Start With Contracting Sprites - Chapter 659 - Secret technique, the art of a traitor (2 in 1)

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Chapter 659: Secret technique, the art of a traitor (2 in 1)

Ghost city was located in the Great Rift Valley of calamity in the northern region. This location had been speculated by the Alliance a long time ago, and they had sent ghost sprites to confirm it. The entire Rift Valley of calamity was shrouded in dark clouds and never saw the sun for the rest of the year. At the center of the Rift Valley was the ghost city, also known as the capital of ghosts. Su Hao set off from the world entrance closest to the calamity Rift Valley. After a day and a half, he finally arrived at the famous scenic spot of the spirit – summoning world. A gust of cold wind blew, and from afar, one could see many ghost – Type sprites passing through. The deeper they went, the more ghost – Type elves they encountered. Su Hao was followed by an Luo and die Xiaodie. With their help, he disguised himself as a ghost monarch. A ‘an and die Xiaodie also exuded monarch – Level auras. This level was just right. The Lord elf was not weak. Even in ghost city, his status was not low. He could move freely in the great calamity Rift Valley. If they were to go further up, they would be disguised as crown princes, and their status would be higher. However, the number of crown princes was far less than that of monarchs. If three unfamiliar crown princes came together, it might arouse suspicion if they encountered a local Crown Prince in ghost city. With the information provided by the Alliance, even if they encountered a few rounds of checks, they could easily slip through. The infiltration from the outside was very smooth. But … That was all the information. The various divisions of the Alliance had confirmed the location of ghost city, but few elves could really sneak into ghost city. The level of vigilance of the powerhouses inside and outside ghost city was on completely different levels. At this time, su Hao was only one or two kilometers away from ghost city. Looking up from where he was, the entire ghost city was shrouded in a huge black curtain. He could vaguely see the black buildings that were as tall as mountains in ghost city. However, under the obstruction of the black sky, he could not see clearly. “This black curtain is a very strong barrier. The elves of ghost city must have obtained the technology of human civilization and re – arranged it with their own power, making the barrier even stronger.” Of course, it was impossible to force his way in. He was here to sneak in. He came to the East Gate of ghost city. It was a place similar to a highway toll station, and many Ghost Elves were coming in and out. However, no matter if they entered or exited, they had to stop for a short inspection before they were allowed to pass. The checks upon entering ghost city were particularly strict. Su Hao, a ‘Luo, and die Xiaodie walked into a monarch – only passage, and the two ghost – Type elves, black impermanence, floated toward them. Su Hao took a glance. He was a law monarch. Black impermanence raised his hand and rubbed his index and middle fingers. He seemed to want to say something, but he suddenly stopped. After being frozen for a moment, black impermanence seemed to return to normal. He pretended to check and then waved his hand, shouting at the elves in the distance,”let them in.” The light in die Xiaodie’s eyes slowly disappeared. Using illusions to control two law sovereigns was extremely easy for it. As long as the seeds of the illusion were planted, even if they left, the illusion would continue to be in effect. Unless a half – Legend from ghost city passed by and checked carefully, they would not be able to find the abnormality of these two black impermanences. But even so, They could only figure out that an elf had infiltrated ghost city. As for what kind of elf it was? I’m sorry, I was just pretending from the start. …… “Now, how do we find the place where the rule fragments are sealed?” In a-Qing’s underworld, among the elves who had turned over a new leaf and become ghosts, the one with the strongest strength and the highest status was undoubtedly the former captain of ghost city’s fifth division,’divine eye demonic ghost’. However, even the divine eye demons and ghosts had no idea where the rule fragments were hidden. It only gave a few important areas. But those areas … Only high – ranking ghosts could pass through freely. The divine eye demonic ghost in the past could, but it was already a traitor. If it let the divine eye demonic Ghost lead the way, it would only attract the attention of the true powerhouses in ghost city. This is not good, not good. “Since there’s no snitch to lead the way, why don’t we just develop a snitch?” Su Hao thought about it and felt that it was feasible. As for which one to choose as his development target, it was not difficult. After compiling the information provided by the divine eye demon ghost and some other super title sprites, su Hao set eight targets. They were all in the top positions in ghost city and held a lot of power. After a while, Su Hao arrived in front of a gloomy mansion. The owner of the mansion, a Super Crown – Level undermoon demon, was a Marquis personally awarded by the Lord of Death. He walked past the mansion, just like the other spirits. After a while, Die Xiaodie shook her head slightly. It could only detect an ordinary crown and the aura of seven Lord sprites. The owner of the mansion was not around. Su Hao changed to the second target and came to the vicinity of a tower. The owner of the tower was in charge of the transportation of precious materials in ghost city and had access to most of the areas in the city. Die Xiaodie carefully probed with her perception, and after a while, she shook her head,”gurgle~” Su Hao missed six targets in a row. It was possible that some of the targets were not there and had gone somewhere else. However, if they could not find all six targets, it could only mean that … “Ghost city has indeed become much emptier. Originally, there were only a few teams fighting outside ghost city. But now, it’s obvious that many powerful elves in ghost city have been transferred away.” “No wonder there weren’t many title sprites along the way.” It had become much more difficult to perform the snitch technique, but this was a good thing. At least the possibility of su Hao and the others being exposed had been reduced, and it would be easier to sneak in. As he walked, he suddenly stopped. In the distance, there was a Demon King with a dozen of his underlings. He felt that the Demon King looked familiar. Gurgle~! “One of the eight targets? Ah, right!” The information provided by the divine eye devil ghost came with a panoramic projection of the illusion, which presented the targets 360 degrees. Su Hao recognized at a glance that this was a sprite with the potential to be a traitor! He gave a look to an Luo and die Xiaodie. The man and the two elves sneakily followed him all the way. He kept following, and kept following. After following for about ten minutes, the evil demon general suddenly stopped in its tracks, frowning slightly, its Crimson Black tail irritatedly smacking the ground. It suddenly had an ominous feeling. “This place is rather remote, Let’s Move!” Ah Luo’s figure appeared in front of the demon general and the elves, her black robe fluttering. The innate ability of ‘ghost warding’ burst out, but it was controlled in a very small range, enveloping the dozens of elves in front of her without affecting the others. The ghost sovereigns trembled on the spot and almost knelt down. The evil demon King was terrified and was about to unleash the might of its authority. Suddenly, It trembled, and the light in its eyes gradually dimmed. It was like a walking corpse. Die Xiaodie appeared behind it, her eyes shining. He temporarily controlled gurgle~! It was impossible to completely control such a Super Crown. Moreover, in some important areas, ghost city must have means of detection to detect whether the elves were under control. Many elven forces had such means. The Alliance also had one. However, the Alliance used technology to detect abnormalities in spiritual fluctuations to determine if humans or sprites were under spiritual control. So, Illusionary techniques were not omnipotent. But the snitch could! In this remote alley, no one knew what was happening. After a while, he said, The Demon King walked out of the alley, and behind him were still its dozen little brothers. However, both it and its underlings had become … Different. His eyes were filled with conviction. The Emperor of hell was the legitimate ruler, and the ghost – Type sprites should be under the command of the Emperor! Wula! …… “This is the Boneyard?” According to the information provided by the spies, the burial land was most likely the location of the treasure vault. But the Boneyard was not small. This place was like a tomb. Many ghost city powerhouses did not return to nature after their lifespans were exhausted, but threw themselves into this burial ground. After generations of accumulation, many terrifying spirits were born in the burial land, and they were extremely dangerous. “Even if there are no powerful elves in charge, this Boneyard is still an absolutely dangerous area. Even a crown elf will die if they enter.” Even though the evil demon King had the right to enter the Boneyard, its right was only limited to a few halls in the Boneyard. Outside the palace, where the bones were buried, those ‘spirits’ would not give it any face. “Spirits don’t have intelligence. They only follow some of their instincts from when they were alive and will attack any living being they encounter.” Spirit – Type sprites were naturally a part of living beings. However, the more heavily guarded it was, the more su Hao felt that there was a treasure vault inside the burial. The possibility was extremely high. Charge, charge, charge! …… Step~step~ The yin wind in the burial land was stronger than the other places in ghost city. There was a chill that went straight into the soul. At this point, su Hao didn’t have any more clues and could only search aimlessly. In addition, due to the special environment, die Xiaodie’s perception could not reach very far, and a reckless perceptual scan might attract the attention of spirit. “However, the spirits don’t wander aimlessly, nor are they evenly distributed. Does that mean that the more concentrated the spirits are, the more important they are?” Su Hao felt that it was very possible. He specifically walked towards the place where the spirits were gathered. “There are many spirits in this cave. It’s very likely a treasure vault!” Even if it wasn’t where the rule fragments were stored, there was a high chance that there were some treasures. At the thought of treasures, su Hao was no longer sleepy. Even if there were difficulties, he had to face them. But … How could he pass through this spirit – dense area? Sneak in silently? That was impossible. It was impossible to hide himself with illusions. There were too many spirits, and their sense of smell towards living beings was extremely sharp. The art of being a snitch? It didn’t work. After all, spirits weren’t real living beings and didn’t have intelligence. The illusion could work, but many of these spirits were crown level when they were alive. There were also some who were beyond crown level and half – legendary level. No matter how much die Xiaodie cheated, she could not control so many spirits at the same time. Infiltration and snitch were ineffective. Since that was the case … “I can only use Musou!” Unparalleled baiting! I’ve decided it’s you, go ahead silly Crow! …… With a wave of a ‘an’s Black robe, an opening was opened in the underworld, and the figure of silly Crow flew out. “Mute~?” When it appeared, without die Xiaodie’s illusion to cover it up, and since it was not a ghost – Type spirit, it was the most eye – catching one in the cold environment of the burial land. In an instant, Translucent shadows flew out of the cave one after another, and pairs of cold eyes looked at the crow. “Mute~?” “Hoo, hoo, hoo~(later, hoo~!)” The silly Crow was originally very excited and wanted to come out to cut the melon. But … When the evil demon King, Hanba, gathering ghost infant, Ubume bird, and other translucent figures pounced on it, it was stunned. Don’t you guys make Wu De mute~! …… “It’s indeed much more peaceful now. ” Looking at the Golden silly Crow leading a group of illusory spirits far away, su Hao clapped his hands.”Time is tight, and the task is important. We have to hurry before the crow dies … Uh.” Su Hao paused. It was certain that the crow’s wings were no match for the spirits, but whether it was the crow or the illusory spirits that had died, it was hard to say. But at least with crow’s vitality, it wouldn’t be a problem to last for a while. Let’s go. As he walked along the path filled with bones and some unknown crystals, the cold wind howled, almost blocking his eyes. Die Xiaodie’s illusion shield was getting harder and harder to maintain. But fortunately, the silly crow’s seduction was enough. Most of the illusory spirits chased after it, leaving only a few big and small cats. Die Xiaodie cast an illusion on each of them, and they became quiet. In addition to these illusory spirits, su Hao also encountered many barriers and traps along the way. However, with the omnipotent die Xiaodie here, these were not obstacles. Die Xiaodie was already proficient in all kinds of lockpicking, ah pui, breaking all kinds of barriers and restriction techniques. With all attributes, no barrier could block her. As he walked, he broke through. He could still hear the hoarse cries and explosions in the distance. Fortunately, this was the Boneyard, and the special environment made it difficult for the fluctuations to spread. Only the illusory spirits were attacking the silly Crow, and no other elves from the ghost city had yet to attack. “In terms of time, we can make it. I just hope we won’t miss it.” The two feelers on die Xiaodie’s forehead swayed and suddenly stopped. Then, they turned and pointed to the right. Di di di~di~! Gurgle~! With a light tap of its fingertip, a series of ripples spread out. The scene of white bones in front of it faded away, and a black passage paved with bricks and stones appeared in front of them. At the end of the passage was a black stone door carved with a mask of an evil ghost. It was ferocious and terrifying. In front of the black stone door, a figure sitting cross – legged slowly opened his eyes. At this moment, great fear enveloped them. …… Outside a stronghold in ghost city hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from the great calamity Canyon, the torch Dragon’s black and white light lingered. Its eyes were slightly open as it froze the space. But the next moment … The space shattered with a bang, and more than ten Alliance crowns flew back thousands of meters, smashed through the mountains, and fell into the river. Further away … Minister Bai Li and the others used a bronze mirror to observe the situation. The Minister frowned.”We’ve already overestimated ghost city’s strength, but in the end, we still underestimated it.” “Even without the Lord of Death and the four kings, there are still more powerhouses in ghost city than expected. Then, the treasure vault …” He looked in the direction of the great calamity Canyon with a heavy expression. …… [Elf: fearful spirit Lord] [Fear of the authority wielder: control level 5.9%] This was the top half – Legend, only a line away from the legend. It stood up and twisted its neck. The power of fear spread out, and everything knelt down in its fear. You didn’t expect that the one guarding the treasure vault was your true body, did you? The legendary first elf! The fearful spirit Lord revealed a ferocious smile. Su Hao scanned his surroundings. There was only one elf, the fearful spirit Lord, and nothing else. And this place was already the depths of the burial land. There was a special environment and a barrier. Ordinary fluctuations couldn’t even be transmitted out. Su Hao twisted his neck and revealed a ferocious smile.

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