Supremacy Games-Chapter 1160 The First Stage Of Grief...Denial. I

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Chapter 1160 The First Stage Of Grief...Denial. I

"Felix!! Felix!!! FEEELIIX!!!"

No matter how loud Asna screamed or shook Felix, he neither woke up nor reacted...He just kept lying there like a dead log, refusing to wake up and accept the harsh reality before him.

"BASTARDS!! BASTARDS!!!!" Absolutely lived, Thor roared with a twisted expression, having a strong feeling that the Darkin faction's primogenitors had a hand in this.

He wasn't the only incensed in Felix's consciousness space. Fenrir, J?rmungandr, and even the pacifist Lady Sphinx emitted a strong murderous aura, holding absolutely nothing back!

It was so strong, Candace was smashed into the lake forcefully like she was under an intense level of gravity!

"Please control your emotions..." Elder Kraken said while using his spiritual pressure to protect Candace from getting killed by an accident.

As the last to be awakened and join the group, Elder Kraken sympathized with Felix's situation but he wasn't emotionally affected by it as much as the others.

"I am calm."

Lady Sphinx was the first to regain control over her outburst with a single deep breath.

Make no mistake, she didn't get rid of them, she simply buried them temporarily to bring out her rationality back.

"This isn't the time to be furious." Lady Sphinx addressed Thor and his partners, "We have to get to the bottom of this and also help Felix mitigate the blow when he wakes up again."

"You're right." Fenrir agreed with an icy tone.

Thor and J?rmungandr might have taken control of their auras, but their murderous and cold stares hadn't changed one bit.

"I have just received the news...Earth was wiped out by a planet-destroyer weapon." Lady Sphinx shared while linking her consciousness with one of her copies, who was watching a reporter breaking the news throughout the entire universe.

"As you can see behind me, The Mariana Federation Capital has been attacked by a planet-destroyer weapon, leaving a humongous hole in the pacific ocean and drowning all the land temporarily."

"According to the latest reports of live witnesses in space stations and the cities on the moon, the explosion was so destructive, some of them swore to have felt the shockwave reaching them."

"This attack has taken place less than half a minute ago and we still don't have much information about the planet's condition or whether anyone managed to survive such as an apocalyptic event."

"I believe the Federation will be sending their fleets soon to check for survivors and evacuate them to safety."

"We will continue to bring you updates on this developing story as more information becomes available. Thank you and please send prayers and wishes for the departed..."

The reporter concluded her report with reddened eyes and a bit of emotion in her voice even though she tried her best to be as professional as possible.

Since she was the first to report the news in less than half a minute of the event, it was clear that she was inside one of the moon cities or the space stations unaffected by the explosion.

For her to be so near it only meant that she was possibly one of the native residents of Earth...To see her home planet getting blown out live was absolutely heartbreaking.

Clearly, she wasn't the only one with such a reaction as all surviving earthlings around the universe had fallen into a state of utter disbelief and denial after hearing the news.

Whether they had families on Earth or not, none of them had taken the destruction of their home lightly one bit.

"This can't be real...This is fake! This is fake news!! This is fake!! Fake!!"

Inside a classroom in the elvish magic academy, the quiet and earnest Olivia shocked all the elves with her screaming at the top of her lungs akin to a lunatic.

She had just rushed to the class after Felix's battle was concluded as she couldn't skip another one.𝒇𝐫e𝑒𝒘ℯ𝑏n𝑜ѵ𝐞𝑙.c𝗼𝐦

"What's going on Olivia?" The teacher asked with a concerned tone, knowing that Olivia almost never made an outburst even when she was being bullied in the academy 24/7.

"Sob...Sob...This is fake, please be fake....please..." Olivia's anger turned into weeping as she kept begging for everything to be just a badly executed prank.

Alas, she had received the same notifications as Felix, informing her that no one in her family or the earthling team had survived...

Just as some of the elves were about to make a joke about Olivia finally losing her marbles, all of their bracelets began vibrating at once.

When they glanced at them and saw the newest viral news, all of them were left with widened eyes in shock, glancing between their bracelets and Olivia over and over again.

"Oh dear...How horrible..." The teacher cover her mouth and glanced at Olivia, who was crying her eyes out.

No one here understood the pain that Olivia was going through as she was just watching the death match with her friends like life was going to last forever.

Ten minutes later or so. They were erased from existence with her family as well.

Still, she didn't have it as hard as Noah...

Unfortunately, his dearest sister Grace, and the only person he ever cared about in his entire life was also announced dead.

He had received the notification right after barely winning a tough fight against an army of Ice Trolls...

With his bulky werewolf body packed with bloody wounds, Noah stood at the center of tens of Ice Trolls corpses with his unblinking blue eyes affixed on the AP Bracelet's screen.

The heavy snow fell on his furry shoulders from a gloomy gray sky while the harsh wind blew it away.

While others would have problems with being alone in such cold and deserted environments, fighting Ice Trolls nonstop, Noah had absolutely no problems with that.

All because he knew that the stronger he got the easier it would be for him to protect his little sister.

Yet here he was, standing all alone and this time with a broken heart and a broken soul.

He neither raged nor cried...He neither spoke nor fainted.

He just kept staring at his bracelet without a single emotion on his face like a robot that had its batteries removed...


Suddenly, an Ice Troll rose from the pile of corpses with three long frozen gushes on his chest.

His feet were wobbly and his vision seemed to be unclear, Yet, his blood-red eyes showed the assailant before him as clear as daylight.

With another booming roar, he rushed at Noah and swung his icy club at his head!

Noah didn't even spare the Ice Troll or his club a glance as he remained frozen in the same position.

Just as the club was about to smash his head apart, it got frozen in place with the rest of the Troll's body...Then, they shattered into fine icy fragments.

Fenrir appeared next to Noah out of nowhere in his humanoid form and gave Noah a bitter and remorseful look.

"Sigh, this is my fault. You are part of my pack and I still left your little sister to die at the hands of my enemies. No matter how much hatred we have for each other, I never expected them to reach this new level of lowness...Never." Fenrir spoke with an apologetic tone, knowing deep down that Noah wasn't hearing anything.

He might be standing and had his eyes open, but he knew that Noah's consciousness had been shut out and frozen in the deepest part of his soul.

A reaction thousand times worse than passing out...

Fenrir, Thor, J?rmungandr, and even Lady Sphinx blamed themselves for this one way or another.

None of them bothered to consider babysitting and protecting their students' loved ones since they felt that no matter how much hatred was between the factions, it would never branch out to unrelated people...Especially when they were mere mortals, who didn't even know about their existence.

As primogenitors, there was a red line that none of them would think of crossing. Neither the Asgardian faction nor the Darkin faction had crossed it ever since their enmity had started.

It was none other than avoiding the involvement of their students' families.

J?rmungandr, Thor, Fenrir, Saurous, Wendigo, and Mannanangal all had many students from the primogenitors' Era and they died in their battles...Yet, their families were never touched.

So, all of them believed that the Darkin faction would still uphold to this unspoken pact just like in the old days...

But clearly, Felix had gotten under their skin to the point they had no issues with crossing it in this Era...Fenrir and Felix's masters knew that it was up to them to take responsibility for their lapse of judgment.

"I am truly sorry, my child." Fenrir hugged Noah for a little and said with the most chilling tone in his ears, "I will make them pay for this...I promise you, they will pay for this."

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