Super Gene Optimization Fluid - Chapter 1158

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Chapter 1158: Sixteen Million Meters Per Second

Date: November 7

The Silver Specter was very lively. As the five hundred Aurora Clan warriors were left behind in the Law Realm, Oro insisted on coming along with Xia Fei on this voyage. He, along with Xia Guanghai, was enough to make the Silver Specter quite a raucous place.

The Aurora Clan warriors had never lacked for level. What they needed was tempering. If they could be tempered with the personality of an iron-blooded warrior, they would become proper soldiers.

As such, Xia Fei left the Aurora Clan warriors in the Law Realm, first, for them to help with its defenses—after all, the Law Realm still had many places where it needed to learn from the Alpha Universe—and, second, for them to spend more time in the Skywing Clan’s company, which would only help these warriors, not hurt them.

The spatial array quickly sent the Silver Specter out of the Law Realm’s defensive zone. The rest of the journey would depend solely on the Silver Specter. Fortunately, this was the fastest ship in the universe, and this long journey was not impossible for it.


Oro frowned and said, “Xia Fei, this ship is great about everything else, but it moves around so much, like an erupting volcano. When it’s going at full speed, it’s hard to stand still.”

Before Xia Fei could reply, Xia Guanghai said scornfully, “What do you know? This is an inevitable response to spatial friction. If this were any other ship, not only would the swaying be more intense, it might even disintegrate at high speeds.”

Oro said with a pale face, “What? You think that I don’t understand warships? When I dominated the universe, you weren’t even born yet!”

“To borrow Xia Fei’s words, age only proves that someone has lived a long time, nothing else. If you’re not convinced, wanna exchange a few blows? Your Highness Law God Oro.”

These two had foul tempers, so they kept butting heads with each other right from the get-go. As Oro had been reborn, he had only recently reached Law God and was still very far from the peak, but his temper was far greater than his cultivation. As for Xia Guanghai of the Skywing Clan, he was also an unreasonable sort.

Xia Fei helplessly shook his head. He waved his hand and left the command deck with that Lionheart youth, letting the two argue all they wanted.

The youth was called Risode, and he was from the fallen priest lineage of the Lionheart Clan. Xia Fei knew all the details about him, so by now, the two of them had stopped treating each other as strangers.

Risode, who was a big individual more than three meters tall, found it rather hard to make his way through the Silver Specter, constantly having to bend at the waist. Besides that, Xia Fei, who sought function to the max, had left the ship’s interior very messy; there were cables and controllers everywhere one looked. This required Risode to be even more careful with his large body, for fear of bumping into one of Xia Fei’s precious components.

In the break room, Fuchen and Ulan were sipping tea at the table. Xia Fei smiled and asked, “Why are the two of you here? You’re not going to look at the Heaven’s Eye Mountain Constellation starmap?”

Ulan waved his hand and frowned. “Since we know that the starmap points to Heaven’s Eye Mountain, there’s no need to keep looking at it. Besides, Xia Guanghai and Oro are really too annoying, and they never give anything a rest. They argue with each other every day like a flock of crows.”


The four of them chuckled, all quite amused by the tempers of Xia Guanghai and Oro. Risode chuckled more reservedly. As Oro was one of the three grand ancestors of his clan, he did not dare to make much fun of him.

Xia Fei had Risode sit down; upon which, he asked, “Tell me the truth: Are you certain that you can trace your grandfather’s trail through the Heaven’s Eye Mountain Constellation? This is very important.”

Risode nodded and spoke solemnly. “I am a successor of the priest lineage, one of those Lionheart Clan members who possess very strong mental energy. Provided that my grandfather left behind even the smallest clue, I’ll likely be able to find it. Of course, I can’t guarantee anything with absolute certainty. After all, it’s been more than a hundred years; the energy might be very weak.”

Xia Fei lit a cigarette. Warriors had very long lives, hundreds to thousands of years going by in the blink of an eye. Risode’s grandfather had died two hundred years ago; nobody could say for sure what Heaven’s Eye Mountain Constellation was like now.

Ulan shrugged his shoulders suddenly and said, “That’s very interesting. The last time the Collapsed Expanse of Founders opened was 213 years ago, which matched exactly the time when Risode’s grandfather died.”

Fuchen commented, “It’s probably a coincidence. The Collapsed Expanse of Founders is the Alpha Universe’s business and has little to do with this place.”

Ulan dropped the subject and, instead, urged Xia Fei to go back and cultivate. For the sake of his precious plants, he was unwilling to give the latter even the slightest break.

It was not like there was anything else to do on the ship, so Xia Fei decided to enter closed-door cultivation. His target this time was the Law of Speed. Xia Gucheng’s words had reminded him that he had yet to unfurl his second Fiendwing, which would be a weakness to him in the long run.

The Fiendwing was the manifestation of abundant fiend energy!

Fiend energy could massively increase the temporary combat power of a warrior. It was like a steroid, allowing a warrior to exhibit several times their combat power. If he really encountered some foe that exceeded his abilities, powerful fiend energy would truly come in handy. When it came to fighting above one’s level, one’s temporary strength and aura both played crucial roles!

The Skywing warriors could lose, but they could never lose in terms of aura! Even if they died, they would die with their head raised!

The plants Ulan had placed in Xia Fei’s room were growing rather healthily and strongly. Besides making them more vibrant and lush, they cleaned the air and increased the efficiency of Xia Fei’s cultivation. As time went on, he discovered more and more of the advantages of these green plants and had, thus, taken a liking to the Spiritualist of Botanity.

[Warning! Warning! Ship has encountered spatial turbulence! Life support systems have been damaged! Temporary shutdown imminent!]

The calm journey suddenly hit a snag, the Silver Specter crazily shaking as red warning lights went off.


Xia Fei rushed to the command deck and yelled, “What’s going on?!”

As Radix was not around, the one piloting the ship was Xia Guanghai. His face was pale as he rapidly worked the controls. “I’m not sure. We seem to have collided with some intense spatial turbulence, but there wasn’t even the slightest forewarning.”

“Stop accelerating! The Silver Specter is too fast! Acceleration will only make the space even more unstable—perhaps even make it collapse!”

Xia Fei quickly took command of the Silver Specter. When it came to warships, there was no one present who could compare to him.

Spatial turbulence referred to a clash of two or more different spaces, similar to the tectonic plates of Earth.

Xia Fei knew the power of spatial turbulence, but he was more astonished at the spatial shift. It was as though the Silver Specter was entering an entirely different space!

The vast universe was made up of many different kinds of spaces. It was just like how black holes and white holes could exist in the same universe despite being of completely opposite nature, one devouring and the other ejecting.

“It’s bizarre, encountering spatial turbulence here! Even worse was that the radar didn’t give the slightest indication!” Xia Guanghai stomped his feet and said.

Xia Fei furrowed his brows and glanced at the starmap. “We’ve already arrived at the Heaven’s Eye Mountain Constellation?! When did that happen?”

“Around two hours ago. You were so busy cultivating that you didn’t notice the time, and we didn’t want to disturb you. We decided to first look around the Heaven’s Eye Mountain Constellation and search for any traces of Risode’s grandfather,” Fuchen replied.


A bolt of terrifying spatial lightning streaked overhead. The Silver Specter was minuscule in comparison to this giant lightning bolt; it was just like a leaf in the face of a storm.

This was a terrifying space, for this rending lightning bolt could easily destroy a ship’s electronic system, which would cripple the Silver Specter.

*Crackle! Crackle!*

The lightning bolts continued to flash past, each one imbued with the power to shatter space! The Silver Specter was traveling through a living hell, and it slowed down as it traveled through the darkness.

“We’re moving too slowly. Is this really the only way to get through?” Ulan asked. The Silver Specter’s greatest weapons were its toughness and speed. Xia Fei was decelerating the ship so much that he had deprived it of its advantages.

“Depends on our luck. I don’t know how big this turbulent space is,” Xia Fei admitted frankly.

Another bolt of lightning flashed past, causing everyone to grow anxious. The radar and detection systems had both been rendered useless; even the scout drones would likely crash the moment they left the hangar and entered this harsh space.

In the distance was a planet. This planet was seemingly circled by lightning, and every few minutes, a frightening lightning bolt would slam at it.

“We’ll have to anchor there first. Once the spatial turbulence weakens, we can set off again,” Xia Fei said.

The others had no objection. Stopping at a planet was much safer than blindly traveling through this region of space. Moreover, many of the ship’s electronic components required repair. Rather than completely breaking down, it would be better if they shut off everything to protect it. Once the environment improved, they could restart the Silver Specter and continue on their journey as per normal.

“Heaven’s Eye Mountain Constellation is truly a strange place,” Xia Fei sighed and muttered.

The air was rather solemn. Encountering spatial turbulence right after reaching Heaven’s Eye Mountain was not a good sign.

The Silver Specter descended slowly. This planet was not as miserable as it looked. A very thick substance drifted about in the planet’s inner atmosphere, blocking off the lightning before it could hit the surface. The sky was dark and heavy, the lightning writhing in the clouds like numerous fire dragons.

Everyone disembarked, stepping onto the charred and barren soil. They raised their heads and looked around.

“Hah… This is quite stimulating. All the lightning is being blocked by the black clouds. If those black clouds stopped working one day, we might all be turned into roast chickens by the lightning,” Xia Guanghai said carefreely.

“Shut your crow mouth!” Oro grunted. He turned to Xia Fei and said, “This cloud layer is brimming with heavy metal. Not only does it block the lightning, it also blocks any sort of surveillance device. This planet might be some undiscovered place. You check out the ship, while I go take a look over there.”

“Hey, I’m talking to you!” Oro stuck out a finger and waved it in front of Xia Fei.

Xia Fei had seemingly entered a trance and had seemingly not heard Oro talk. His eyes erupted with sharp lights, which Oro knew to be a sign of the Beast Spirit Codex’s Ocular Cognition.

“What’s over there?” Oro pursed his lips and looked into the distance.

Before he even finished speaking, Xia Fei had shot out like a bolt of lightning, yelling, “Follow me! I found something!”


He was like a beam of light as he vanished instantly!

Xia Guanghai’s eyes flew open, and he shouted in disbelief, “Xia Fei, you’ve broken past the speed of ten million meters per second!”

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