Supremacy Games-Chapter 1171 Elemental Lord Osiris’ Favor.

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Chapter 1171 Elemental Lord Osiris’ Favor.

Although Lord Osiris owed a favor to him, this was the first time Felix was going to meet him face to face...So, he was a bit nervous.

'When is the meeting?'

'Right now preferably.' Lady Sphinx answered while sending him the invitation link.


After keeping some distance from Earth, which now resembled a smooth icy blue marble, Felix beamed his spaceship and entered it. Then, he logged in to the UVR and accepted the invitation link.

The moment Felix opened his eyes, he found himself standing in the middle of a desolate living room that seemed to be abandoned.

The furniture was old and outdated, with ripped upholstery. Cobwebs covered the corners of the room while the curtains were torn and faded, letting in just enough light to show how desolate the room really was.

The air was musty and stagnant, carrying the scent of neglect...The floorboards creaked with a bit of weight put on them.

Yet, the most creepy about this entire living room was the fact that everything in it was black and white like it was taken from a fifties horror movie.

With Lord Osiris' matching gloomy skin and clothes matching gloomy, he fit right in this unpleasant environment.

"Sit." Lord Osiris commanded expressionlessly as he eyed Felix.

"Thank you." Felix bowed his head in appreciation and took a seat next to Lady Sphinx, who was already waiting for him here.

"Your master has informed me that you seek Lord Zurvan's powers to revive your people." Before Felix could nod in agreement, Lord Osiris added with a straightforward look, "If it's for this, I will save you the trouble, and tell you right now that you should drop this thought."


"While Lord Quetzalcoatl has no issues with using his powers to tamper with the life and death cycle in the universe, I and Lord Zurvan are the opposite." Lord Osiris stated indifferently, "Lord Zurvan will never be persuaded to use his powers to revive even a fly."

"It can't be..."

Felix was taken aback as he didn't expect for Lord Osiris to destroy his hopes before he could even embark on his journey...As much as he wanted to disbelieve Lord Osiris, he knew that he had no reason to lie to him.

Still, Felix wasn't planning on letting go of this mission.

"Why not?"

"Why do it?" Lord Osiris decided to entertain Felix, "For us elemental lords, our powers have serious aftermath involved. While the laws' guardians have the universe to keep them in check, we have no one. So, if we decided to use our powers, when does it really end?"


Felix wanted to retort but found out that he had nothing!

He completely understood Lord Osiris's point of view and realized that it took great discipline for such beings to keep their powers to themselves and just become mere spectators.

Felix knew that if he said that it wasn't a problem if the powers were used for good, he would be asked to define 'good'.

Was it reviving his people? There was nothing good about that as it was a mere selfish request meant to help Felix return his loved ones and erase the consequences of his errors.

Sure, reviving the forty billion lives could be considered a good deed since they suffered the consequences of another individual.

However, it had nothing to do with either Lord Osiris or Lord Zurvan.

In their eyes, their death was the same as the rest of the billions of people dying on daily basis around the universe.

The only difference between those two sides was that Felix came out to request for one side to be revived and the others were unlucky.

If Lord Osiris and Lord Zurvan decided to fulfill Felix's request, what guilt the other people had committed for not receiving the same treatment?

So, to avoid playing god with everyone's lives, most elemental lords decided to wash their hands clean out of anything on going in the universe, leaving things in the hands of fate and destiny.

"I...Sigh, I already understand that it's an impossible task that is doomed to fail, but I still plan on going for it." Felix smiled bitterly, "If I was rejected by Lord Zurvan, then so be it. But, at least I wouldn't have given up midway."

"I have given you my advice and if you are still hell-bent on wasting your favor, I won't stop you." Lord Osiris remarked expressionlessly.

"Does this mean you can get us inside the Elementals Galaxy?" Felix's eyes brightened up a bit.

"It depends on Lord Zurvan's authority on Foremother Siamese." Lord Osiris shared, "He owes me an old favor and I will see if it's possible to use it to grant you an entry."

"I feel like I am taking advantage of you..." Felix said with a hesitant look.

'You are most definitely taking advantage of him.' Thor affirmed before Lord Osiris could respond.

All the tenants knew that it was close to impossible to owe Lord Zurvan a favor due to his inaccessibility.

Yet, Lord Osiris was planning on wasting it for the sake of fulfilling Felix's favor!

"A favor is a favor." Lord Osiris replied calmly.

Fortunately for Felix, Lord Osiris refused to put a value on favors and treated them the same whether they came from a mortal or a god.

"I am reaching out to him." Lord Osiris said, "You can leave if you want, I will tell you of the results later."

"We would like to stay." Lady Sphinx shook her head politely.

"As you wish, this might take a while." Lord Osiris noted with the same flat tone. Then, there was a deafening silence as no one spoke again for the next ten minutes.

'How is he going to contact Lord Zurvan?' Felix asked the tenants to spend time, 'The Elementals Galaxy has no connection to the UVR and I doubt Lord Osiris's real body is situated there.'

Felix's confusion was in place as knew that even primogenitors weren't that godly to communicate with each other across the entire universe without the help of the network, consciousness links, or something like this.

If it wasn't for this, it wouldn't have been an impossible task to seek out Lord Zurvan and they would have done it on their own.

'Lord Osiris is special in this department.' Lady Sphinx answered him, 'After creating his ultimate ability, The Death Note, every single being with a name has his soul connected with a string to Lord Osiris.'

'So fearsome...' Felix felt chills course on his spine at the thought of having his life literally at the fingertips of Lord Osiris!

He already knew about this when he first heard about The Death Note, but he manually decided to forget about it for the sake of his sanity as it didn't feel good to know that his life could be ended in the blink of an eye anytime and anywhere.

Such god-like powers were truly destructive if abused.

'Lord Osiris can use those strings to connect with anyone's soul and communicate with the owner regardless of the distance.' Lady Sphinx added.

'Wait, even primogenitors have their souls connected to the Death Note?' Felix's eyes widened in disbelief, 'Doesn't that mean he can kill even elemental lords if he wanted?'

'Well, of course.' Lady Sphinx replied calmly, 'That's what makes him considered as the most fearsome primogenitor of us all...He can end all lives below primogenitors' status in this universe if he desired.'

'Dear lord...No wonder you guys refer to him as the Grimreaper...' Felix didn't know if he should feel scared or awed that Lord Osiris could even affect primogenitors.

'Obviously, killing us isn't the same as killing mortals.' Elder Kraken explained, 'Souls' strength translates to the toughness of the death string connecting us with Lord Osiris. So, if he is going to cut it, it won't be easy in the slightest and he will most definitely suffer from a horrible aftermath.'

'That makes more sense.'

Just as Felix was about to add something, Lord Osiris interjected, "I have spoken to him. He said that he allows you entry and you can also bring your companions if you desired."

"Huh? It's already done and I can even bring companions?" Felix was left utterly speechless, "How is it so easy?"