Start With Contracting Sprites - Chapter 658 - : Sneaking into ghost city    

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Chapter 658: Sneaking into ghost city


Radiant light City, Parliament Hall. Wuwuwuwu The space distorted, and su Hao’s figure appeared somewhere not far from the gate. It was accurate and inconspicuous. His attainments in the Dao of space were truly becoming more and more proficient. He wondered if he could win against a Crown Prince in a hand – to – hand fight. Su Hao waved his hand and conjured a water mirror. After checking that his clothes weren’t messed up because he was traveling through space, he walked toward the gate. He had arrived by space jumping. It was still early, so there weren’t many people in the meeting hall. Su Hao was just about to find a place to sit down when he sensed a few familiar auras. He turned around. A travel – worn figure walked over. His clothes were tattered and he looked like a Vagabond who lived under the bridge all year round … But this was an important area of the Alliance. Su Hao took a closer look and realized … “Brother Ji Meng?” I can’t recognize it, I can’t recognize it. Su Hao recognized him based on his aura. He found it hard to believe that the person with disheveled hair in front of him was Ji Meng. Hmm … It didn’t seem too hard to believe. Brother Ji Meng wasn’t senior brother Wu, so he didn’t have any requirements for appearance. Although his clothes were tattered, his eyes were deep and bright, and he exuded a terrifying aura, like a human – shaped beast. The positions of the crowns behind Ji Meng had also changed greatly. The White – scaled ink Dragon floated with its eyes half – closed, as if it was still in some kind of enlightenment. The aura that it inadvertently emitted made the few imperial crowns that came with the sprite trainers in the distance shiver and lower their heads slightly to show respect. “Brother Su,” Ji Meng was surprised.”I haven’t been back to the Blue Planet for half a year. I didn’t expect to see you when you came back. We must go for a drink after the meeting.” Su Hao expressed his disdain. Ji Meng was stunned.”Oh, I forgot. I received the news as soon as I stepped through the world entrance. I came in a hurry.” He stretched out his hand, and the mist turned into a water mirror in front of him. He looked at it and waved his hand again, and the mist turned into water knives. Puchi! He raised the knife in his hand and cut off the messy long hair. Ji Meng summoned some water to wash his head and face. After a while, although he didn’t look too good, at least it didn’t make people think that he lived under a bridge. “Let’s go. Do you know what the meeting is about?” Su Hao really did know. He was now holding several important positions such as the deputy head of the exploration Department and the advisor of the command center. Although he basically didn’t work a day, he had been to these departments quite a few times to read up on information and had obtained a lot of inside information. “The world of summoning is in chaos? Ghosts are crazy?” “I was wondering why I was being chased away by a few superstars for no reason!” Su Hao was surprised. He looked around and saw that neither Ji Meng nor his sprites showed any signs of injury. Ji Meng raised his chin slightly.”You didn’t expect this, did you? I’ve gained a lot this time. Otherwise, I don’t know how I could have survived my half a year of barbarian life. The first month was fine, but I’m completely relying on the fairy’s ability to be self – sufficient. It’s hard …” Was it difficult? Su Hao was puzzled. He did not stay in the wilderness of the spirit – summoning world for as long as half a year, but the longest he had stayed in the wilderness was two or three months. How did he live at that time? Su Hao recalled. Ah Yan had all kinds of ingredients in his pocket, and die Xiaodie’s cooking skills had been maxed out. Luxurious tents, a change of clothes, and all kinds of daily necessities were not lacking. The only thing missing was the lack of the internet. It was indeed a bit uncomfortable without the internet. It would be great if die Xiaodie could develop a secret technique that could connect to the Blue Planet’s internet with her spiritual power. Su Hao came back to his senses. At this moment, the people who were participating in the meeting gradually arrived. This meeting was mainly for the title sprite trainer. The Heavenly King sprite trainers were mainly the backbone of the various departments. For example, the general of the command center, the commander of the exploration Department, and so on. Even so, there were still a few hundred people in the hall. The number of title sprite trainers was almost over 150. As for the title elf? Su Hao didn’t have accurate data, but he estimated that there were at least two to three hundred. One by one, the title sprite trainers took their seats. Su Hao saw senior brother Wu. Senior brother Wu seemed to have hundreds of millions of salted fish, and no one knew where he was hiding on vacation … Su Hao was just about to greet him when he found that senior brother Wu was very close to a female champion … They came together, talking and laughing. Senior brother Wu was glowing. Achoo! Su Hao was full and very unhappy. Soon, people and elves arrived, and the meeting began. An ‘an, die Xiaodie, and fufufurade arrived and sat next to su Hao. They had their own seats. The silly Crow, Fat Bear, and the others didn’t think of coming over, and su Hao didn’t force Qingqing. After all, he couldn’t count on the crows and bears to provide any good suggestions. …… At the meeting, Minister Baili briefly explained the current situation of the spirit – summoning world. He didn’t go into details. After all, he knew what he knew. If he didn’t know, he could ask others. “The elves of ghost city are pillaging everywhere. This is a crisis for us, but it’s also an opportunity!” “It’s a crisis. Some of our cities might be affected and even become the target of the elves of ghost city. Therefore, areas No. 013, No. 026 … And so on must be contracted. We must have enough head elves to guard them!” “But apart from that, the scattered teams from ghost city also gave us an opportunity!” With a wave of his hand, a map appeared.”In the northern region of the spirit – summoning world, the calamity Canyon, this is where ghost city’s base camp is. As we all know, ghost city, an ancient elven force, has collected many rule fragments. Most of them are not useful, and they must have stored them somewhere in their base camp.” “Now that ghost city is empty, this is our chance!” Minister Bai Li paused for a moment and continued,”I think you must have a question. Even if the base camp in ghost city is empty, its power is far above ours. As long as it’s a legendary elf, it has an unattainable power.” Many sprite trainers nodded. If the power of a Super Crown Prince was already so terrifying, what about a true legendary level? They could probably suppress their elves with a single thought, and it would be useless no matter how many titles they had. “According to our understanding, ghost city has the Lord of Death and the four kings, the five Supreme elves. However … According to the latest information obtained by the exploration Department, a war has broken out between ghost city, the Thunder God Palace, and the blood pool.” “We speculate that the Lord of Death has most likely left ghost city’s base camp and is going on an expedition personally.” “Of course, this is just a guess. Even if the guess is true, at least one of the four kings will be in ghost city.” “But …” “This is the best chance! If we don’t want to give up on the spirit – summoning world, and if we don’t want the elves to gradually become a rumor a few years later, we must seize this opportunity. It may be our only chance!” The Minister’s eyes swept across the room as he spoke in a sonorous and powerful voice. …… Thieving ghost’s plan started. Commander Baili had never thought of fighting against ghost city head – on, even if ghost city’s base was empty. This plan was an extension of the fishing plan. This time, he wasn’t trying to lure the fish out to eat them. He was just trying to lure them away. At the core of this plan, comrade ah Luo would sneak into ghost city, find out where the treasures were stored, and steal the rule fragments without anyone knowing. Then, she would leave the place through spatial ability or spirit summoning. “Actually, I also want to sneak into ghost city! I’m very experienced in this kind of infiltration!” Ji Meng said. “You’re going to sneak in? He’ll be discovered in minutes, and then he’ll be dead. ” Long Yi pursed his lips.”No crown is more suitable than the Yama ghost Lord. Not only does it have an internal space to store items, but it is also a spirit, so it won’t be too conspicuous if you sneak in … Of course, even if the Yama ghost Lord has all kinds of conveniences, the infiltration plan is still very, very dangerous. If there is any accident, you will never return.” He looked into the distance. No matter if it was su Hao or the Yama ghost Lord, when they heard this plan, they agreed without hesitation. This was what a hero was. No matter which sprite trainer in the Parliament Hall, they all showed great respect to su Hao. Su Hao was speechless. He actually wanted to say that it really wasn’t that dangerous. Alright, there was still some danger. He had to be very, very careful. For this reason, He had prepared three strategies. They were infiltrator, Wushuang, and snitch. …… There was only one chance to sneak into ghost city. The Alliance wasn’t in a hurry and they couldn ‘t. As the core of the plan, su Hao couldn’t run around. Therefore, he took a vacation in radiant light City and supervised the fat bear’s cultivation. In the blink of an eye, another two months had passed. The plan had been going on. The three major departments had sent out many sprite trainers to various regions of the spirit – summoning world to inquire about information. On this day, the news that the Alliance wanted finally came. The Emperor of death was fighting with the lightning Emperor in a certain place in the northern region. It was heated up, it was heated up! Minister Baili immediately ordered the plan to enter the second stage. The Alliance would dispatch three teams to pretend to be elven forces and attack several strongholds in ghost city. When su Hao heard the news, he jumped up from the bed, waved his hand, and said to ah Luo and the others,”it’s time for us to make our appearance!” 

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