dark fae commander stepped aside and made way for Vera to step forward. The commander knew that they would need this dragon to be healed as soon as possible. Lord Azrael and this dragon were a formidable team just on their own and a big part of the army. Now that they had found out about the existence of these flying monsters, they would be needing all the dragons and their riders more than ever! Not a single one could be spared!     

To the others who were looking on, the ice dragon master looked pretty clueless as she blinked her large eyes and was being pushed forward by her own dragon. But since they had literally seen how the great ice dragon had urged her to step forward, they suspected that she must be the only one who would be able to heal the injured dragon.     

Vera glanced at Azure and then she lifted her hand according to the instincts that were guiding her and placed it gently over Sweetie’s ripped wings.         

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