Starting From Fooling the Elderly into Registering for a Cultivation Training Class - Chapter 522 - The curse was activated  

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Chapter 522: The curse was activated

The great five elements sealing technique was the strongest sealing technique that these two array formation cultivators could use.

Although these two were only at the heaven immortal stage and their combat strength was not very high, this great five elements sealing technique could trap silver immortal experts.

At this moment, all the meridians in Qin Chuan’s body seemed to have turned to stone. As a result, he was unable to circulate his magic power.

It was like silence was applied, and skills could not be used.

“As expected of a disciple trained by a top force, his means are indeed powerful.

However, if that’s enough to trap me, it’s still not enough. ”

The corners of Qin Chuan’s mouth curled up into a smile, and he remained as calm as ever.

Although he didn’t know anything about arrays, there were many people in the system faction who studied arrays.

Because the clone and the main body were exchanging information, the main body had already asked the disciples in the sect and had a solution.

Du Dun’s subordinates had also expected that they wouldn’t be able to trap Qin Chuan in this way. The two divination cultivators from before formed hand seals and chanted a spell. The magic power in their bodies surged and they used the three disasters technique, which then exerted itself on Qin Chuan.

Because the abilities of these two divination cultivators were limited, they could only summon the three minor disasters.

The three minor disasters were divided into weapon disaster, plague disaster, and hunger disaster.

Countless blades appeared in the sky. From a distance, it looked like a sea of blades. They were densely packed and extremely spectacular.

The cold light emitted by the blades was like the fangs of a poisonous snake, full of fatal danger.

This was the disaster of weapons.

Not far away, dust filled the air, and the sound of thousands of troops and horses galloping could be heard.

The sound was getting closer and closer, and their vision became clearer.

It turned out that the loud noise came from the running rats.

This group of rats was like a tide, their numbers were shocking, their momentum was great, it was amazing.

This was the plague.

At the same time, Qin Chuan suddenly felt extremely hungry, as if he had not eaten for many days.

His entire body instantly became extremely thin, skin wrapped around bones, as if only a skeleton was left. It was especially terrifying.

This was a disaster of hunger.

Because of hunger, Qin Chuan’s entire body was weak. Even blinking his eyes was very strenuous.

He felt as if his eyelids were ten thousand Jin boulders, and he couldn’t open them.

This was the first time Qin Chuan had come into contact with this kind of divination technique. He didn’t know how to deal with it for a while.

“What kind of magical power is this? it seems that I can only ask the system for help.”

Qin Chuan wasn’t familiar with the three disasters technique, but fortunately, his main body could ask the system, so it wasn’t difficult to solve it.

However, at this moment, the curse mark on his forehead moved.

A special rune emerged from the curse mark.

In just a short second or two, these runes had covered Qin Chuan’s entire body.

At this moment, something that surprised Qin Chuan happened.

The hunger in his body had inexplicably disappeared.

The disappearance of the famine disaster shocked the two trigram cultivators.

When they saw the condition of Qin Chuan’s body, their expressions became even more surprised.

“This is a curse???”

They looked at each other and instantly understood what was going on.

The other team members also noticed the abnormality in Qin Chuan’s body and asked,””What’s the situation with his body?”

One of the trigram cultivators said,”he must have been cursed by a demonic cultivator, and it’s a curse above the immortal realm.”

Judging from the cursed Qi, that devil cultivator must have a great resentment towards him. ”

He continued,”the three calamities technique is a type of curse technique, and it just so happens to activate the curse on his body.”

The curse felt that we were trying to take over his territory, so it retaliated.

However, it’s obvious that the curse on his body is even stronger. The three disasters technique that we used should be ineffective against him. ”

As soon as his voice fell, the disaster of weapons and diseases that were about to attack Qin Chuan felt the majestic Qi of the curse, as if they had met some terrifying existence, and disappeared without a trace.

It was hard to imagine that the technique of three calamities would be broken in such a way.


Although the three calamities technique is gone, I’m still in extreme pain.

The curse on his body was activated once again, and this time, it was the most active.

Qin Chuan felt as if he had been thrown into a pot of boiling oil. He was in so much pain that he felt like he was dying.

Du Dun and his subordinates noticed Qin Chuan’s current state.

“Although the three calamities technique is useless now, it has triggered the curse on his body.

His strength has been greatly reduced, but this curse has helped us. ”

They were overjoyed and immediately took action.

The two formation cultivators circulated their magic power and cast the formation again.

In an instant, trap arrays and sealing spells fell on Qin Chuan’s body, adding fuel to the fire. It was difficult to imagine how he could break free.

“Fire talisman!”

“Flying sword talisman!”

“Heavenly Thunder talisman!”

The three seal Xiu held their brushes and drew dozens of seals in the air.

For a moment, all kinds of talismans fell from the sky, transforming into all kinds of spells that drowned Qin Chuan.

They didn’t use too much force. They had calculated the damage and wouldn’t threaten Qin Chuan’s life. The main thing was to knock him unconscious.

Peng Peng Peng!

The sound of the explosion reverberated like thunder, and the momentum was terrifying.

The three body cultivators held their hammer-shaped weapons above, waiting in a tight formation to ensure that nothing would go wrong.

The sound lasted for three to four minutes before it stopped.

After withstanding such a dense and powerful fire, even a peak silver immortal should not be able to continue fighting.

When the dust settled, everyone’s eyes were focused on Qin Chuan.

At this moment, he was covered in wounds. He was still breathing, but his breathing was weak. His eyes were closed, as if he had lost consciousness.

Seeing this, everyone heaved a sigh of relief, as if a huge rock had finally been lifted from their hearts.

They had thought that the process would be very difficult.

After all, he was one of the top 100 heaven’s favorites. His battle prowess was monstrous and he was hard to deal with.

However, he had never expected that Qin Chuan would be cursed.

And then, coincidentally, he activated the curse.

This way, they ended the battle without much effort.

The two array cultivators coughed out spirit pills to recover their magic power.

Casting a spell in a formation consumed a lot of magic power, not to mention such a large formation.

After waiting for three to four seconds, the two of them recovered their magic power. Together with the three seal cultivators, they created a seal talisman with a powerful seal.

“Brother Li, I’ll have to trouble you.” They handed the talismans to the three body cultivators.

As long as he stuck this talisman on Qin Chuan’s body, he would be able to completely suppress him.

However, the next moment …

Just as the three physical cultivators were about to approach Qin Chuan, he suddenly opened his eyes.

“Not good!”


The three body cultivators shouted.

The three of them dodged to the side in an instant. Their expressions became serious and they drew their weapons again, ready to fight at any time.

The other team members were surprised to see Qin Chuan awake.

“He clearly suffered so much damage, it’s impossible for him to wake up so quickly.” Someone asked in confusion.

“What’s the point of thinking about this now? prepare for battle!”

The atmosphere became tense again.

“He shouldn’t be able to recover so quickly. Let’s continue to attack him.”

Everyone began to channel their magic power again, forming hand seals and chanting incantations. All kinds of array formations, talismans, and spells blotted out the sky and covered the earth as they enveloped Qin Chuan.

“Cough cough!” Qin Chuan coughed loudly a few times, exhaling a few mouthfuls of turbid air.

When he heard the sound of something breaking through the air above him, his originally dispirited eyes suddenly became exceptionally cold.

“It’s time to end this boring battle. ”

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