Starting With One Million Luck Points - Chapter 1150 - The results of the test  

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Chapter 1150: The results of the test

“Big brother, don’t worry. I’ll definitely settle this matter!”

Zhang Xiaofei said happily. He knew that Zhou haoxin must be here to see the results of the test.

Zhang Xiaofei had been waiting for this day for a long time. He did not expect it to come so soon.

“Zhang Dakang, come with me. I don’t expect you to do a good job this time. I just want to know that you can help my sister share some of the pressure. Do you understand?”

Zhou Hao said to Zhang Dakang after Zhang Xiaofei left.

Zhang Dakang wasn’t an idiot. He knew how to read people’s expressions, so he naturally understood.

“Mr. Zhou, don’t worry. Even if I die, I won’t let those mutated beasts hurt her!”

It seemed that it was right for him to stay. In that case, he wouldn’t have to worry about those things anymore. This was a good thing.

Zhang Xiaofei went out.

Zhang Xiaofei went out with hundreds of evolvers. These evolvers were carefully selected from the camp.

Every single one of them was an elite Evolver, and they were all peak existences.

All of them combined were not comparable to other evolvers.

This was a top-notch force.

He was only at the top, but they didn’t relax at all. Each of them had a serious expression.

This time, they were going to deal with the evolvers from the various camps. These evolvers were not easy to deal with.

If they were to counterattack together, it would be difficult for them to escape unscathed.

“If you see them, do it. Don’t waste your breath on them!”

Zhang Xiaofei had already dealt with a few troublemakers in the camp and established her prestige. Now, she was like the leader.

“Yes, miss Zhang!”

All the evolvers were respectful, and some were even humble.

It was impossible for him not to be humble. Zhang Xiaofei was following a master who was stronger than a heaven-level master. This kind of master would be a giant no matter where he was.

At this time, other than being respectful, the only thing they could do now was to curry favor.

Zhang Xiaofei glanced at them and found that no one had any objections, so she led them forward.

This time, Zhang Xiaofei went to solve the problem smoothly. She and her people soon met the evolvers from another camp.

Because they all wanted to survive better, now that they met, they were like enemies meeting each other, and their eyes were red.

“Kill them all! If you kill one more, we’ll reward you!”

The captain of the opposite camp said to his subordinates.

Zhang Xiaofei directly rushed forward with her people. She did not talk nonsense. Before she came, she was already sure that there would be a fight.

Therefore, they were going to kill him with one strike, without holding back.

The evolvers in the opposite camp were indeed very strong, but they did not have an expert like Zhou Hao to back them up. Naturally, they did not dare to fight to the death. They could only hold on for a while before they started to give up.

Their side was also slightly inferior. If they continued to fight, they would not be able to win at all. At the beginning, only one of them had fled at the sight of the wind.

After that, there were more and more people like this, and the team soon became a pile of loose sand.

“Whoever runs, die!”

Although the leader of the evolvers had killed many of them as a form of intimidation, it was to no avail.

The evolvers were still running away, with no intention of staying behind. Their speed was one faster than the other, and they fought to be the first.

Seeing this, the leader of the evolvers knew that he could not fight them head-on, so he chose to escape.

However, Zhang Xiaofei had already locked onto him. How could he let him escape?

“Little girl, you’re quite strong, but it’s very difficult for you to stop me with this little strength!”

Zhu Yuangang’s eyes were cold as he said with a sneer.

Zhu Yuangang dared to come here because he was confident in his own strength. Although he might not be able to defeat the camp here, he should have no problem escaping unscathed.

What Zhu Yuangang did not expect was that there was a little girl who was also an Evolver, and the key was that she was still chasing him.

At this time, Zhu Yuangang did not know that Zhang Xiaofei was taught by Zhou Hao. If he knew, he would not have such thoughts.

However, Zhu Yuangang didn’t know that. At this time, he was only thinking that he could kill an Evolver before he died so that he wouldn’t return empty-handed.

Therefore, Zhu Yuangang regarded Zhang Xiaofei as the prey he was hunting.

“You think I can’t make you stay? Are you sure?”

Zhang Xiaofei had already learned how to use combat skills. She could use the power of heaven and earth. Although it was not hers, she could still use it.

This combat technique didn’t belong to this planet. It was a combat technique developed by a family in the starry sky.

This combat skill was very powerful. It could change a person’s physique and allow the person to obtain great power for a short period of time. There was no limit to the number of times.

Zhu Yuangang was horrified. He suddenly felt that the Zhang Xiaofei in front of him had changed. He instantly felt as if he was facing a great enemy.

Now, Zhu Yuangang felt that he was not facing the weak Zhang Xiaofei, but a human-shaped beast. Yes, that was the feeling.

All of a sudden, the pressure on his body began to increase, enveloping his entire body.

A sense of danger welled up in Zhu Yuangang’s heart. He had a premonition that he would die soon.

“This must be an illusion. This is just a child. Even if he’s an Evolver and has been cultivating since he was in his mother’s womb, he’s definitely not my match now!”

Zhu Yuangang quickly denied that idea. Zhang Xiaofei was definitely not his opponent.

He had walked out of a desperate situation, experienced hundreds of battles, and had even received guidance from a heaven-rank expert.

Although she wasn’t particularly gifted, a heaven-rank expert had once told him that as long as he cultivated according to the guidance, he would become a heaven-rank expert sooner or later.

As long as he became a heaven-rank expert, his lifespan would increase, and he would become an Overlord.

How could a person like him lose to a young girl of unknown origin?

“Little girl, you probably haven’t touched a man yet. It’s a pity that you’re going to die Here. If you’re willing to beg me for mercy now, I’ll be tender and protective of you!”

Although Zhu Yuangang denied that possibility, he felt an inexplicable sense of restlessness in his heart. He didn’t know what was going on, but he felt that it was very scary.

After thinking for a while, he still chose to win over Zhang Xiaofei. He thought it was better to be conservative. If it was really a terrible opponent, then he might be left here forever.

“Why aren’t you attacking? are you afraid of this little girl now? if you are, just tell me now. Kneel on the ground and call me” great aunt “three times. Maybe I’ll let you off now if I’m in a good mood!”

At this time, Zhang Xiaofei mimicked Zhou Hao’s tone and said.

Zhu Yuangang flew into a rage. He was ridiculed by a little girl. How could he be afraid?

How was that possible?

Zhu Yuangang was very angry. He only had one thought in his mind, and that was to make Zhang Xiaofei kneel in front of him and beg for mercy.

“I want to let you go, but you don’t want this opportunity, so don’t blame me!”

Zhu Yuangang roared and pounced forward like a wild beast.

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