Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 1693 - Running Into Big Seafood Once More

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Chapter 1693: Running Into Big Seafood Once More

Luke, however, gave a light exclamation of surprise and flew out of the ice house. He stopped in front of the whale and activated Mental Communication.

Killer whales were very smart, but that was only in animal terms. In fact, they were as straightforward as human kids and wouldn’t hide their thoughts.

That was why Bobby had used Mental Communication to train animals at the very beginning, not to spy on people.

Less than ten seconds later, Luke understood what the little whale was saying. “An enemy down below? It’s big and fierce? The other killer whales were caught?”

Selina flew over as well. “What’s wrong?”

Luke pondered for a moment, then told the little fatty to wait.

He then flew back to the ice house with Selina. “Combine with Gold Nugget, and come with me.”

Gold Nugget’s round Slime form immediately emerged from Dollar’s body and latched onto Selina’s body through her open visor.

Luke gave Dollar half a syringe of a sedative, and it fell asleep in seconds. He put it away in Space 2, then took out two sets of underwater gear.

After the gear was attached to the armor, the two of them flew back to the ocean and dove in next to the little fatty.


Thanks to Mental Communication, the little fatty still recognized them despite the changes to their appearance. It waved its tail and started to lead the way.

At that moment, Selina asked, “What happened?”

Luke said, “The little guy said that its family ran into a very big enemy which came up from the bottom of the ocean and captured all four killer whales. It was the only one to escape.”

As for the fact that the little fatty had come to him as soon as possible because of Mental Communication, there was no need to talk about it now.

Thinking quickly, Selina realized why Luke was acting so serious. “How big is the enemy?”

Whatever came up from the bottom of the ocean could only be a creature, and basically couldn’t be a boat.

An adult male killer whale was eight meters in length, and a female seven, and they weighed between four and six tons.

Four killer whales would weigh almost 20 tons in total, but they had all been captured by this “enemy,” which meant that the enemy had to weigh far more than 20 tons to be able to completely overwhelm the killer whales.

The little fatty that had escaped had come to Luke in desperation and also because it had been scared witless by the other party.

Luke could sense the fear in its heart. It was the instinctive reaction of a creature in the face of a powerful predator.

But what were killer whales?

They were the invincible tyrants of the ocean. Generally, it would only be whaling boats that could take down four big killer whales and one small killer whale in one go.

Luke, on the other hand, had been monitoring the area. There were no boats on the ocean, and no one on the ice.

Luke narrowed his eyes. “Ask Gold Nugget if it smelled anything on the little killer whale just now.”

After combining with Gold Nugget, Selina and Gold Nugget shared the same thoughts. After a brief silence, she said, “It said that there was a familiar scent.”

At that moment, Luke and Selina had followed the whale to a certain location.

Looking at the dark trench, Selina exclaimed, “Didn’t we catch the big king crab here?”

Luke nodded and said, “Yes. Let’s go down. The little fatty said that the enemy came from here.”

Saying that, he used Mental Communication to calm the little killer whale down and make it stay up here.

The little guy didn’t dare go down at all.

Besides, it wouldn’t be of much help if it went down. At most, it would just be offering its head up to the other party.

The next moment, Luke and Selina pushed harder and charged downward.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the ocean was no man’s land for humans.

No matter how advanced technology was, 99.99% of the ocean had yet to be explored — what humans had conquered was only the surface of the ocean, not the ocean itself.

Luke didn’t dare dive into the deep ocean right away, and had to equip himself with underwater gear beforehand.

Otherwise, the armor wouldn’t be able to withstand the water pressure.

The gear was a fully enclosed suit which was streamlined to reduce resistance while moving in the water.

Luke and Selina soon reached a depth of 3,000 meters; this sort of battlefield was clearly disadvantageous to them.

Because of the water pressure, Luke couldn’t use drones or Sharp Nose, and it was hard to move with Telekinesis – only Elementary Sound Wave was still useful to some extent.

Instead, what was most reliable was the underwater gear’s sensor functions, which could detect movements within a range of several hundred meters.

This was the result of the superpower + tech development route which Luke took.

In any case, he spent less than one tenth of the time on the tech – the initial beginnings and research, which were the most time-consuming, were all carried out by the tycoon.

In the time it took to say a few words, they had reached the bottom of the ocean 3,000 meters down.

When they reached the seabed, Selina cursed. “What the hell is that?”

Luke narrowed his eyes. “Ask Gold Nugget.”

Selina was silent for a moment, and then was stumped. “Big seafood? Are you crazy?”

Of course, she was talking to the dog head.

After a brief silence, she finally understood. “Is this the giant octopus you ran into when you saved Robert and Catherine last time?”

Luke hummed in acknowledgement and said, “But it seems much bigger than last time.”

As they spoke, they approached the giant octopus that was 500 meters away.

Luke suddenly stopped. “Wait.”

Selina asked, “What’s wrong?”

Sensing his own mental state, Luke frowned. “You don’t sense anything wrong?”

Selina said, “No.”

Luke said, “But I’m sensing an abnormal disturbance, and it’s a little chaotic. Gold Nugget doesn’t sense anything?”

Selina spoke to the dog head for a moment. “It said that there are indeed a lot of chaotic voices, but on its original planet, hundreds or thousands of similar voices can be heard at any time, so it didn’t pay attention to them.”

Luke: …So, you’re saying that you’re already legion, so you’re not afraid of one more voice?

Even as he mocked the dog head in his heart, Luke knew that it was protecting Selina, which was better than his current situation. “This big seafood might have an ability to affect minds. Also, we’re still several hundred meters away, and it might not necessarily have noticed us yet.”

Selina grew solemn when she heard this.

She had never encountered something that could affect minds from 500 meters away.

Coupled with its terrifying size, it probably wouldn’t be easy to eat this big seafood.

The problem was that it would be hard to use long-range attacks 3,000 meters underwater. It would also be hard to use high or freezing temperatures that would otherwise easily cause damage.

Luke wasn’t in a hurry.

Intelligence had always been the priority in a battle. The safest thing to always do was plan first.

Since they had discovered that their opponent was this super octopus monster, there was no hope for the little fatty’s family.

Luke wouldn’t give up his life for a few killer whales.

After exchanging a few words with Selina, they started to swim upward.

In a situation where he had time, and in a super battle arena like the deep sea, Luke would rather wait for reinforcements first.

Safety was the most important thing.

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