Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 1412 - The savage master-servant pair (2)

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Chapter 1412: The savage master-servant pair (2)

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“Hahaha! Big sister, although the spiritual Qi in the divine world is not suitable for the cultivation of deities, you are different. This spiritual Qi will not have any effect on you, so you can cultivate without worry!” Qing Jue smiled and said.

“I don’t want to attract too much attention. It’s better to keep a low profile. ” Leng ruoxue said in disagreement.

“Sister, this is the yin residence, the old man’s territory. The spiritual Qi here has actually been purified by him a long time ago. Although it’s not as good as the spiritual Qi in the Supreme God’s world, it’s definitely much gentler than the spiritual Qi outside. If you cultivate here, you shouldn’t arouse the old man’s suspicion.” Qing Jue said after thinking.

“Green vessel, this is the divine realm after all. We have to be careful. Moreover, even though the spiritual energy here is gentler than the outside world, it’s still different from the divine mainland. I’d rather be careful than take any risks.” Leng ruoxue sighed softly. The reason why the old man from the yin family had brought her to the divinity was still unknown. Hence, she had no choice but to be on high alert and deal with it carefully.

“What big sister said makes sense.” Qing Jue nodded, but he really did not want to see his sister so depressed. Sigh! His sister used to be so energetic! Now that he was trapped here, he hated the fact that his strength was too low. If he could recover his strength to its peak, it would be a piece of cake to take his sister away from here. But now, all he could do was to chat with his sister. Unfortunately, Feng Da and the others, as well as most of the beasts, were in seclusion. Otherwise, he could have thought of a good way to save his sister and leave this place.

“Mother! I’ll go out and accompany you!” At this moment, Huo’ er’s tender voice rang out in Leng ruoxue’s heart.

“No! Huo’ er, this is the divine realm. You will be in danger if you are discovered. ” Leng ruoxue rejected him without even thinking.

“Woman, I’ll go accompany you! If anyone dares to bully you, I’ll bite him!” Lil “fire also said.

“I wonder if your poison is effective against the people of the divine realm?” Leng ruoxue asked curiously.

Ever since they left the Haotian continent, xiaohuo had been staying in the bracelet and rarely came out. Moreover, xiaohuo didn’t need to go into seclusion. It just played with the elves every day. Now that it wanted to come out, it must be a little bored, she couldn’t help but think to herself.

“I don’t know. Why don’t we take this opportunity to try it out?” Lil “fire said somewhat excitedly. Godly man! It hadn’t bitten him yet! I’m looking forward to it!

“Alright,” he said. Leng ruoxue was very curious as well. Then, with a thought, she moved xiaohuo out of the bangle. After xiaohuo came out, it automatically wrapped itself around Leng ruoxue’s wrist and continued to act as her bangle.

Grape and lotus seed, who had been standing by Leng ruoxue’s side, were startled by the sudden appearance of the little red snake. Just as they were about to make a move, they saw the little snake coiling around Leng ruoxue’s wrist in a familiar manner. It was only then that they realized that this snake must be miss Leng’s Beastie. Only then did their hearts relax. Otherwise, if miss Leng were to be bitten by a snake in front of their eyes, the family head would definitely punish them severely. They could not afford to bear such a responsibility!

Xiaohuo sensed the gazes of the two maidservants and its bright eyes looked at them with slight disdain. Then, it buried its small head under its body and went to sleep.

Ugh! The maidservant felt the little red snake’s thick disdain, and her heart was really filled with mixed feelings. The two of them couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts. As expected of miss Leng’s Beastie! Miss Leng looked down on their Yin family, and this little red snake looked down on the two of them. Sob … They felt inferior in their hearts.


However, in order not to disturb Leng ruoxue’s rest, the two of them suppressed the inferiority in their hearts. Neither of them spoke, and the atmosphere slowly calmed down.

After an unknown period of time, Leng ruoxue, who was half-asleep, was suddenly awoken by the noise outside the courtyard. She opened her beautiful eyes with slight displeasure and looked at grape who was still guarding by her side. “What’s going on outside? why is it so noisy?”

“Miss …” Grape wanted to say something but stopped. He seemed to have difficulty saying it.

“If you have something to say, just say it. Don’t hesitate.” Leng ruoxue ordered.

“Miss, miss LAN is here. She wants to come in, but lotus seed has already gone out to block her.” Grape replied. Although they had not known miss Leng for a long time, they all knew that Leng ruoxue did not like to be disturbed. So, as a maidservant, they naturally had to shield her from trouble. However, this miss LAN was a little troublesome, and they were afraid that lotus seed could not stop her.

“Who is miss LAN? Is she a young lady from the direct line of descent of your Yin family?” Leng ruoxue asked, puzzled. From grape’s tone, this miss LAN seemed to be in trouble!

“No, miss LAN is the niece of the First Lady of the yin family. She’s the young master’s younger cousin and often comes to our Yin family as a guest. This Mingxi garden is the best guest room in our Yin family. Miss LAN always stays here every time she comes. However, the master has now let you stay here, so miss LAN seems to be a little dissatisfied.” Grape explained softly.

“Oh!” Leng ruoxue nodded her head lightly, indicating that she understood. However, she didn’t mind. Not to mention that she wasn’t a young lady of the yin family’s direct line of descent, she wasn’t even afraid of a young lady of the yin family’s direct line of descent. It was best if those young ladies or whatever didn’t come and provoke her. Otherwise, she would definitely make that old man’s heart ache. The prerequisite was that the old man had to care about his juniors.

“You can’t go in. Miss Leng is resting!” At this time, lotus seed’s voice came from outside the courtyard, followed by a ‘Bang Bang!’. Immediately after, dozens of people escorted a country-toppling beauty into the room.

This beauty had a beautiful face and an enchanting figure. She was dressed in a fiery red dress, which made her even more beautiful and intimidating. No one dared to look at her directly. Moreover, this Beauty’s strength wasn’t low. She was a god tier master.

Needless to say, this beauty was miss LAN. However, the brutal aura on her body had destroyed her original beauty, greatly reducing her beauty.

As soon as miss LAN entered the courtyard, she saw Leng ruoxue lying on a reclining chair. Immediately, a strong wave of jealousy gushed into her heart. She had never thought that there would be such a peerless beauty hidden in Mingxi garden. The Beauty’s pure and flawless beauty made her, a woman, feel deeply threatened. So, at first sight, she could not like Leng ruoxue, not to mention that Leng ruoxue had occupied the courtyard she lived in.

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