Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 1254

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Chapter 1254: Chapter 1267: pregnant

Suddenly, Yan Huan sat up, covered her mouth and ran to the washroom. She lay on the toilet and almost vomited her own bile. When she thought of the scene she had just seen, she felt nauseous again and retched for a long time. When she came out of the washroom, it was as if she had been fished out of the water, even her legs were dragged forward without any strength. Finally, she moved to the side of the bed and panted heavily. She did not dare to sleep anymore. During the day, she peeked at Lu Jin from time to time. Although Lu Jin did not like to smile, he always gave all the smiles to Ye Shuyun. As for people like them.., they were extra members of the family to begin with. Why would he still smile? She wanted to see if he would give her an extra face. She lowered her head and continued to eat. However, when she recalled the scenes she saw in her dream, she could not help but cover her mouth and run over to the Memorial Hall. Ye Shuyun looked at Yan Huan strangely. “It can’t be that she’s pregnant, right?” Qin Xiaoyue’s face turned black. Pregnant? What was there to be pregnant about? Her son had been away for more than five months. The last time he came back, he didn’t touch her. How could he be pregnant? Where did he find this wild man? How many green hats did this woman give her son. Qin Xiaoyue threw her chopsticks on the ground. Her face turned extremely black. “Dad, Mom, I’m back.”Lu Yi happened to come back from the outside. He changed his shoes and walked over to sit down. “Sit down and eat,”ye Shuyun quickly greeted her son and asked him to sit down. Then, she personally scooped up a bowl of rice for him. “Thank you, Mom.”Lu Yi took the chopsticks and started eating. He didn’t touch much of the food on the table. Even the chicken, duck, and fish were all placed there. He didn’t touch those things too much, ye Shuyun and Lu Jin didn’t like it too much either. They felt that it was too greasy, so they ate less. And these things usually went into Qin Xiaoyue’s stomach. As a result, Qin Xiaoyue had developed laterally in the past few years. But today was strange. Why didn’t that person come back to eat? Or did he change his temper and change from eating meat to eating vegetarian. “Mom, aren’t they at home?” Lu Yi asked unintentionally. He knew how to eat his own food if he continued eating. No matter who it was, it had nothing to do with him “They were just here.” Ye Shuyun looked at the place where the second room was. “Yan Huan seems to be pregnant. Your second aunt went over.” “Oh, is that so?”Lu Yi’s chopsticks paused slightly. No matter how nonchalant he was eating, it was no wonder. He had eaten so much recently and he even had to eat at night. So he was pregnant. He picked up some vegetables and placed them in his bowl. Somehow, he felt that the rice was a little bitter and tasteless. “Mom, I’m full. I’ll go back to work first.” Lu Yi put down the bowl, took his things, and returned to his room. Ye Shuyun looked at her son’s background and wanted to cry. She did not have the mood to eat anymore, “Lu Qin is still two years younger than Lu Yi. Look, his child is about to be born, but why is there no sign of our Lu Yi?” “What did Fang Zhu Say?”Lu Jin asked ye Shuyun. Yes, what did he say? They were already dating for two years. Wasn’t that enough? “He doesn’t seem to be in a rush.”Ye Shuyun had a headache about this, “If the man isn’t in a hurry, then he’ll move. But the woman isn’t in a hurry. Both of them are almost 30 years old.”It wasn’t a big deal for a man to be over 30 years old. A woman in her 80s could still have children, but a woman was already an old woman in her 30s. Not only would she have children, but even adults would be in danger. Why was she so disobedient? What if she couldn’t have children in the future, wouldn’t this cause their family line to be cut off. “Let’s Wait a little longer.”Lu Jin had no other choice, “Young people nowadays are no longer the same as we were back then. They think too much. Moreover, there are many who marry late. As for giving birth, don’t you see that the second child is already open? There are still some families in their forties that can give birth. There are still a few years left. There’s no rush.” “I know.”Ye Shuyun actually knew that there were some things that could not be forced, but now she was suffering. If Yan Huan did not suddenly act like this, how could she think so much, wasn’t this an imbalance? Wasn’t this envy? Wasn’t this just jealousy? It wasn’t just a little bit of jealousy, but she was still extremely jealous. But even if she was really jealous, it didn’t matter. His son was still not getting married or having children. What was the difference between having a girlfriend and not having one? And at this time, Yan Huan hadn’t eaten much and had vomited again. She had vomited since yesterday until now. She didn’t even have the strength to vomit anymore. She stood up and rinsed her mouth with cold water. When she came out, she heard that Qin Xiaoyue was on the phone outside. She didn’t need to eavesdrop on anything, qin Xiaoyue’s voice was so loud that it seemed like she wanted everyone to know. “Lu Qin, tell me, have you slept with that Yan Huan recently?” This question was very vulgar. Even Lu Qin on the other side was a little difficult to answer. “Mom, why are you asking these questions?”Why would a mother ask these questions? Why did she have to interfere with the bedroom affairs of her son and daughter-in-law? “Can I not ask?” Qin Xiaoyue was furious. Her son had been away for five months, and Yan Huan was still pregnant. It was obvious that he had not been pregnant for two months. She would not believe it if she said that her son had planted the seed. No wonder he had been out a lot recently. He must have gone out to steal a man. If she dared to steal a man for her, she would beat this fickle woman to death “Tell me, have you slept with her or not?”Qin Xiaoyue’s voice was even louder. Even the entire Lu family knew about it. Yan Huan clenched his hands tightly. It was the humiliation of being held in his heart. “Mom, I haven’t gone back in five months.” Lu Qin said indifferently, “It’s because I messed up with her last time. I’ve always slept in the study. Don’t you know that?” “You really didn’t?” Qin Xiaoyue asked again. “Yes, no. What Happened?” Lu Qin didn’t know what happened either. Why did Qin Xiaoyue suddenly ask about this? “What else could it be?”Qin Xiaoyue was so angry that her face turned green. “Your kind words have given you such a big cuckold. Your belly has been knocked up by others. You are going to be someone else’s cheap father!” “What did you say?”Lu Qin obviously did not believe what he had heard.

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