Starting From Fooling the Elderly into Registering for a Cultivation Training Class - Chapter 555 - Sea of fire

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Chapter 555: Sea of fire

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On the mountain of blades.

Zhu Jiahong’s falling speed was very fast.

In the blink of an eye, he had descended three to four thousand meters.

However, the defensive barrier protecting his body gradually began to crack from the violent impact.

As he fell faster and faster, more and more cracks appeared.

Zhu Jiahong’s Blue was almost exhausted, and he had no more energy to supply the defensive shield.

He secretly calculated the distance down the mountain and his falling speed.

It would only take two minutes at most to reach the surface.

However, looking at the cracks on the surface of the defensive shield, it seemed a little difficult to hold on for two minutes.

Zhu Jiahong had no other choice but to pray that they would arrive safely.

Time slowly passed.

Zhu Jiahong’s falling speed was getting faster and faster, and he was getting closer and closer to the ground.


However, when it was about 1000 meters above the ground, the defensive shield cracked, and a thin crack appeared.

Zhu Jiahong’s heart clenched and he broke out in a cold sweat.


Ka ka ka!

The crack continued to extend to the side, and at the same time, more cracks appeared.

When it was less than two hundred meters from the ground, the defensive barrier finally could not hold on any longer due to the number of cracks. It shattered into pieces with a bang.


Without the defensive shield, Zhu Jiahong’s body came into close contact with the blades that were stabbing into the mountain. Blood immediately splattered everywhere.

Fortunately, he was not an ordinary person. Otherwise, he would have been cut into pieces on the spot.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Dust rose from the ground.

There was a moment of silence.

A bloody hand stretched out from the smoke and dust, and then a bloody man walked out.

The blood Man Brew stumbled over to master Jing an’s face. It forced a smile on its blood-covered face and said in a hoarse and respectful voice,””Master, did I pass?”

The voice came from Zhu Jiahong.

At this time, his body was covered with knife wounds, some long and some short, basically to the extent of having no intact skin.

Fresh blood flowed from the mountain to this place.

If it was an ordinary person, they wouldn’t have survived.

Master Jing an nodded,”congratulations benefactor, you’ve passed the first test.”

After Zhu Jiahong heard this, he grinned. He was in a good mood and could not help but forget the pain on his body.

Qin Chuan walked over and handed over some spirit pills.

“Thank you!” Zhu Jiahong didn’t refuse and swallowed the spiritual pill.

“Fellow Daoist Zhu, there’s an even greater test coming up. You should first recover your body.” Qin Chuan didn’t disturb her any further and stood to the side.

Zhu Jiahong sat down cross-legged and started to heal himself.

Although he had many knife wounds on his body, they were not particularly fatal.

Combined with the spirit pill given by Qin Chuan, in addition to his own internal healing, the wound on the surface of his body was healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In less than an hour, the knife wound on his body had disappeared. After another ten minutes of adjustment, Zhu Jiahong had recovered.

After passing the first stage, his confidence increased.

Although the process was not particularly easy and was even a little difficult, he firmly believed that as long as he did not give up and kept moving forward, he would definitely succeed.

“Qin tianjiao, thank you very much for the pills you provided. Just take it as I borrowed them from you. I’ll definitely return them to you after I pass the test.” Zhu Jiahong said.

Qin Chuan shook his head,”I have a lot of these spirit pills. You don’t have to return them.”

However, if you insist on returning it, I may have some matters that I’ll need to help with. ”

Zhu Jiahong couldn’t help but be shocked.

He was just an ordinary disciple from a third-rate force, while the other party was a famous heaven’s pride expert. Why did he need his help?

This was impossible.

Perhaps Qin tianjiao didn’t want him to pay, so he made up an excuse!

With this thought in mind, Zhu Jiahong didn’t think too much about it.

“Master, I’m ready. We can begin the second trial.”

Master Jing an didn’t say much,”since you’re ready, let’s begin the second test.”

“Step into the sea of fire!”

As the word ‘sea’ fell, the entire forest turned into a desert.

At the same time, ten suns appeared in the sky.

The intense sunlight burned the earth, and the air was like the heat from boiling water. The temperature was around 60 degrees.

Ordinary people would definitely not be able to stay there, and it was not suitable for most creatures to live in.

The air was already so hot, and not far away, there was an extremely long Valley of flames.

The canyon was more than 30 kilometers long, and the flames burning inside could reach hundreds of meters high.

According to the previous tests of the Buddhist disciples, the average temperature of the sea of fire was about 100000 degrees.

The middle section was the hottest, more than three times the average temperature.

Zhu Jiahong was well aware of this situation.

The laws of the sea of fire were similar to that of the mountain of blades, and he could only rely on his own strength.

According to past statistics, the death rate of the sea of fire was very high. Many people retreated halfway.

“Fellow Daoist Zhu, are you done considering?” Qin Chuan walked over and asked.

Zhu Jiahong smiled.”An arrow that has been shot can’t be turned back. Even the mountain of blades didn’t stop me. I can still pass through the sea of fire.”

Seeing how confident he was, Qin Chuan didn’t say much. He patted his shoulder and said,”Good luck!”

“Yes, yes!”

Just like that, Zhu Jiahong flew toward the valley filled with flames with a confident smile.

Before they reached the canyon, a hot wind blew over.

This hot wind was like a clear steam.

Zhu Jiahong didn’t even have a drop of sweat on his body.

This was because the sweat had evaporated as soon as it came out.

When they arrived at the valley, Zhu Jiahong activated the defensive shield.

Before he entered, he still encouraged himself.

Then, he took a deep breath and entered the sea of fire.

At first, the temperature was only a few thousand degrees.

This was not a difficult task for Zhu Jiahong.

He easily ran three to four kilometers.

At this distance, the surrounding flames became very active, and the temperature also exceeded ten thousand degrees.

From now on, the situation had become dangerous.

Zhu Jiahong didn’t dare to run too fast, so he slowed down.

The total length of the canyon was more than 30 kilometers, only a few kilometers less than the entire horse.

Zhu Jiahong had only completed one-tenth of the journey, and there was still a long way to go.

He knew that the journey was long, so he ran the entire time.

For ordinary people, running for a few minutes would tire them out. For athletes, running for more than an hour would also tire them out.

Although Zhu Jiahong was a cultivator and his physical strength was far superior to ordinary people, he was in an environment with a high temperature of tens of thousands of degrees, after all, and it was extremely exhausting for his body.

After he had run for about ten kilometers, Zhu Jiahong felt exhausted and slowed down again.

The central area was in another two to three kilometers.

This was the most dangerous area in the entire sea of fire.

The temperature around Zhu Jiahong had already exceeded 100000 degrees. With every step he took, he could clearly feel the temperature increasing.

In addition, the force field in the center was particularly large, with a gravity that was dozens of times stronger.

Zhu Jiahong couldn’t run anymore.

He could only move forward slowly, and sometimes he had to stop to rest.

Compared to the mountain of daggers, he was not particularly unconcerned about whether the defensive barrier would break.

Instead, he was worried about his physical strength.

The high temperature and high pressure consumed a lot of physical strength.

Slowly, slowly, Zhu Jiahong finally arrived at the central area.

The moment his feet stepped in, Zhu Jiahong felt as if a huge rock was pressing down on his head, forcing him to half-kneel.

Normally, a gravity that was only a few dozen times stronger than normal would not affect a Mahayana-level immortal cultivator like him at all.

However, because he had used up a lot of his physical strength, it was very difficult for him to deal with it.

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