Star Odyssey - Chapter 1429: Extreme Strength

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Chapter 1429: Extreme Strength

Xia Taili felt deep regret when she saw Long Qi holding back. “They didn’t fight, how unfortunate. Still, how long can a man hold back?”

She did not speak quietly, and everyone was able to hear her.

Lu Yin raised his head to look at her.

She defiantly glared back, pretending to be contemptuous.

Lu Yin rarely felt such anger. He looked over at Bai Shaohong, and at just that moment, Bai Shaohong looked at Lu Yin. The two stared at each other, each unable to hide their murderous intentions towards the other.

“Eleven people are here; where’s that woman?” Long Tian’s voice broke the silence as he glanced around.

Bai Shaohong averted his eyes from Lu Yin and loudly asked, “There was a woman with impressive physical strength. Who saw her before?”

Dong Shan and Dong He glanced at each other. “Junior Progenitor, when we were fighting with Shang Qing, we were attacked by a woman who fled before the Voidsoul Palace finished collapsing.”

“She was certainly quick to escape… Everyone, you need to remember that there’s a trespasser from the Mavis family who made it here,” Long Tian coldly stated.

Everyone was caught off guard, and Lu Yin and Shang Qing reflexively glanced at each other; Yuhua Mavis had already been exposed.

Bai Shaohong frowned and looked at the twins. “What fight?”

Dong Shan pointed at Shang Qing and sternly announced, “He snatched the Voidsoul Umbrella.”

Everyone looked over at Shang Qing. So he had been the one who had managed to grab the Voidsoul Umbrella.

The Voidsoul Umbrella was a treasure that had been left in the Voidsoul Palace by Progenitor Ku. It was a power vessel with the strength of at least a Semi-Progenitor, and it was invaluable. Everyone had entered the palace in hopes of obtaining the umbrella. According to legends, Progenitor Ku had mastered the mysteries of aging and immortality, and the Voidsoul Umbrella held the power of resurrection when one could wield its full power.

Shang Qing looked back at everyone with complete indifference. It was impossible to see even the slightest hint of nervousness.

Bai Shaohong’s eyes flashed as he looked at Shang Qing. “The rules of this place say that treasures belong to whomever grabs them.”

He then looked at Long Tian and the others. “Shang Qing managed to pick up the Voidsoul Umbrella, so no one should have any intentions of stealing it.”

Long Tian casually replied, “Right now, I want to find that mouse.”

Bai Shaohong turned to look at Xia Taili. “Where’s Brother Shenfei? Has he not yet arrived? Or is he here but has stayed hidden?”

Xia Taili arched a brow. “Bai Shaohong, what do you mean?”

Bai Shaohong indifferently replied, “While we were in the Voidsoul Palace, a rat slipped away from and stole some things before we were able to get a look. Judging by their strength, it could only have been either Brother Shenfei or Wang Su.”

“Are you looking down on us?” Xia Taili gritted her teeth, and she adapted a posture that shouted that she was ready to do anything at any moment.

Lu Yin was left speechless; there was something wrong with her head! This was not the point!

“What else was part of the inheritance aside from that box?” Nong Sanniang was surprised at this reveal.

Bai Shaohong looked over at her. “Where’s Wang Su?”

Nong Sanniang pointed in a particular direction. “I saw her blasted that way.”

Seeing the direction, the expressions of Bai Shaohong, Long Tian, and Xia Taili all changed at the same time, and a hint of urgency flickered in their eyes.

Wang Su had been sent in the direction of the destination indicated on the map. There was something in that direction, and Wang Su could not be allowed to seize it.

Bai Shaohong and Long Tian both looked at each other. “Looks like things are about to speed up.”

Long Tian nodded. Suddenly, he attacked. He waved a hand, and five coin-shaped tokens flew out to surround Nong Sanniang and trap her within the White Dragon Surveying the Sky.

Nobody had expected Long Tian to attack so suddenly.

At the same time, Bai Shaohong did not delay, either. He stabbed a finger forward, and attacked Crown Prince Gui Qian with a Celestial Being Shows the Way. A black mist erupted from the prince. “I knew you couldn’t be trusted!”

As he spoke, bones emerged from his back and spread out, clashing with Bai Shaohong’s Celestial Being Shows the Way.

“Attack! Take care of Crown Prince Gui Qian and Nong Sanniang!” Long Tian shouted fiercely as he spun his spear around before thrusting it straight at Nong Sanniang.

The two Junior Progenitors want to eliminate these two people.

Nong Sanniang frowned. “We’ll leave first.”

As she spoke, an incomparably massive hoe appeared in her hand. She swung it and it smashed down.

It was readily apparent that the hoe was a power vessel, and it was also clearly much stronger than the one she had used before. Not only did the hoe shatter the White Dragon Surveying the Sky, it also smashed into Long Tian’s spear.

Long Tian was not able to retract his spear in time, and it was pushed back by the hoe.

Nong Sanniang wanted to escape, but it would not be easy. As soon as she tried to flee, Long Tian pursued. “Sanniang, given our friendship, I won’t hurt you. If Bai Shaohong came after you, things would be different for you.”

Nong Sanniang snorted. “The four ruling powers are all the same, and there can be no friendship with them!”

She continued to wave her hoe about even as she spoke. “Plowing the Land!”

The hoe slammed down as she released a loud shout.

The void was torn open. It was obvious that the hoe was a power vessel with a strength that surpassed an Envoy, and it had a powerful recoil. Not only did the attack not land on Long Tian, Nong Sanniang herself was injured by the recoil.

Long Tian waved his hand once again, and Nong Sanniang was again trapped within the White Dragon Surveying the Sky.

On the other side, Bai Shaohong was even more fierce as he attacked Crown Prince Gui Qian. Celestial Being Shows the Ways rained down, shattering the bones that the prince brought out.

Dong Shan and Dong He joined forces and used the Mountain and Sea Banner to fiercely attack the prince as well.

Xia Taili suddenly made a move as well. Her power vessel that looked like an aquatic plant moved and quickly incapacitated and trapped Dong Shan and Dong He, removing them from the battlefield. At the same time, Xia Taili used her secret technique to place a lock onto Bai Shaohong for the second time.

Bai Shaohong indifferently glanced over at Xia Taili. “You’re just asking to die right now.”

Xia Taili sneered. “You think I’m an idiot? As soon as you deal with them, you’ll come after me!”

The moment she finished speaking, smoke shot up from her feet and wrapped around her like a chain. Xia Taili frowned. “Yun Tingting, you really stepped in it this time!”

Yun Tingting responded with a smile. “You attacked Junior Progenitor Bai, so I have to move against you. Sorry.”

“You must really think that my Taizi generation is nothing but a joke!” As she spoke, her right had covered her face while a stream of energy gathered over her hand. She adopted a unique posture.

Lu Yin was taken aback. He had seen this pose before, as both Wu Taibai and Shang Qing had used it during ZENITH.

“Divine Martial Armor.” Xia Taili’s aura instantly changed drastically, and she gave off the feeling of a goddess of war. She waved a hand and tore through the smoke. She aimed a hand at Yun Tingting, and the energy shot forward.

Yun Tingting’s expression changed. She wanted to retreat, but found that the energy that made up the Divine Martial Armor had congealed the area, and she felt as though she was trapped in a swamp. There was no way for her to retreat.

The attack struck Yun Tingting, but Xia Taili did not seem at all happy about it. Instead, she grew even more upset than before. “Just another avatar! Yun Tingting, you’re too sneaky!”

At this moment, another stream of qi shot through the air, but his one was attacking Xia Taili.

The girl was startled, and she waved a hand to send out the energy of her Divine Martial Armor to clash with the stream of qi. The attacking qi was easily shattered, but it quickly recovered. Shang Qing had attacked.

Xia Taili furiously glared at Shang Qing.

Bai Shaohong ignored the other battle. He broke the secret technique that had trapped him by breaking the lock. He did not know when Crown Prince Gui Qian had moved in front of him, but the prince locked his strange eyes onto the Junior Progenitor, and Bai Shaohong’s pupils shrank in an instant. An image of a ghost appeared in his mind, and an inexplicable, boundless fear filled him.

Lu Yin watched the battle between Bai Shaohong and the Crown Prince Gui Qian. The moment that the prince had locked his eyes onto Bai Shaohong, Lu Yin had already known that the Specter Clan’s eye technique had been used.

Even if Lu Yin believed that Bai Shaohong would end up overpowering the prince, he did not expect the Junior Progenitor to have an easy time of shaking off the Specter Clan’s eye technique. Yet the prince was the one to break first, and he let out a wail. The fear left Bai Shaohong’s eyes, and they grew sharp and bright once more. “Who gave you the courage to use an eye technique on me?”

As he spoke, he placed a hand against the prince’s chest. There was a loud bang, and Crown Prince Gui Qian spat out blood and he was sent tumbling through the air.

Bai Shaohong did not stop his attack. It was unknown if it was intentional, or if he was not thinking clearly at the moment. Regardless, his right hand rose and his index finger pointed at the void. It seemed as though the void had been frozen. The finger then swept to the side. It stopped after moving about half a meter, and then suddenly moved in the opposite direction back to where it had started.

For a moment, everyone just felt an uncomfortable sensation from the surrounding space growing unstable.

Lu Yin’s expression changed and his back grew cold.

He watched as Bai Shaohong attacked again with his finger. The second attack overlapped with the first attack, and a black line appeared between the two points that had been the starting and stopping points of the two attacks. In the blink of an eye, the line grew. It sliced through space and Crown Prince Gui Qian’s body.

This attack slashed through the void. This was not the same as how the void normally broke, but a very clean an precise cut through space. The slice continued a long ways, and unless it was used against an Envoy, resistance would be pointless and the attack would simply wipe out everyone in its path.

Long Tian, Xia Taili, and everyone else froze as they saw this scene. They were overcome with astonishment and fear at the Celestial Frost Sect’s ultimate technique: Void Rip.

This was an attack that truly could open the day.

Crown Prince Gui Qian was sliced apart by the attack, and his body fell to the ground that was quickly dyed red.

Everyone went silent. There was fear in Lu Yin’s eyes as he stared at Bai Shaohong, as this attack was truly too powerful.

Bai Shaohong pulled his hand back and turned his head to look at Long Tian. Already there was a smile on Bai Shaohong’s lips.

Long Tian’s eyes grew sharp. This had been a demonstration made for him, and since that was the case, he could not afford to be underestimated.

In front of Long Tian, Nong Sanniang’s face was still painted with her shock. Long Tian told her, “Sanniang, for the sake of our families’ friendship, I won’t kill you. However, I will stop you from participating in the next fight.”

After he finished speaking, he spread apart the fingers of a hand, and then curled them as though grabbing something.

Nong Sanniang went pale and she fled.

Long Tian’s hand transformed into what looked like a dragon’s claws. The claws twisted the void like a curtain that Long Tian then grabbed hold of.

Lu Yin’s mouth fell wide open as he stared at this scene in disbelief; Long Tian had just grabbed hold of space itself?

Long Tian flicked a hand to hurl the void he had grabbed hold of towards Nong Sanniang. She spun around and counter attacked with her hoe-shaped power vessel, but she was not able to touch the void. The void was invisible, but it struck her stomach. Nong Sanniang spat out blood as she flew through the air. While she was still in mid-air, Long Tian waved his hand again, and the invisible void slammed into Nong Sanniang’s back, sending her spinning through the air.

She was mercilessly beaten like a sandbag.

Lu Yin was badly startled; how could Long Tian possess an innate power of space?

Everyone else was similarly shocked speechless, including even Bai Shaohong. He had already known that Long Tian possessed a hidden innate gift, but Bai Shaohong had never expected it to be an innate gift of space.

Can an innate gift of space be mastered in such a way? No, Big Sister said that space and time are the most mysterious powers, so how could Long Tian master an innate gift of space? If it’s not space, then what is it?

Bai Shaohong refused to believe that Long Tian had mastered an innate gift of space.

Nong Sanniang miserably crumpled to the ground. She was still coughing up blood as she looked up at Long Tian in shock. “You- space?”

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