Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 1234 - Who’s thick-skinned

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Chapter 1234: Chapter 1247: Who’s thick-skinned

“Why? Do You Know My Mother?” Her tone softened. Although there was still some reluctance, she was no longer so overbearing. “Your mother and I are good friends.”Zhu Xianglan had been staring at Sun Yuhan’s face. “Also, these families are very special.” Sun Yuhan didn’t want to hear about this special thing, and her intuition told her that this special thing wasn’t what she wanted to hear. However, even though she didn’t want to hear it, Zhu Xianglan wanted to say it. “There is a recessive gene in the blood of the Su family, just like the dye in my family. They are all the same as old madam Su who passed away. It is very likely that they have RH Negative AB blood, which is panda blood.” Sun Yuhan’s heart was once again shaken. Her fingers that were placed on her hand were clenched into a fist. She was even sweating profusely. She extended her hand and tried to wipe something on her body from time to time. “As for the Ye family...”Zhu Xianglan stared at Sun Yuhan’s face again. This expression of hers was as though she was examining an item and was waiting for it to be sold at a low price. The members of the Ye family would undoubtedly have a good appearance. Zhu Xianglan’s voice continued to ring out. Every word was like slapping Sun Yuhan in the face. “Back then, Ye Rong was a famous young lady from a famous family in Hai City. She looked very much like Yan Huan Now. You can imagine for yourself what she looks like.”Zhu Xianglan placed the Teacup to her lips, from the corner of her eye, she also noticed the annoyance and resentment in Sun Yuhan’s eyes. Zhu Xianglan’s words were a real slap to Sun Yuhan’s face. She had an ordinary appearance and did not have a good figure. Although she secretly had a few plastic surgeries.., however, no matter how many plastic surgeries she had, it was impossible for them to be very good-looking. The plastic surgeon had already said that her bone structure was originally like that. If she wanted to have a major surgery, she would have to go through a major surgery. That would also be a very dangerous surgery. However, a surgery like this.., she still needed her relatives to sign it. Regardless of whether it was ye Jianguo or ye Chuji, it was impossible for them to let her have such a surgery. Moreover, she was afraid of pain, and she did not dare to peel off all the skin on her face. Moreover, she also did not dare to break her bones. She simply could not make this decision. Hence, her current face was still the same, no matter how exquisite her makeup was, it could not be compared to the other party’s natural appearance. Yan Huan, Hehe, who could be compared to Yan Huan? She was one of the Five Beauties in Asia, and her temperament was top-notch. This was something that was selected by others, and it was not something that Yan Huan claimed to be, not to mention Yan Huan, even Su Muran in front of her could compare her to a crevice in the ground. She was an ugly duckling, an ugly duckling that could not become beautiful at all. This could not be blamed on her. If anyone was to blame, it would be her parents. How could they give birth to such a face for her. And right now, she was putting on a fake smile, but her pair of eyes were about to tear Zhu Xiang into pieces. What kind of cultivation did Zhu Xiang Lan have? If she didn’t have any schemes, how could she marry from an ordinary family to a big family like the Su family, which had a hundred years of history, moreover, she had transformed herself into a noble lady like today. Not to mention her inner qualities, her appearance was indeed commendable. She didn’t lose out to the other noble ladies in Hai City. Therefore, how could a small Sun Yuhan be her opponent. Others were jealous of Sun Yuhan because she was ye Rong’s daughter. However, in Zhu Xianglan’s case, they knew very well whether she was ye Rong’s daughter or not. “Where was I?”Zhu Xianglan elegantly poured herself a cup of tea and placed it on the table. “Oh, that’s right.”She glanced at Sun Yuhan and suddenly covered her mouth, “I remember now. I said that the Ye family produces beauties. This is known throughout the entire sea city. The Lei family is an ancient martial arts family that has been passed down for generations. Because they have the blood of a minority, everyone is very tall. As for the Lu family...”Zhu Xianglan gently stroked the cup in her hand. “The Lu family are all military geniuses. Their IQ is higher than the average person.” “What do you mean by telling me this?”Sun Yuhan sneered. She didn’t want to hear this. If she came here to let her hear some story, she was sorry. She wasn’t in the mood. “What’s the meaning of this?”Zhu Xianglan wasn’t angry, because the one who should be angry wasn’t her, but Sun Yuhan. “Your mother is so beautiful, but you are a little ordinary?” This was really a slap in the face. “I look like my father,”Sun Yuhan said with a cold face, almost gnashing her teeth. “Is that so?”Zhu Xianglan’s sentence was meaningful. “Have you seen your father?”Zhu Xianglan asked again, “Aren’t you an orphan? Weren’t you thrown at the door of the orphanage when you were young?”This was not a secret, and many people knew it. “I don’t look like my mother, so naturally I look like my father.” Sun Yuhan pursed her lips. “Why? Who in the world says that a daughter can’t look like her father?” “There’s no such thing.”Zhu Xianglan was lazy to argue with Sun Yuhan. Sun Yuhan felt that she was wasting her time. Could it be that she, Zhu Xianglan, was not wasting her time? “What exactly are you trying to say?”Sun Yuhan lowered her voice. She could not stand Zhu Xianglan’s sarcastic tone at this moment. If you have something to say, just say it. There’s no need to beat around the bush with me. Zhu Xianglan glanced at her. “You’re going to shoot a new drama.” “You’re well-informed.” Sun Yuhan wanted to shoot a new drama, but it was decided for now. Because the movie hadn’t started yet, very few people knew about it. “My family’s Ranran wants the characters in it,”Zhu Xianglan said calmly. It was a shame that she dared to make such a request. As expected, Sun Yuhan did not react for a long time. “You Want Your Daughter to act in my drama?”She thought that she had heard a cold joke and did not want anyone to laugh at her. “Zhu Xianglan, you are really thick-skinned.”That drama was filmed by the Ye family. Did Zhu Xianglan know how much money was invested in it? Just based on her words, she wanted a role. Did she know the Ye Family? Did Sun Yuhan have any relationship with Su Muran? If she knew him, she was the one who stole Su Muran’s man, however, she didn’t want that man now. If Su Muran wanted it, she would take it back. She really had the face to ask for a role, and she even wanted it so openly. Zhu Xianglan was naturally not angry anymore. “No matter how thick-skinned I am, I am not as thick-skinned as Miss Sun.” Sun Yuhan stood up, took her bag and was about to walk out. Talking to some people was a waste of her good mood and her time. Even if she gave her time to the dog.., she would not give it to a woman like Zhu Xianglan.

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