Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 972 - The Depressed Yao Family (4)  

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Chapter 972: The Depressed Yao Family (4)

However, someone walked a little slower and was pulled into the bushes by Feng Da. This person was none other than Number One.

“What… what do you want!” Number One looked at the two people in front of him and clenched his clothes tightly in fear. His body trembled like a fallen leaf in the wind.

“We don’t want to do anything. We just want to understand the situation from you. Don’t be afraid!” Feng Da comforted him with a smile.

F*ck, he scared this guy. He made it seem like they were going to do something to him.

“I don’t know anything. Don’t ask me.” Number One was very afraid. In fact, he knew what the two people in front of him wanted to ask, but they had all been warned not to tell anyone about this!

“Okay! Okay! We won’t ask. Then tell us yourself, okay?” Feng Da coaxed as if he was coaxing a child.

“I can’t talk about it. Don’t make me do it,” begged Number One. Boohoo… Why was he so unlucky? Why was he the one being pulled?

“Then say whatever you can,” Feng Da said with a look that said, We won’t force you.

“Really?” Number One sounded skeptical, and she wondered to herself if they could be so kind.

“Of course it’s true. It’s definitely more real than pearls.” Feng Da patted his chest and promised.

After hearing Feng Da’s guarantee, Number One did not completely believe him. Then, he turned his gaze to Lin Yuan, who had not said a word. His meaning was self-evident.

“I promise not to force you, either,” Lin Yuan said grudgingly.

“Then I can only say a little! After that, you have to let me leave.” Number One started giving out his conditions.

“Yes, yes.” Feng Da and Lin Yuan nodded in unison. They thought to themselves, It’s up to us to decide if we want to finish talking! Hehe! This stupid Little Red Riding Hood has fallen for their tricks!

“Yes, yes.” Feng Da and Lin Yuan nodded in unison. They thought to themselves, It’s up to us to decide if we want to finish talking! Hehe! This stupid Little Red Riding Hood has fallen for their tricks!

However, perhaps because he was too excited or because he had found someone to talk to, Number One, who had been shy, became more and more agitated. In the end, he simply let go completely and spat out everything he knew, including this one.

What was more, he had secretly recorded what had happened with a memory crystal. He had wanted to use it when he was depressed, but without realizing it, he had willingly handed it over to Feng Da.

Naturally, Feng Da would not take away someone else’s favor. After making a copy of the information recorded on the crystal, he returned it to Number One. He even kindly reminded him to be careful and not be discovered. His words actually moved Number One to tears and she almost cried.

After obtaining the information he wanted, Feng Da knocked Number One out and fed him a pill before leaving with Lin Yuan.

When they returned to the tent, Cheng Wu and the others were waiting for them.

“Well? Did you get it out of him?” Cheng Wu asked curiously.

“Hehe! Of course!” Feng Da said proudly.

“Not only that! That guy even confessed to eight generations of HIS ancestors,” Lin Yuan said speechlessly. In the end, the guy was extremely cooperative. He answered whatever they asked unless he didn’t know.

“Ha-ha! That boy’s got some sense,” said Song Di with satisfaction.

“Oh, right, take a look! It’s exciting,” Feng Da said with a wicked smile. He and Lin Yuan had already seen the information on it and almost laughed out loud.

“Okay.” Everyone took the memory crystal and passed it around. After reading it, Cheng Wu, who was laughing the most exaggeratedly, fell to the ground.

“Hehe! This memory crystal is really a good thing! Unfortunately, only the God Realm has it.” After laughing enough, Cheng Wu said with a regretful expression.

“There are very few memory crystal mines in the God Realm, so ordinary families can’t afford such luxury goods,” Leng Ruoxue explained with a faint smile. The memory crystal in Feng Da’s hand was given to them by their ancestor! It was said to be a reward for his refining.

“Miss, it would be great if Ball ball woke up. That way, it can help us find the crystal mine,” Feng Da said expectantly.

“Yes, but both Baby and it have been sleeping for a long time. They should be waking up soon!” Leng Ruoxue guessed secretly. She didn’t know what changes the two little things would have after waking up this time. She was looking forward to it.

“Miss, I heard from that guy that the Yao family’s uncle wants to kill us all. Should we inform the other teams?” Feng Da asked.

“Of course. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be a loss if only we knew? Our show isn’t that good.” Leng Ruoxue chuckled.

“Then I’ll go find them now,” said Feng Da. After saying that, he turned around and prepared to leave the tent.

“Tell them tomorrow! It doesn’t matter. The Yao family won’t arrive so soon. Everyone should rest early today!” Leng Ruoxue said and brought everyone into the bracelet…

The next day.

When Feng Da, Lin Yuan, Cheng Wu, and Song Di each went to the teams to tell them about this, the leaders of the two teams immediately turned pale with fear.

“What… what should we do? We can’t afford to offend the Yao family. Why don’t we leave Phoenix Cry Mountain quickly? It’s all your fault. If you hadn’t provoked the Yao family, we wouldn’t have been killed!” One of the leaders said incoherently. He was so anxious that he kept spinning on the ground.

“Look at you. Why were you so enthusiastic when you were watching the show? Now that you’re in trouble, you want to be a coward? Hmph! No way,” Feng Da said with disdain.

“Then what do you want? We’re just a small family. The Yao family really can’t afford to provoke us!” The leader cried.

“I’ll give you two choices. One is to die immediately without waiting for the Yao family to come. I’ll send you on your way now. The other is to join forces with us to deal with the Yao family. Choose!” Feng Da said coldly. In fact, they did not care about the lives of these teams at all. It was not necessary to join forces with these people. The reason why they dragged these teams into the water was because they did not want these people to betray them.

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