Supremacy Games-Chapter 1170: Grandfather Robert's Last Email...

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Vrrr Vrrr!

Just as Felix logged out and wanted to jump into the void realm, his AP bracelet vibrated. Felix glanced at the screen and noticed that it was a call from Malak!

"Malak..." Felix's eyes dimmed up a bit and accepted the call right away.

He already knew that Malak was alive since she was situated in the dwarven's galaxy for the sake of his new spaceship during the incident.

He was more than happy about this...But, he knew that she must have been heartbroken as well because of the death of Erik, and the rest of his subordinates.

'I can't hide from everyone's judging eyes forever.' Felix toughened his heart and accepted the call.

"Sir Felix!" Malak appeared on the holographic screen with a shocked expression, seeming like she wasn't expecting the call to be picked up.

"How are you holding up?" Felix asked softly.

"I am doing alright..." Malak smiled wryly, "It was tough in the first months."

"I am sorry for not being there."

"You don't have to apologize...I am just relieved that nothing bad happened to you." Malak sighed in relief.

"It was bad for me too." Felix smiled faintly, "But, I have managed to pull through."

Knowing that Felix must be feeling extreme guilt for the incident, Malak decided to switch the subject.

"You know, I have been acting as your spokesperson in the Federation's Council to make sure that no one would dare pull a fast one by taking advantage of the situation." Malak stated.

"Good work."

Felix was satisfied with her efforts as he knew that many vultures in the council would have taken the chance to bury down the solar system after the destruction of Earth.

It was clear that Malak must have backed Mars' idea heavily and made sure that everyone know that it was Felix's desire.

"Also, your new spaceship has been built last month and waiting for delivery." Malak added.

"Better late than never." Felix's eyelids twitched as he requested her to send it to the moon, where he would be staying for a while.

He had spent over ten trillion coins on this spaceship and he geared it up so hard for the war.

Unfortunately, he didn't expect that it would take this much...


One week later...

A vast graveyard could be seen built on the barren and desolate surface of the moon. There were hundreds of rows of simple monuments standing out against the stark lunar surface.

The graves were covered in moondust with only the names or symbols etched onto them as indications of the individuals who once lived.

Although thousands of visiting people were seen in this graveyard, the atmosphere was just as cold as outer space...

Felix could be seen standing with a solemn and a bit depressed expression in front of a grave. He was holding a bouquet of flowers and wearing a hoodie to hide his identity.

The grave's monument had this writing on it:

Beloved husband, father, grandfather, and friend Robert Maxwell, January 1, 1940 - December 15, 2043. Rest in peace, you will forever be remembered...

Felix had been staring at the name for over half an hour now and he had yet to say a single word. The billions of graves around him made his heart so heavy, he just couldn't utter one out...

Soon, he reached out to his AP bracelet and opened his inbox, which had his grandfather's last email pinned at the top.

It was still marked as unread...When Felix first found out about the email and the date it was sent, he felt like a sledgehammer had crashed into his chest.

That's because it was sent on the day he ignored his grandfather's last call...

No matter how much he tried, he didn't have the courage to open it and read it, knowing that it was the last spoken words by his grandfather.

'Felix, I think it's time.' Asna pushed him with a soft tone, 'You are already here and it's best to give yourself a small closure.'

She knew that Felix would never feel closure in his heart about the death of his grandfather, the earthlings, and his home unless he either revived them or avenged their death.

Still, having a small closure would help him in his journey in the long run.

'You're right...If I don't open it now, it will be forever closed.' Felix knew that there wouldn't be an any better time to read his grandfather's last words than this.

So, with a deep breath under his spacesuit, Felix clicked on it and began reading it silently.

//Subject: You've Got This!

My Dear Little Rascal,

I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to reach out and remind you how amazing and strong you are. I know life can be tough at times, but I believe in you and your abilities. You have overcome so many obstacles in the past and this war is just one of them.

I don't know many details about what prompted to start this war but I know that my grandson never does anything without a reason no matter how small or big it is.

So, remember that you are not alone. You have a support system of friends and family who believe in you, and most importantly, you have yourself.

When this war ends, take some time for self-care, and don't be too hard on yourself. You've accomplished so much already, and you will continue to do so. Just keep pushing forward, one step at a time.

If you ever feel cornered, just remember that I am always by your side no matter how long the distance that separated us.

Best regards, Robert Maxwell.

PS: If you keep ghosting me, I swear to god I will track you down and give you your usual special lesson with my belt!//

By the time Felix finished reading it, he didn't realize that he was smiling from ear to ear while having a single tear fall down his cheek.

This email was all that Felix ever needed to have his small closure.

The fact that his grandfather had assured him that he would always be by his side made Felix feel like he had not lost his grandfather at all.

"Thank you for everything...You were my grandfather, father, and best friend. As long as I live, I will make sure that our family's legacy will keep being remembered until the day the universe ceases to exist."

Felix promised with a soft smile but had a burning resolve in his eyes as he bent down and finally placed the bouquet of flowers on top of the momentum.

Then, he walked away with his head lowered, casting a black shadow on the outside which hid his face.

He knew that he could teleport outside of the graveyard, he knew that he could ask Candace to take him away...But, Felix just kept walking through the rows of graves of the fallen.

His head might be down, but his eyes kept moving from one grave to another.

'Ava Rodriguez, Ethan Chen, Mia Kim, Liam Gonzalez, Ella Davis, Noah Patel, Sophia Martinez, Jackson Lee, Isabella Davis...'

He walked, walked, and walked...By the time he reached the crowded graveyard's gate, Felix had burned in his memory thousands of names.

It might be a mere drop in the ocean when it came to the number of casualties, but Felix still memorized them for one purpose.

'The day I slay those three darkins dogs is the day they will forever know your names.' Felix uttered coldly while stepping outside of the graveyard and disappearing through a void rift, not looking back even once.

Today he made two promises and Felix planned on making them come through regardless of what it took!

'Felix, I have reached out to Lord Osiris and explained the situation to him. He is requesting your attendance.' Lady Sphinx informed.

'That's better than a straight-out rejection.' Felix took a deep breath to ease his emotions, knowing that a lot of stakes were placed in this meeting.