Starting With 3 S-Class Talents - Chapter 631 - Reinforcements Arrived, and the Battle Was Reversed

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Chapter 631: Reinforcements Arrived, and the Battle Was Reversed

Just as Gajero swung his blade, Vincent’s hands trembled, and he closed the Purgatory of Nature domain. It was unknown whether it was because he felt pain or because he had lost consciousness.

The demon soldiers who were enduring the pain of suffering in the magma suddenly realized that they had returned to the Black Hole World. They could not help but cheer in excitement.

Gajero was also excited because he thought that he had won. Vincent was like a dead soul under his sword.

However, Gajero’s expression suddenly changed drastically because he realized that he could not cut through Vincent’s body. He could not even pull his weapon out.

The wounds on Vincent’s body had healed in the blink of an eye.

Gajero exclaimed in shock, “What’s going on? How did you do it?”

Vincent slowly raised his head and smiled.

His smile made Gajero feel as if he had been struck by lightning. This was because he realized that he might have been deceived by Vincent again!

Vincent sneered and said to Gajero, “Weren’t you constantly asking me about Alexia’s whereabouts along with my friends? They’re all here!”

Gajero immediately felt that something bad was going to happen. He then heard a battle cry coming from behind him. He subconsciously turned back to look.

He saw a white lotus-like figure floating up and down behind the army of demons and ghosts. Many demons were killed in an instant.

It was Alexia who had never shown up previously!

Following closely behind Alexia was a young girl with horns on her head. Without using any ability, she was able to send a soldier flying with just her brute force. On the other hand, the demon soldiers could only take beatings passively. They did not dare to approach.

Two middle-aged men with abnormally large auras were running beside the young girl.

One of the middle-aged men looked at the young girl who was running around on the battlefield and shouted with incomparable worry, “Kelly, Kelly! This is a battlefield, don’t run around! Otherwise, I won’t be able to protect you at the first moment!”

At the same time, he became even more violent and froze dozens of demon soldiers with just a raise of his hand.

The young girl who was constantly charging along with Alexia was the dragon contained within the dragon egg, Kelly!

One of the two middle-aged men behind Kelly was her father, the Frost Dragon, Randall!

The other middle-aged man opened his mouth and spat out a huge ball of flame. He burnt all the demons in front of him into ashes in an instant. He even shouted, “Vincent, after this battle is over, you must collect many, many gold coins and jewels for me!”

Gajero could not help but feel fearful after seeing the lineup.

Vincent said with a proud face, “Do you see that man who spews fire? His name is Wilson, and he is my friend that has also committed many evil deeds! Don’t think that you and the demons are so great. Not only am I bold enough to challenge you, but my friends are just as bold!”

Gajero could not care less about Vincent’s provocation at that moment, because he heard another fierce battle cry coming from the left side of the army. When he turned his head, he saw a group of men holding giant hammers. They were charging at the demon army like madmen.

Gajero was very familiar with the group of tough men that were holding giant hammers. They were the Judges!

Gajero roared in disbelief, “This, this is impossible!”

He then used all his strength to pull the longsword out of Vincent’s body.

Vincent was swayed away by the huge force. However, he immediately stopped and raised his hand to wipe his body. All his injuries were healed in an instant.

Vincent proceeded to take the opportunity to slash at Gajero’s body.

Vincent used all his strength to swing his Return Journey of the Dead which was extremely sharp at Gajero. Gajero’s shoulder and armpit were split into two in an instant. His sticky blood smeared all over his body. He was unable to dodge Vincent’s attack.

Gajero’s body which had been split into two turned into a demonic aura at the same time. It then condensed back into a complete body in the air. He turned his head and looked at Vincent with a cold smile.

Vincent was very surprised at that moment because he discovered that there were no signs of the demon core in Gajero’s body, yet Gajero could still be reborn. This also meant that Gajero seemed to have the ability to be reborn indefinitely.

“You still don’t understand the ability of the false gods. Even if you can find more helpers, I can kill them all in an instant!”

After saying that, Gajero slowly floated up, and a gray halo lit up his forehead. It was his incomplete inferior divine spark.

However, even though it was an imperfect divine personality, it still contained all of Gajero’s divinity after becoming a god. Although he could not be compared to a real Protoss, Gajero’s status was still higher than everyone present.

Whether it was the Judges, Alexia, and the three dragons who were at the back of the battlefield, or Vincent’s Shadow of Desolation, they all froze on the spot. They had become lambs at the mercy of others.

Yet, Gajero’s attack did not stop.

“The power of God’s Punishment is to destroy the world!”

Following Gajero’s roar, many dark clouds suddenly gathered in the sky. Long snake-like lightning flashed in the dark clouds as if they were constantly accumulating power. They looked like they were ready to kill all the opponents below in one go.

After seeing that Gajero had finally used the power of a false god, everyone knew that their lives were in danger. Vincent raised his hand without hesitation and gently touched the space between his eyebrows.

A ring burning with golden flames instantly appeared above Vincent’s head. Vincent’s powerful aura then began to rise.

Gajero, who was casting a spell in the air, felt a chill in his heart when he saw this because he knew that Vincent was trying to perform a god-ascension ritual!

What made Gajero even more jealous was that Vincent’s god-ascension ritual did not suffer any setbacks. It seemed that no one could interrupt him. This also meant that Vincent would officially enter the ranks of the Protoss and he would not fall into the false god realm like him.

“Abraham, quickly stop his god-ascension ritual. Otherwise, we will all die here today!”

Gajero was so anxious that he could only place all his hopes on the only expert other than himself.

However, Abraham had been confused by the Shadow of Desolation. He finally tracked down the Shadow of Desolation and had just taken a deep breath when he heard Gajero shouting again. He turned his head and looked around with a shocked face, muttering to himself, “Who? Who is going to become a god?”

Without waiting for Gajero’s response, Abraham’s eyes were fixed on Vincent. However, Abraham’s first reaction was not to stop Vincent. Instead, he was annoyed at himself for entering the demon’s territory and for attempting to find the Immortal ruins.

Abraham was originally located within his sphere of influence and was well-deserved to be the number one expert. However, after he secretly crossed the boundary this time, he had encountered experts who were preparing to become gods one after another. This made him, an expert of a generation, feel worthless. This was because he had not even managed to gather all three god-level abilities.

He could not help but feel ashamed.

At the same time, he also felt fear in his heart. He did not dare to take even half a step closer to Vincent. All he wanted to do was to quickly escape from this troublesome place!

Gajero noticed Abraham’s hesitation. He knew that he could not rely on his temporary ally, so he gave an order to all the demon soldiers, “Stop Vincent at all costs!”

The extremely loyal demon soldiers naturally followed Gajero’s orders and rushed toward Vincent like a swarm of bees.

At the same time, the lightning in the sky had completed its final charge. It had the power to destroy the world at any time.

When Gajero saw this, he could not help but think in his heart, “Looks like I’ve won in the end! Although this battle is dangerous, I’ve become the last person to laugh. If today’s battle ends, I’ll still be the master of this world. No race can dream of rebelling!”

Gajero roared furiously, “Destroy!”

He immediately controlled the furious lightning in the sky to descend upon his enemies that he had locked onto.

However, just as the lightning in the sky was about to leave the dark clouds, an even more powerful aura instantly swept across the entire world.

Gajero quickly turned his head to look, only to see all the demon soldiers lying on the ground. Vincent on the other hand had completed his god-ascension ritual and was currently bathing in a streak of golden light as he slowly rose into the sky. His skin began to turn golden, and a golden armor appeared out of thin air. A pair of golden wings slowly spread out from his back, and two golden arms grew out from his shoulders once again.

Gajero was both envious and jealous. At the same time, he looked at Vincent with even more hatred. He could not understand why an unknown kid would suddenly appear after he had dominated the Black Hole World for almost 10,000 years. This kid had shattered his long-standing hegemony in a blink of an eye.

Moreover, Gajero could not beat Vincent even when he was at his weakest. He would always fall into Vincent’s traps.

Vincent had once again leveled up and had become a Protoss. However, Gajero did not know how he did it.

Vincent looked up at the sky and shouted, “Break!”

The dark clouds in the sky dispersed instantly. The lightning in the clouds also disappeared like smoke, leaving no traces behind.

Vincent’s team members, whose bodies were frozen, also regained their freedom at the same time. They wiped out the surviving demons on the battlefield.

Tens of thousands of demon elites were wiped out in an instant.

After resolving the crisis, Vincent suddenly grabbed onto the two arms that had grown out from his shoulders. He then tore those arms off his body.

At the same time, the golden wings on Vincent’s back began to burn fiercely until they completely disintegrated. Then, a new pair of flaming wings began to spread out on Vincent’s back. He had six pairs of flaming wings in total.

As Vincent had destroyed the portion of his body that represented his divine identity, the magical golden color began to gradually fade, and he soon returned to its original appearance!

Gajero, who had dreamed of becoming a god, shouted in confusion, “Why?”

Vincent looked at Gajero and said in a clear and deep voice, “Although I have become a god, I still prefer to be human! Although I no longer have the characteristics of a Protoss, I am still a Protoss and a level 95 creature!”

Gajero swallowed his saliva in extreme fear. He then turned around and flew into the distance.

On the battlefield, Abraham was waving repeatedly at the surviving ghost soldiers, indicating that they should quickly escape with him. They would never dare to step into the territory of the Demon Race again in this lifetime.

However, how could Vincent let the two main culprits of the invasion leave just like that? He immediately made a hand gesture toward the departing shadow, and then chased after Abraham in the direction that he had escaped.

The Shadow of Desolation, whose entire body was covered in flames, flew into the distance.

In a valley outside the Inn’s Black Hole, Abraham cried out to his subordinates, “Quick, hurry up and leave! If you don’t leave now, everyone will die here!”

All the soldiers of the Ghost Race had lost their fighting spirit at that moment. They silently followed behind Abraham and desperately rushed in the direction of their hometown.

Suddenly, a blazing wave of fire pounced on them. Vincent’s figure fell from the sky and blocked everyone’s way.

Vincent looked at them calmly and said, “I said, all invaders must die! You committed the same crime as the Demon Race. Thus, it is only right for you to pay the same price!”

Abraham laughed dryly and said with a fawning face, “Your Excellency has now become a powerhouse of a generation. Now that you have defeated Gajero, all the territories under the Demon Race will be yours! From now on, our Ghost Race is also willing to give up all our territories. We only hope that you can let us go. What do you think? If you think that invading the resources of other worlds is a disgrace to your sacred reputation, then I can do these things for you!”

Vincent’s face grew colder, and he shouted in a deep voice, “Hopeless!”

Then, the ghosts standing beside Abraham began to burst into flames. They wailed as they slowly turned into ashes. Only Abraham himself stood unscathed on the spot. He looked at the angry Vincent blankly.

Vincent slowly descended and stood in front of Abraham. He asked with a cold smile, “Do you know why I kept you here?”

Abraham thought for a moment and said with a face full of joy, “So you are prepared to accept my proposal?”

Vincent suddenly stood up and raised his hand to grab Abraham’s neck. He said coldly, “I once promised my beloved girl that I would personally make a piece of equipment for her. The bones in your body are very hard. They are simply the most perfect material. Wouldn’t it be a waste to burn them for nothing?”

Abraham was horrified when he heard that. He struggled to break free from Vincent’s control.

However, at that moment, Vincent’s level was not something that Abraham could contend against!

Vincent immediately raised his other hand and slapped Abraham’s head. The next moment, Abraham’s soul flew out of his body and floated in the air.

Abraham fell into a daze. He watched helplessly as the flames in Vincent’s hands burned. It burned his body completely and finally solidified into a crystal white jade.

Abraham saw Vincent looking at him and he quickly said, “Vincent, don’t push me! If you kill me today, I will not let you off even if I become a ghost!”

Vincent let out a cold laugh and sighed softly, “You are already a ghost. I don’t see how you can do anything to me.”

Vincent proceeded to hook his fingers and once again used his spirit-binding ability. Abraham’s soul that was floating in the sky instantly lost all intelligence and became Vincent’s puppet.

Suddenly, a figure shot out from Vincent’s body and directly pounced onto Abraham’s soul in the sky. The figure’s hands lit up with a scarlet light and he absorbed Abraham’s soul into his body.

Vincent looked at the figure in the sky and could not help but laugh, “Justin, you finally came out of seclusion! It’s a pity that you didn’t make it in time for the final battle!”

After Justin devoured Abraham’s soul, he turned his head and laughed loudly.

He replied, “If I miss it, so be it. This old bone of mine doesn’t want to fight anymore. I just didn’t expect that I could still rely on my soul state to cultivate to a level 85 creature. If it was before, I wouldn’t even dare to think about it. If I had the chance to resurrect, wouldn’t I be on par with the Ultimate Evil Lord of the past?”

Vincent nodded. He then raised his hand to point at Justin and shouted, “Life Order Death Reversal!”

Justin did not realize Vincent’s intention, but in the next second, he suddenly realized that his body had turned solid. He touched it carefully and found that he had obtained a body with real flesh and blood.

Justin looked at Vincent blankly and asked in surprise, “You, how did you do it? You resurrected me so easily?”

Vincent smiled slightly and said, “How is it? Feeling shocked? You have missed the final battle. Now that the contract between you and I has ended, it’s time for you to go back and look for your vampires! Oh, right, if you have time, remember to visit Alexia. She has an elder there who seems to want to meet you!”

Justin could not help but ask in a somewhat desolate tone, “If you want me to return to the vampires, then what are you going to do?”

Vincent pointed into the distance and said with a smile, “Gajero is not dead yet. I want to draw a perfect end to this battle!”

After saying that, Vincent’s figure instantly disappeared from where he was, leaving Justin alone in the air. Justin scratched his head in a daze and sighed with a face full of frustration, “Even Gajero has been defeated? What have I missed?”

Gajero, who had abandoned all his subordinates and fled alone, had completely lost his sense of direction due to panic. He had no idea where he was running to. There was however, only one thought in his heart. He wanted to depend on the scattered demon corps of the Demon Race. The resources that the Demon Race had accumulated through the years of invasion were still there. As long as he escaped alive, there was still a chance for him to turn the tables around!

Since Vincent could counterattack despite being from a weak race, then he, Gajero who was a genius, should have no problem turning the situation around.

Gajero muttered as he rushed forward desperately, “Vincent, Alexia, and the Judges, all of you just wait. Just wait for the day I become powerful! All of you will die!”

However, in the next moment, a group of figures suddenly stopped in front of Gajero.

Gajero looked ahead and saw that they were the members of the Lingluo Race, and their strength was only between level 30 and level 40.

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