Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 1413 - The savage master and servant (3)

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Chapter 1413: The savage master and servant (3)

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“This is my courtyard. Move out.” Miss LAN looked at Leng ruoxue with disdain and ordered aggressively. She even raised her chin high to show her noble birth.

“Are you giving me an order?” Leng ruoxue lifted her beautiful eyes and asked in amusement. Wasn’t this Biao young lady a little too self-righteous? What did she think this place was? AI! She was quite a beauty, but her temper was too unlikable, and her lines seemed a little familiar.

“That’s right! Quickly move out, so you don’t have to suffer. ” Miss LAN smiled and reminded him.

“You still plan to use force?” Leng ruoxue was even happier. She was just bored! Since someone took the initiative to come to her door, then she didn’t need to be polite. This miss LAN has the strength of a god tier master. I don’t know if she can take a beating, but don’t disappoint her! Not only was she happy, even xiaohuo, who was still wrapped around her wrist, couldn’t help but secretly wagged its tail excitedly. Leng ruoxue quickly used her sleeve to shield xiaohuo.

“Hmph! If you’re tactful, I don’t want to be rough with a beauty like you. ” Miss LAN said through gritted teeth.

Seeing how miss LAN was gritting her teeth, Leng ruoxue was not stupid enough to believe that this woman would not resort to violence against her. She just did not care.

“This is miss Leng’s residence. Miss LAN, please do not disturb her rest.” Lotus seed’s voice traveled into everyone’s ears. Following that, Leng ruoxue saw her stumble and run in from outside in a sorry state. Her body and face were injured. Seeing this, Leng ruoxue narrowed her beautiful eyes. Was lotus seed beaten up? To dare to hit the yin family’s maidservant in the yin family, this miss LAN was really not the typical kind of overbearing! Hehe! She was most interested in dealing with this kind of woman. However, the sense of accomplishment in dealing with this kind of woman was much lower than dealing with those women who looked weak on the outside but had a strong and vicious heart.

However, she was unfamiliar with the divine realm, so she couldn’t just randomly pick people, so she just had to make do!

“Get out! You have no right to speak here!” Miss Lan’s maidservant scolded after seeing lotus seed.

“If she doesn’t have the right to speak here, do you think you have the right to speak?” Leng ruoxue laughed. They were all maidservants, but everyone’s status was similar. Could it be that one’s status was higher than the other? Moreover, he didn’t know if this miss LAN was a young lady from one of the eight great divine regions. If she wasn ‘t, then what right did her maidservant have to shout here? After all, this was the yin residence.

“You dare to talk to me like this?” When the maidservant heard Leng ruoxue’s words, she roared in anger.

“You’re just a maidservant, how dare you speak to me like this?” Leng ruoxue returned the words back to her and smiled at miss LAN,””Miss Lan’s maidservant has such a good upbringing. I wonder how she was trained?”

“You shut up!” Hearing the ridicule in Leng ruoxue’s words, miss LAN said to the maidservant beside her in anger.

“Yes.” Her young miss’s reprimand made the maidservant obediently shut her mouth.

Then, miss LAN said to Leng ruoxue arrogantly,””Please move out of this place immediately. This is my place.”


“Your place? Wasn’t this the yin family’s place? How did it become your place?” Leng ruoxue’s beautiful face was filled with question marks.

“Hmph! I’m my cousin’s fiancée, and my cousin is the young master of the yin family. In the future, wouldn’t everything in the yin family be mine?” Miss LAN said proudly.

“Oh! So that’s how it is!” Leng ruoxue finally understood. No wonder this young lady Biao dared to be so overbearing in the yin family! So it was because she was older brother Yin’s fiancée! However, she didn’t think that someone as transparent as older brother Yin would marry such an unruly and overbearing woman. Wasn’t it too early for this woman to be pleased with herself? If her words were to be heard by the people in the yin family, they would probably gossip about big brother Yin’s young master!

“Since you know my identity, then quickly move out of this place!” Miss LAN thought that Leng ruoxue was afraid, so she spoke frankly.

“I didn’t know your identity! I only know that you’re the younger cousin of the yin family’s young master. However, it doesn’t seem like the young master has the final say in the yin family now. What position do you want to place the yin family’s young master in?” Leng ruoxue asked with a cold smile.

“You, don’t slander me! If I tell uncle, he won’t let you off. ” Leng ruoxue’s words made miss LAN feel a little embarrassed and angry. She knew that what she said earlier was a little inappropriate. Furthermore, she had only said those words to scare the woman in front of her. However, who knew that not only was she not afraid, she had even used them to threaten her. This made her feel at a loss. Because if these words were to spread, it would definitely cause trouble for her cousin. Thus, she was both angry and afraid.

“Did I say anything?” Leng ruoxue found it a little funny. She had thought that this woman would continue to treat her with a tough attitude! Now it seemed that she was also afraid.

“You, you should move out of here immediately. I want to live here.” Miss LAN did not want to continue the previous topic with Leng ruoxue, so she repeated.

“Alright! Grape, go and ask the master. Just tell him that there’s a lady LAN who wants me to move out of here. Ask him if he’s okay with it. ” Leng ruoxue smiled as she spoke to grape, who was so angry that his face had turned green.

“Yes! Miss, I’ll go and ask now. ” Upon hearing Leng ruoxue’s words, grape hurriedly said.

However, just as she was about to leave Leng ruoxue’s side to meet the family head, she was stopped by miss LAN.

“Where are you going? No one is allowed to leave this place without my order!” Miss LAN said in an overbearing manner. The maidservants and subordinates behind her had surrounded Leng ruoxue and the other two. Each of them had a fiendish expression on their faces.

“Miss LAN, please step aside! I’m going to see the patriarch. ” Grape said coldly. She was also very angry about lotus seed’s beating. If it had been by a young lady from the direct line of the family, she would not have said anything. However, this miss LAN was clearly an outsider, yet she was flaunting her power in the yin family. How could she swallow this insult? however, if it was not for Leng ruoxue’s support, she would not have dared to be so unyielding in front of miss LAN.

“You’re just a little servant girl. Do you think Grandpa master will see you?” Miss Lan’s face was full of ridicule. Even she didn’t have the chance to see the head of the yin family, so she didn’t think that this servant girl would be able to see him. It should be known that the head of the yin family was not an ordinary family. Even her uncle, the head of the yin family’s head, probably didn’t have many chances to see the head of the family, let alone a servant girl.

“Whether or not we meet her is our Yin family’s business. Miss LAN is not a member of the yin family, so we don’t need you to worry about it.” Grape said in an unpleasant tone.

“How audacious! You dare to talk to me like this, you really have no manners. Is this the maidservant you taught?” Miss LAN pointed at the grapes and questioned Leng ruoxue.

“She has nothing to do with me. She’s the yin family’s maidservant. She was trained by the yin family. I’m the same as you, just a guest of the yin family.” Leng ruoxue chuckled. She should be considered a guest, right? She would not treat herself as a prisoner of the yin family.

“If that’s the case, then all the more reason for you to move. This is my residence.” When miss LAN heard Leng ruoxue’s words, she was overjoyed. Since this woman was not a member of the yin family, she had no right to fight with her!

“I’m sorry. Master Yin arranged for me to stay here. If you want me to move out, you have to get his permission first. Without his permission, I can’t leave this courtyard at will.” Leng ruoxue said honestly.

“How is this possible? Do you think I’m that easy to fool? Don’t think that I’ll be afraid of you just because you’re using the family head to pressure me! Men! Chase the three of them out of this place!” Miss LAN ordered.

When her maidservants and subordinates heard their young lady’s orders, they naturally did their best to carry them out. However, as maidservants assigned to Leng ruoxue by the head butler, it was impossible for grape and lotus seed to watch Leng ruoxue being driven out of Mingxi garden. The two of them exchanged a look, and lotus seed quietly left the encirclement of miss Lan’s subordinates. She wanted to go and report, but she had only taken two steps when her actions were discovered by miss Lan’s maidservants.

“Catch her! Don’t let her find the messenger!” The maidservant quickly shouted.

Miss Lan’s two subordinates heard the maidservant’s words and realized lotus seed’s intention. They quickly took big steps and grabbed lotus seed back like they were holding a chicken.

“Release me! This is the yin residence, and you can’t be so presumptuous! The head of the family will not let you off!” Lotus seed’s hands were bound by miss Lan’s subordinates, so she could only use her feet to kick the two people who were holding her. However, her fancy fists and fancy kicks obviously had no effect on her tall and strong subordinates.

At this moment, Leng ruoxue slowly stood up from the reclining chair. Looking at lotus seed, whose hair was in a mess and who was in a sorry state, she said coldly,””Release her!” These people were really too bold. They dared to make a move on the yin family’s maidservants in the yin family. They were really lawless. She didn’t know how that old man allowed them to be so Savage! If it was her! He would definitely chase them all out and forbid them from coming to his house in the future.

After all, in her opinion, as a guest, she had to act like a guest. She would never allow such a thing as a guest bullying the host to happen in front of her. Moreover, these people had bullied her. If she did not react at all, it would only make them think that she was afraid. This was not her character!

“Miss, don’t worry about me! They won’t dare to do anything to me. ” When lotus seed heard Leng ruoxue’s words, she was touched and hurriedly replied. She did not wish for Leng ruoxue to get into a conflict with lady LAN and the others because of her. After all, the lady’s strength was too low. Although she was brought back by the family head, distant water could not quench present thirst. The family head was not here now, so naturally, he could not help them.

“Pa!” As soon as lotus seed finished speaking, she was slapped on her beautiful face. Half of her face instantly swelled up. The person who slapped her was the maidservant beside miss LAN.

Miss Lan’s maidservant looked at lotus seed with disdain and said,””Who allowed you to speak? Shut your mouth!”

“This is the yin residence!” Lotus seed reminded him with a cold smile.

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