Supreme Magus-Chapter 2166 More Than Meets The Eyes (Part 2)

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Lith could now understand the secrecy behind his summon to the capital and what the plan to infiltrate the Golden Griffon entailed. Yet there were still some questions that needed answers.

"Then why are you even here?" His words made more than one brow furrow and the Royals once again question his loyalty. "Why are you putting yourself in such danger?"

"Because I've seen the horrors of Thrud's workings." Kalla replied. "Because I know that if the Golden Griffon isn't destroyed, her forces will conquer the lands above the ground and then those below.

"I'm putting my life at stake because I don't want this war to ravage the Empire nor the Eclipsed Lands that now I consider my adoptive homeland. Also, it's quite hypocritical of you to question my decision, Scourge.

"I'm just doing for the first time what you've been doing ever since we met in the White Griffon's forest. Risking my life for people I don't care about and fighting for an ungrateful country."

,m The Wight made everyone present flinch.

Lith, Kamila, and Solus because it was exactly what the Void had accused Lith of doing just two days back. The others because they realized that Kalla was right. Lith had no real obligation toward them.

He had often put his life on the line for the Kingdom, but he only fought for his family.

"We are aware that the Eyes are a teaching tool, Lady Kalla. If only you entrusted them to any of us, we would gladly take your place and spare you the danger of the Golden Griffon." Inxialot said while giving her a deep bow.

"Yeah, right, and then I would never see them again!" Kalla snorted. "I'm the reason they have dragged you here, Scourge, and I apologize for that. You are the only Abomination who I trust with my life."


"Only undead and Abominations can get inside the Golden Griffon safely. Yet regular Abominations would be immediately spotted due to their Chaos ravaging the cloaking rings and the floors of the lost academy.

"Undead, instead, have too many limitations. Even Baba Yaga's Firstborns like Vladion have their strength reduced during the day. You, instead, have your body made of darkness, have full control over it, and no weakness.

"More importantly, if I brought an Eldritch or a Lich with me, I'm afraid that I would have an 'accident' on our way back from the Golden Griffon and the Eyes would change hands." Kalla glared at the Lich King and the Shadow Dragon.

'Also, by combining the Eyes of Menadion with the Eyes of Solus, the time required to scan even a complex power core like that of an academy would greatly shorten.' Lith thought. 'Kalla has set up everything so to give me plausible deniability while also maximizing the odds of success.

'Once we are inside the Golden Griffon, Vladion can be our heavy hitter thanks to his full red blood core while I can cover them under direct sunlight and ensure them safe passage once the mission is over.'

"Not disrespect to Lord Vladion, Lady Kalla, but what makes you sure that he won't do what you are accusing the Kingdom of?" Sylpha said with an amiable voice. "I'm willing to offer you lands, riches, and even a position in the Royal Court if you agree on moving back to the Kingdom."

"The Queen is right." Feela had a warm motherly smile that gave Lith the creeps. "The Beast Council hereby offers you protection and everything you might ever need for your research. All we ask in exchange is for you to share Menadion's legacy."

"Yeah, right. I've seen how well that worked out for Scourge." Kalla sneered at Sylpha, making her turn pale in shame.

"After working his ass for you for years, after destroying two lost cities and gaining countless merits, your citizens didn't hesitate one second to turn against him the moment his nature as a Divine Beast was exposed.

"If that's what happens to a hero, I can easily imagine what would happen to an undead-Emperor Beast hybrid and her vampire daughter who just mind their own business. Sooner than later, we'd be hunted, persecuted, and killed."

Then, she turned toward the Council.

"As for you, you've failed my good friend Scarlett more times than I can count. I was there most of the times she called for your help and I know how slow, ineffectual, and narrow-minded you are.

"You're nothing but a joke and I don't joke on the life of my children nor on the future of my research." Once again, the Awakened Council was reminded of its many failures and shortcomings that had led them on the losing side of the War of the Griffons despite their millennia old legacies.

"Vladion, instead, knows about the Eyes ever since I got them and he never betrayed his vow of hospitality. I trust him with my life and that of my children since the Eclipsed Lands are not plagued by the plotting of the surface.

"The only people I want by my side in this mission are he and Scourge because I know they care more about me than any trinket. The same can't be said about you." Kalla had revealed the existence of the Eyes to the Royals because they had no influence in the Empire and they wouldn't risk triggering a war.

As for the Council, it meant just four people plus Xenagrosh. Nandi would cover for her from the Organization side and the representatives wouldn't share the news about the Eyes to not increase the number of their competitors.

'Between the secret of Lightkeep's position, Vladion, Baba Yaga's help, and Scarlett's array that allows undead to fight freely during the day, even if one of these morons founds me, they are in for a surprise.' The Wight thought.

Lith looked at Kamila who nodded. Then he focused on his stone ring that Solus slightly shrunk in agreement.

"I'm not letting you go alone, Kalla. The Eyes of Menadion are the only thing that can crack the power core of the Golden Griffon and put an end to the war. I'll come with you and Vladion." Lith had kept his Abomination form all along, proving his control over it to those present.

"Excellent." The Wight nodded, shapeshifting into her human form.

She had no care for the appearance but a humongous shadow bear stuck out like a sore thumb for hundreds of meters in any well-lit environment. Her huge bones rearranged themselves in a lithe frame while the darkness comprising his body turned into flesh.

She now looked like a woman in her thirties, about 1.75 meters (5'9") tall, with cold blue eyes, shoulder-length raven black hair, and who was stark naked. Vladion handed her a set of mage clothes that she wore with no rush or shame for her condition.

"Since everything is set, when do we do we leave?" Kalla asked.

"Give it an hour or two." Meron said while activating his communication amulet.

The King still looked dead tired and his greyed hair showed no sign of recovery even after being rejuvenated. Meron's breath was heavy, even talking required effort from him but he refused to stay in bed while others paid the price to save his Kingdom.


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