Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 1255

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Chapter 1255: Chapter 1268: Who’s pregnant

“What’s wrong with her? What did she do?” “What else can she do?”Qin Xiaoyue said in a bad mood, “She cheated on you. I don’t know who’s pregnant in her belly.” With a bang, the door was pushed open forcefully Yan Huan walked out and stared at Qin Xiaoyue coldly. For some reason, Qin Xiaoyue was frightened by her eyes and couldn’t speak anymore. “Who told you that I was pregnant?” Yan Huan asked Qin Xiaoyue calmly. When she was being charged with a crime, could she use her brain more? The medical science in this world was very advanced. All she did was throw up. Could it be that she was pregnant? As for whether she was pregnant or not, he asked her if she was pregnant, did she have a checkup, and whether she was pregnant, she did not even know. How did others find out? And she still had to let them slander her innocence. What did she owe Lu Qin, and what did she owe Qin Xiaoyue. Did she owe them anything? Why did she have to humiliate her like this? Qin Xiaoyue pursed her lips. “You’ve already vomited so much. Aren’t you still swollen? You’ve done such a disgusting thing, yet you still don’t admit it. You’re Shameless. Are you still afraid of being slapped in the face?” “Does vomiting mean you’re pregnant?” Yan Huan asked Qin Xiaoyue coldly again. Qin Xiaoyue snorted coldly. “This is still not pregnant. Don’t deny it just because you’re pregnant. What? Do you still want to blame my son for this?” Yan Huan put his hand on his stomach and suddenly smashed it down hard. The phone in Qin Xiaoyue’s hand fell to the ground “Sure, didn’t you say you have children? I’ll beat them out for you.” She smashed her stomach hard again. “You can do it too. Let’s see if you can beat some children out of them.” Qin Xiaoyue stood there with her mouth agape. She was not stupid, but stupid. “Do you have children?”Yan Huan asked her again. “Tell me, do you have children? Where are the children you’re talking about? Where are the Bastards You’re talking about?” At this moment, her voice was very loud, and the noise here was not small to begin with. Her voice was so loud that even the eldest brother’s family walked over. “What are you doing?”Yan Huan’s actions had also frightened ye Shuyun. How could she hit her stomach? What if she suffered a miscarriage? “First aunt is also wondering if I’m pregnant, right?” Yan Huan asked ye Shuyun. “Not necessarily. Ye Shuyun is of course very sensible. “It’s possible that she ate something bad. When she has a cold or a fever, she sometimes vomits. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s pregnant. Whether it’s true or not, she doesn’t say it with her mouth. Instead, she needs to go to the hospital for a check-up.” “First aunt also knows that she needs to go to the hospital for a check-up before she can confirm it.” Yan Huan’s smile was very evil as he approached Qin Xiaoyue. However, Qin Xiaoyue was so frightened that she took a step back. It was because Yan Huan’s expression was too scary and her gaze was as though she wanted to eat someone up. “However, my mother-in-law couldn’t wait to tell her son that I’ve cuckolded her son. I don’t Know Who’s bastard child is in my belly.” “Didn’t you say that there’s a child here?”She hit her belly again and again, “If I can really beat a dead child here, I’ll use this child to make soup for you, Mom. Then I’ll leave everything behind and get out of here. But what if there’s No Child? HMM, Mom...” This sentence of “Mom”was unusually sarcastic. It was so cold and sharp that it made Qin Xiaoyue run out directly as if she had seen a ghost. “Sorry for making a fool of myself, aunt.”Yan Huan tidied his hair, picked up Qin Xiaoyue’s phone from the ground, and threw it to the side. Ye Shuyun was truly dumbfounded. Her temper was so fierce. When she returned, Lu Jin and Lu Yi were sitting together. She hurriedly walked over and reported the current situation on the front line to the father and son. “You guys don’t know, but that Yan Huan’s temper is really fierce. Qin Xiaoyue called Lu Qin to say that Yan Huan had a child, and Yan Huan smashed his stomach in front of Qin Xiaoyue. He even said that if he really beat up a dead child, she would cook soup for Qin Xiaoyue. At that time, Qin Xiaoyue looked like she had seen a ghost, and her face was pale.” “What’s going on? How can you say such things without knowing what’s going on?”Lu Jin didn’t feel good hearing this. He was a disgrace to the Lu family. He had been righteous all his life, and he couldn’t bear to see such unreasonable things. They were here to help the family. Besides, the second brother’s family wasn’t good. Who Didn’t know their morals. “That’s right.”Ye Shuyun said with some anger, “You’re spouting nonsense before you’ve even checked. Your words are harsh and mean. This is because I don’t have a daughter. If I really do have a daughter, I’ll definitely fight to the death with anyone who dares to do this to my daughter.” This second brother’s family had indeed gone too far this time However, this was the first time she knew that Yan Huan wasn’t that soft. He could be pinched whenever he wanted. This rabbit would bite if it was anxious, let alone a living person. She could say whatever she wanted. If she were to insult an innocent person, it would be wrong. Yes, she was innocent. Perhaps everyone thought that the people in this circle were very messy. Moreover, Yan Huan was born in a movie, so naturally, her private life would not be clean, in fact, it was not. She was innocent too. Lu Qin was his first man, but now, he was pinned with such a big crime on her. He had cheated on her and even stole a child. This had practically smashed her bottom line. From the beginning to the end, Lu Yi sat at the side and did not say anything. Only his dark eyes seemed to have become even deeper. Yan Huan took the phone. Inside the phone was Lu Qin’s number. What was going on? was he here to make trouble? She placed the phone to her ear. The moment the call was connected, the voice could not be any heavier. It was so cold that it could not be any colder. “Yan Huan, are you pregnant?” “Do you think it’s possible?”Yan Huan asked Lu Qin. “How can I be pregnant? You know very well what I was like when I was with you.” Was it important for Lu Qin to not speak? wasn’t there still any repair surgery in this world? There was no first time for how many times he wanted it. “I just want to know if you’re pregnant or not.” “You can ask your mother. She knows best.”Yan Huan hung up the phone and threw the phone to the side. Then, she hugged a pillow and hugged herself tightly. She did not cry. She could not cry either. Moreover, why did she have to Cry? She had to laugh. This time, she had to let Qin Xiaoyue remember some things so that she wouldn’t push her luck in the future. She wanted to pin everything on her. The next time she did something, the best thing was to use her brain properly.

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