Star Odyssey - Chapter 1428: Already Enough

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Chapter 1428: Already Enough

“Shang Qing, our Junior Progenitor intended to get that Voidsoul Umbrella, and yet you dare take it?” Dong Shan roared in anger.

Shang Qing’s eyebrows rose high. “Before we arrived in the Dominion Realm, Junior Progenitor Bai told us that treasures will go to whoever manages to get them, so why would he intend to rob me?”

“How bold! How dare you slander our Junior Progenitor? It sounds like you don’t want to continue in this universe!” Dong He shouted fiercely.

Shang Qing remained silent. He had never even considered staying in the Perennial World.

“Shang Qing, give us that Voidsoul Umbrella right now, and we can act as though nothing ever happened.” Dong Shan spoke in a somewhat softer and persuasive tone.

Shang Qing put the Voidsoul Umbrella away again. “Sorry; can’t do that.”

Dong Shan gritted his teeth. “Do you think you can really defeat the two of us with that Voidsoul Umbrella? While the Voidsoul Umbrella is a power vessel with the strength of a Semi-Progenitor, it’s not something that ordinary people can use. Forget you, not even a junior Progenitor could use that thing’s full might!. Until you become strong enough to use it properly, the best you can hope to do is use the natural strength of the power vessel like what you just did, and how long do you think you can keep that up?”

“Not to mention, we also have our own power vessels,” Dong He threatened.

Shang Qing’s eyes grew sharper. Dong Shan was right, the Voidsoul Umbrella could, at best, be used like a stick by Shang Qing. It was absolutely impossible for him to reveal its full power. How could he ever manage to control a Progenitor’s power? However, did Shang Qing really need the Voidsoul Umbrella in order to defeat the twins?

After a moment’s thought, a murderous light filled Shang Qing’s eyes, and a stream of qi moved beneath his feet, as he had subconsciously desired to fly and reveal the godly image he was accustomed to.

At this moment, a figure rushed out from a side of the room and punched one of the twins after the other. The brothers had not expected to be attacked so suddenly, and though they had hurried to raise some form of defenses, the attacker was too strong, and they were both knocked unconscious and sent flying in different directions.

Shang Qing was taken aback; Yuhua Mavis?

Indeed, the attacker had been Yuhua Mavis. The moment the power of the Voidsoul Umbrella had disappeared, she had no longer had the courage to remain in the palace, and she had immediately moved to escape. As she had been leaving, she had stumbled upon the fight between Shang Qing and the twins.

Yuhua Mavis glanced at Shang Qing, and took special note of the Voidsoul Umbrella in his hand, but then she simply ran off.

By the time the twins had recovered enough to fight back, both people were gone.

“Who attacked us?” Dong Shan was furious.

At this time, the Voidsoul Palace began to rumble more and more violently. Walls and stone pillars began to collapse, and the ceiling completely shattered so that everyone was able to look up at the branches of the Mother Tree that covered the sky. They looked like countless mainlands high in the sky.

Everyone raced to avoid being buried in the collapsing Voidsoul Palace.

Lu Yin was also trying his best to avoid the place where Bai Shaohong and Long Tian were fighting each other as he rushed out of the Voidsoul Palace.

There was a terrible bang as the Voidsoul Palace completely collapsed. In one corner, Bai Shaohong and Long Tian’s battle tore through the void, and a spatial tear opened up above everyone, stunning many of the youths.

“Stop!” Long Xi shouted loudly as she raise her hand. Bai Shaohong was instantly trapped within the restraints of White Dragon Surveying the Sky, but at the same time, Yun Tingting attacked with her white smoke to trap Long Tian.

The twins raced over to stand at Bai Shaohong’s side, while Lu Yin instinctively hurried over towards Long Tian. There was a clear delineation of the two sides.

The Voidsoul Palace had already collapsed, so everyone was exposed, including Xia Taili, Crown Prince Gui Qian, Nong Sanniang, and Wen Diyi.

Bai Shaohong shattered the White Dragon Surveying the Sky, while Long Tian also broke free of the smoke. The two sides stood staring at each other.

“Brother Bai, any battle between us won’t end quickly.” Long Tian smiled gently. He looked to maintain a friendly atmosphere.

A smirk also appeared on Bai Shaohong’s face, and his eyes lay on the box. “There’s no use talking, as strength decides the outcome. Sooner or later, one of us will be declared the winner, but we shouldn’t fall out because of it.”

“So, how about we end things here today?” Long Tian asked. The White Dragon Clan stood in a different position from the Celestial Frost Sect. Even if Long Tian was rather unpopular because of his personality, he would not purposely aggravate most people. It simply looked like he was on conflicting sides with Bai Shaohong at this moment, but Long Tian knew that he needed to consider their relationship as a view of the bigger picture.

Bai Shaohong clasped his hands behind his back. “This battle will eventually be decided, whether it’s today or tomorrow. It’s just a matter of whether or not it’s worth fighting.”

Long Tian’s eyes narrowed. He held up the box and simply opened it up.

Everyone stared at the box. This box held a Progenitor’s inheritance, and no one could ignore such a thing.

“The Ku Secret Art? A secret technique?” Long Xi exclaimed.

Long Tian’s eyes revealed his surprise; the box held a secret technique.

Across from Long Tian, Bai Shaohong felt disappointed. The Celestial Frost Sect already had the Ku Secret Art, so they had no desire for this treasure. In fact, Dong Shan had comprehended the Ku Secret Art. However, while this technique held no value for the Celestial Frost Sect, it was invaluable to other organizations. It was impossible to simply ignore whoever gained this secret technique.

“Brother Bai, what do you say?” Long Tian asked.

Dong Shan stepped up from behind Bai Shaohong and quietly said, “Junior Progenitor, if you allow the White Dragon Clan to gain this secret technique, we will have even more trouble dealing with them in the future. No matter what, this is still a secret technique.”

Bai Shaohong silently looked around. Everyone watched, even Xia Taili, who had already escaped the area. Everyone stayed silent at this moment. If Xia Shenfei had been present, he would have had a say in matters, but at the moment, Xia Shenfei did not even know where he was. He was still passed out, which left him unqualified to negotiate anything with Bai Shaohong, no matter how badly Xia Shenfei might desire the secret technique.

Crown Prince Gui Qian seemed to be staring at the Ku Secret Art that Long Tian held, but the truth was that his focus was constantly on Long Qi. With the exception of the crown prince, no one was aware that Lu Yin had been the one to get to the inheritance first. Gui Qian had watched as Lu Yin had stolen the crystal pillar and the first box, though he had not seen what had happened after that.

He had assumed that Long Qi would be caught by Bai Shaohong and Long Tian, and had never considered that Long Qi might have the ability to escape from two Junior Progenitors while carrying a Progenitor’s inheritance, and at the moment, Long Qi was hiding in plain sight by mingling with everyone else. The man who Long Xi had been forced to marry due to pressure from the Celestial Frost Sect was the person who had hidden his strength most deeply out of everyone present.

Crown Prince Gui Qian had no confidence of pulling off such a stunt himself and remaining perfectly hidden. There was no way this Long Qi was as simple as people believed.

Bai Shaohong’s eyes finally landed on Lu Yin, and his eyes flashed with a cold light. He then looked over at Long Xi and showed a faint smile. “It’s been a long time.”

Long Xi frowned. “My elder brother asked you something.”

Bai Shaohong smiled. “What would you like me to do? I’ll do whatever you say.”

The moment these words were spoken, the atmosphere grew rather awkward.

Xia Taili’s eyes lit up, and she reflexively looked over at Lu Yin, full of schadenfreude. Now that Lu Yin’s wife was being teased, she wanted to see how this thick-skinned bastard would react.

Almost everyone present was familiar with the matter between Bai Shaohong and Long Xi, so everyone went silent after he spoke.

Long Tian instinctively glanced over at Lu Yin.

Long Xi stared back. “Junior Progenitor Bai, please show some respect.”

Bai Shaohong smiled. “I’m speaking to you, so why should I need to worry about such a thing? After all, you’ll be mine sooner or later.”

Everyone held their breath; this was even more blatant than what had been said before.

Xia Tali’s eyes lit up; this was so exciting! She had not expected to watch such a show!

Behind Bai Shaohong, the woman named Yun Tingting looked at Lu Yin with curiosity. If this person was a man, there was no way he would be able to endure such humiliation!

Shang Qing glanced at Lu Yin in a strange manner; this guy was really unlucky.

“Enough! Bai Shaohong, stop your nonsense.” Long Xi had become so angry that she was not able to help herself from glancing over at Lu Yin. While she and Long Qi had been forced together by circumstances and were not yet even officially wed, he was the first thought on her mind after Bai Shaohong had said such a thing. However, unless a man was made of wood, how could any husband endure such an insult?

Long Tian appeared to be calm and did not react in any way.

One after another, everyone looked over at Lu Yin like he was wearing a brilliant green hat. In particular, Xia Taili’s eyes were positively shining.

Lu Yin was thoroughly upset at this moment. Did he like Long Xi? They had not spent enough time together to form any real feelings, but regardless, Long Xi was to be Lu Yin’s wife, and it was unbearable to hear another man completely disregard him in such a manner as to claim Lu Yin’s wife as his own while in front of Lu Yin.

This was no longer a matter of Bai Shaohong merely ignoring offering Lu Yin any bit of respect, this was no different than Bai Shaohong stomping his feet all over Lu Yin’s reputation, as well as completely ignoring him.

With that, Lu Yin moved forward. Long Xi’s brows rose high, and she stared at Lu Yin and shouted at him, “What are you doing? Get back!”

Lu Yin’s eyes were ice cold at this moment. “What did you say?”

Long Xi looked at Lu Yin’s cruel eyes. She did not know why, but at this moment, her heart suddenly softened. She knew what Long Qi was enduring at this moment, but even if it was a situation that was impossible to endure, he still had to do so.

Long Xi then urged Lu Yin in a quiet, pleading tone, “Step back. He’s deliberately trying to provoke you, so step back, as that is the only way you can help me right now.”

Lu Yin clenched his fists. This was the first time Long Xi had ever spoken to Lu Yin in such a tone. Lu Yin had gained some understanding of Long Xi, and he knew that she was under incredible pressure from Bai Shaohong, as he was attempting to cause a conflict for any reason.

Lu Yin suppressed his frustrations within his heart. He had almost raised a hand to attack Bai Shaohong with a Vacuum Palm, but after seeing Long Xi’s pleading eyes, Lu Yin endured his humiliation. If he made a move at this time and exposed his strength, he would be revealing that there were trespassers in the Dominion Realm, and then his only choice would be to leave. After all, Lu Yin was confident in escaping even if Long Tian and Bai Shaohong teamed up to chase after him. However, what would happen to Long Xi if he did that? The woman had a cold face, but a kind heart, and she had always treated Lu Yin very well. She would be forced to bear the consequences of Lu Yin’s actions.

Lu Yin did not have the confidence of being able to fully resolve the situation at this time, and he could not allow Long Xi to pay the price.

Seeing Lu Yin stop, Bai Shaohong sneered.

Long Tian said, “Alright, Brother Bai, there’s no need to say anything unnecessary. My sister is already married, and she has no future with you.

“Now, what do you plan on doing about this matter?”

Bai Shaohong glanced at Lu Yin with blatant contempt before looking back at Long Tian. “Long Xi has already spoken. While she was not clear with her words, I understand her intention. Given the situation, this can be treated as my gift to the White Dragon Clan.”

“Junior Progenitor!” Dong Shan could not stop himself from speaking up, but was stopped from saying anything further by Bai Shaohong.

Long Tian was surprised, but nodded. He was a pragmatist who did not care about the process, only the results. “Thank you, Brother Bai.”

Bai Shaohong smiled and looked back towards Long Xi. “Are you happy?”

Long Xi ignored Bai Shaohong completely and walked over next to Lu Yin. “Did you forget what I told you when we completed the first step of getting married?”

Lu Yin remained silent.

Long Xi spoke quietly, “I told you that I don’t need you to become powerful or famous, just to stay safe. After we leave this Dominion Realm, I will do my best to protect you. I only hope that you will be able to endure, because Bai Shaohong will do his best to provoke you. Keep yourself under control so that we can go back to Dragon Mountain where we will be safe.”

Lu Yin looked at the exhaustion on Long Xi’s face. He helplessly sighed. “I understand.”

Long Xi let out a sigh of relief, though in her heart, she was not able to ignore a feeling of loss. No woman would want her man to be forced to bow his head to others, but what more could she ask for? This was already the limit. Long Qi had given a much better performance than what she had ever expected. This was already enough. While he could not compare to a Junior Progenitor, it was enough.

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