Super Gene Optimization Fluid - Chapter 1169

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Chapter 1169: The Strange Collapsed Expanse of Founders, the Six Treasures Gathered

The Collapsed Expanse of Founders.

Countless warships swiftly began to split off in different directions upon entering, afraid of falling behind.

A well-equipped cruiser in the fleet traveled at a neither-fast-nor-slow pace. Everyone tactfully kept their distance, for the word ‘Night’ was written on the ship, which was a clear danger signal.

In the Alpha Universe, there was only one clan with the ‘Night’ surname, and that was the Venus of Eternal Night. On this subject, the Night Clan’s people were more inconspicuous compared to the other proud major clans, but they were very stubborn people, and some of them simply refused to be on the losing side. Ordinary clans could not afford to offend the Night Clan, so they kept their distance.

If people were to learn what sort of force the Night Clan had dispatched this time, they would probably keep even more distance. The Collapsed Expanse of Founders was a very dangerous place, and the treasured direct line of descendants was rarely sent inside, but this time, the one in control of the Night Clan’s warship was none other than the famous Anzu Night!

In Xia Fei’s eyes, Zesyr Night was a little girl who did not understand anything. This Anzu Night was none other than her older brother but was only three years older than Zesyr.

In the command deck, Anzu Night smiled softly. He had a very fair and clean appearance, so it was no surprise that he had a rather feminine name. Even more incredible was that Zesyr Night was next to him! The two adored babies of the Night Clan’s venerable master had both come to the perilous Collapsed Expanse of Founders!

If someone were to see this, they would definitely think that that stubborn donkey, Cloud Night, had gone crazy! Zesyr was Cloud Night’s most beloved granddaughter, while Anzu was the hope of the Night Clan, the genius who would inherit the clan in the future! He was not just a genius but rather a genius among geniuses!

At the age of fourteen, he had learned the supreme soul art, the Azure Nebula Waterfall, of the Night Clan! Anzu was an unprecedented genius of their clan! He was only nineteen this year, but he was already famous throughout the Alpha Universe! How could Patriarch Cloud risk such a precious grandson in the Collapsed Expanse of Founders?! This was far too risky!

Smiling, Anzu Night pointed at the rushing warships. “Those people are truly pitiful. They know that it’s the path to death, but they still heedlessly run forward regardless; in the end, it will all be in vain. This is the fate of small clans, those without strength. Wherever they go, they can only be bullied around.

Zesyr Night frowned. Her older brother was good at everything and treated her very well, but he always had this sense of superiority. Alas, there was nothing to be done about that, for he had grown up revered and respected.

Zesyr sighed. She was thinking about Xia Fei again. He was also a very formidable young man, but his style was completely different from Anzu’s. The latter grew up in a major clan and had always lived in the lap of luxury, whereas the former was a strange one who had killed his way out of the streets; he exuded a bandit-like aura, was insufferably difficult to deal with, and unreasonably stubborn.

However, for some reason, Zesyr Night found Xia Fei to be more interesting. Alas, he had no interest in her whatsoever. She would grow sullen whenever she thought of how Xia Fei had just left her in that secluded canyon. In this day and age, very few people would dare to abandon the Night Clan’s young miss. In fact, numerous scions would stand in line just to meet her, but Zesyr cared not a bit for any of them. The only people she had an eye for were Seventh Young Master Xiao and Xia Fei. Alas, both of them turned out to be eccentrics, refusing to see her. Seventh Young Master Xiao was one thing, but Xia Fei was even more vicious, straight-up abandoning her.

“There’s no need to rush. We’ll just slowly make our own way through. Watching these people run to their deaths has its pleasure,” Anzu Night said carelessly.

At this moment, another warship approached. It showed no fear and was clearly showing off.

This ship was also a cruiser, but it was even more well-equipped than the Night Clan’s ship. On the ship was written the word ‘Qiu’!


Anzu Night gnashed his teeth and glared. “Qiu Yang! It must be Qiu Yang! Check that right now! Did Heavenly Might send Qiu Yang or not?!”

Anzu was so enraged that he had even lost his composure.

This Qiu Yang, whom Anzu Night spoke of, was the son of one of the leading luminaries of the Alpha Universe, Qiu Xingbang. Qiu Xingbang had emerged from the Collapsed Expanse of Founders and had ascended to the top in a single night, establishing the Heavenly Might Spirit School.

Normally, schools were places to educate people, and no matter how famous they might be, they could not compare to those powerful clans that had stood for ages, but Qiu Xingbang’s Heavenly Might Spirit School had managed to do just that! Not only that, it managed to outcompete countless top-class clans, too, for this school was the only place besides the Spiritualist Association to have produced Spiritualists!

One of Anzu’s subordinates inquired, “Young Master, Heavenly Might couldn’t have possibly sent Qiu Yang. After all, he’s Qiu Xingbang’s son.”

“There’s no such thing as impossible!” Anzu Night refuted firmly. “Qiu Yang and I have never gotten along. It must be him! If Qiu Yang’s not on that ship, those people of Heavenly Might would never dare to act so rashly, directly challenging our Night Clan!”

Anzu Night had a reason for his dislike of Qiu Yang. The scions of the great clans were very bored people and came up with many ways to amuse themselves. One of these was a ranking of scions, where those young masters were ranked in terms of potential and strength.

Of course, such a ranking was exclusive to these great clans. Someone with Xia Fei’s background would never be able to squeeze his way in regardless of his prowess.

This ranking contained Anzu Night’s name, and he was ranked six. Right above him was none other than Qiu Yang, the young man with a legendary father. Because of their astounding strength, the top six ranking was known as the Six Celestial Treasures, as in the six most formidable treasured scions.

Alas, there were now only five of the Six Celestial Treasures left, for Seventh Young Master Xiao had inexplicably vanished. This story was the talk of their circle. What no one knew was that his disappearance had a connection to the Dark Spiritualists and Xia Fei.

Qiu Yang liked playing practical pranks, and he relied on his background and high cultivation to frequently bully Anzu Night. Thus, this young master of the Night Clan considered that man a thorn in his side, but this only made Qiu Yang intensify his bullying, causing Anzu to hate him even more, and the more Anzu hated him, the more Qiu Yang bullied the other. Thus, when this Heavenly Night warship challenged the Night Clan warship, Anzu’s mind immediately went to Qiu Yang.

Zesyr Night pursed her lips and said, “Big Brother, you might be wrong. While Qiu Yang isn’t a Spiritualist like his father, he is a top-class Soul Master. He might not risk venturing into the Collapsed Expanse of Founders.”

Anzu chuckled coldly while shaking his head. “The Nineteen Provinces of Stormcloud hold the secrets of the Collapsed Expanse of Founders. That’s why they’re so strong! We also know a little more now, and wasn’t that why grandfather had sent the two of us this time? There’s definitely a possibility of Qiu Xingbang sending Qiu Yang to the Collapsed Expanse of Founders. You should understand that the next opening of the Collapsed Expanse of Founders will be several thousand years from now!”

Zesyr Night said nothing, but the subordinates began to chatter.

“For our young master to come to the Collapsed Expanse of Founders is shocking enough, but even Young Master Qiu is here? That’s truly absurd!”

“I know, right? Who could have expected all the top-class individuals of the universe to be making their way here. Isn’t this known as a wicked place, where countless warriors die every time it opens?”

As they talked, a shocked voice cried, “Qiu Yang! It really is Qiu Yang! He’s signaling us!”

Anzu Night was startled and hastily ran over to the communications console. He found that Qiu Yang had sent over a picture of his face with a bizarre smile on it and a few words: “Worthy little brother, I trust you’ve been well?”


Anzu Night’s face instantly turned green from anger. Clenching his fists, he growled, “It really is that Qiu Yang! Ask him why he’s come to the Collapsed Expanse of Founders!”

It was not long before Qiu Yang sent a message back.

“I’m not the only one. Shui Shengsheng, Feng Jianting, Tian Jing, and Ning Mei have also come.”

Anzu Night was startled, but next to him, Zesyr Night blurted out, “Awesome! Shui Shengsheng, Feng Jianting, Tian Jing, Qiu Yang, and with you, all six of the Celestial Treasures have gathered in the Collapsed Expanse of Founders! This is too exciting!”

As the saying went, destiny would make enemies meet. Nobody could have expected that the Six Celestial Treasures, the strongest scions of the Alpha Universe, would all come to the dangerous Collapsed Expanse of Founders!

Anzu Night shook his head. “You’re wrong. Xiaoxiao didn’t come.”

Zesyr Night fiddled with her fingers and fell silent. Seventh Young Master Xiao was dead. This was a secret that only she and Xia Fei knew; Zesyr Night had kept it buried this whole time, telling no one.


With a cold harrumph, Anzu placed his hands behind his back and looked outside the window at the distant Qiu Yang’s warship. He muttered, “Qiu Yang, Qiu Yang… things have changed. Don’t think that only your Nineteen Provinces of Stormcloud know what’s in the Collapsed Expanse of Founders. Our Night Clan has also come prepared!”

The strange properties of the Collapsed Expanse of Founders soon began to reveal themselves. People quickly realized that their brothers and friends were going missing one after another, as if some invisible monster was devouring them.

A terrifying mood began to spread throughout the masses, but this could not stop the calamity. People continued to go missing starting from when they entered the Collapsed Expanse of Founders.

People also noticed that there was a group that did not participate with everyone else in the treasure hunting. They acted like tourists and were in no rush. They did not even disembark from their ships, quietly sipping tea in their rooms.

This was the case for Anzu Night and Qiu Yang. Their warships were all proceeding to the same coordinates, not even glancing at any of the other planets. Unlike the others, they were in no rush to go exploring.

On that silent planet, Xia Fei stuffed his hands in his pockets and walked around, his eyes sharp and bloodshot like those of a madman.

Furball, who quietly nestled in Xia Fei’s embrace, would occasionally sigh. He was very smart; he knew that his master was in an awful mood and was not to be provoked at this time.

Several warships had already arrived on the planet, and large numbers of warriors appeared in front of Xia Fei.

“Hey, young chap! You got here early; have you found anything useful!?” A dark-faced man blocked Xia Fei’s way and shouted this.


Xia Fei said nothing and directly punched that man, obliterating him, before glaring at the others around him.

“Forget about him. He’s crazy,” someone whispered, causing everyone to run off.

“Hey! Where’d you go? You were just here! How did you just disappear like that?!”

The same thing was happening every second. Xia Fei gradually began to understand that there existed many mysterious holes in the Collapsed Expanse of Founders which sucked people. He even saw a warrior disappear right in front of his eyes.

Many doors also existed here, and as long as the proper method was used, these doors would open, but they would quickly close again and not open or reappear thereafter.

Oro, Fuchen, Ulan, and Xia Guanghai had undoubtedly all been sucked into some of these holes.

In the distance, a door opened. A group of warriors stared at it in wide-eyed shock, not daring to enter, but an inconceivable power sucked in these warriors, not even giving them time to shout.


Xia Fei’s eyes flashed, and he accelerated toward that door. Others did not dare to enter the unknown, but he desperately wanted to go in, for it was only in there that he might encounter his lost brothers.


Xia Fei had just reached the entrance when a powerful force suddenly repelled him, bouncing him away!

Standing up, Xia Fei patted the dust off his body and lit a cigarette, his expression grave.

It was bizarre. This was not even the first time this had happened. Everyone else did not want to go in and was pulled in by some mysterious powerful force, whereas Xia Fei could not get in even though he wanted to…

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