Tales of Herding Gods-Chapter 1686

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Chapter 1686: Chapter 1670, heavenly venerate long Xiao’s death

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By Shang Ping’s side, there were less than three divine martial guards left!

In the past few years, he had led divine martial guards to retreat as they fought. However, even though eternal peace had only sent Prince You Ming and Dragon Qilin, Dragon Qilin was publicly acknowledged as the number one heavenly teacher, loose cultivator long Shan, who controlled the Azure Sky Pillar.

With just the few divine weapons and generals left by Meng Yungui, loose cultivator long Shan had killed divine martial guards and Dragon Qilin, two of the world’s top gods and devils, to the point that they had thrown away their armor and suffered heavy casualties!

What was even more terrifying was that loose cultivator long Shan’s usage of the Dao of formations had already surpassed the number of ordinary people in the past.

Whether it was the formations of heavenly court or eternal peace, both of them had improved a lot compared to six hundred thousand years ago. The glazed Azure Heaven stronghold formation had long been broken by Yue Tingge and then by Meng Yungui, it was no longer the number one formation in the world.

However, when loose cultivator long Shan returned, he improved the formations in the glazed Azure Heaven stronghold and made them even more exquisite, making Shang Pingyin’s research completely useless!

When the first battle broke out, divine martial two guards and Shang Pingyin had already been defeated. Shang Pingyin had exhausted all his wisdom and wanted to defeat loose cultivator long shan to regain his confidence. However, that huge defeat.., had caused divine martial two guards to lose 20% of their strength in the glazed Azure Heaven stronghold formation!

Any one of the divine martial guards was comparable to an emperor who had cultivated 18 heavenly palaces, and the emperor of the 18 heavenly palaces was the bottom line of becoming a Celestial Master!

Of course, this bottom line was the former ten celestial masters, not the current ten celestial masters. Ever since Heavenly Emperor Hao ascended to the throne, the bottom line of a celestial master had been lowered to eight heavenly palaces.

After this battle, the inner demons in Shang Pingyin Dao’s heart flared up again.

He led the remnants of the divine martial guards to flee among the heavens in the southern sky, while the Dragon Qilin led Meng Yungui and the plume manifestation battalion to pursue them. From time to time, small-scale battles would break out between the two sides.

Shang Pingyin did not dare to fight head-on with the loose cultivator of dragon mountain. During his escape, he constantly sent out death squads and let the plume manifestation battalion devour them in exchange for the chance for him and the main force to escape.

Not only that, he also mobilized the divine weapons and divine generals of the southern sky, gathering the demigods and gods of the southern sky to form a new army of a million gods and demons, fighting head-on with long Shan’s loose cultivator.

However, what welcomed him was defeat!

The Army of gods and demons that he hastily organized seemed to be very large in number, but it collapsed at the touch of a finger and did not have much combat power.

Just like that, in a few years, only 20% of the divine martial guards were left. He could only flee from the various heavens in the southern sky, burning, killing, and plundering.

But on this day, the third Celestial Master, Bai Yuqiong, and the northern heavenly king, Yi Luo, finally led the army to the southern sky.

The army met up. Yi Luo and Bai Yuqiong looked at Shang Pingyin, who was already old and had white hair. Their hearts were filled with both pity and shock. In just a few short years, Shang Pingyin was like an old man who had half of his body in a coffin.., it could be seen how ruthless loose cultivator long Shan had been to him!

“Loose cultivator long shan is actually celestial master Mu’s mount, Long Pi.”

Yi Luo said, “He followed Celestial Master Mu back to 600,000 years ago. It happened that the heavenly court was divided, so he became famous. “The glazed azure sky pillar disappeared along with him. Six hundred thousand years later, Celestial Master Mu rose up, and the glazed azure sky pillar reappeared. This has already proved this point. “This time, I came to support Celestial Master Shang. Celestial Master Tai Chi gave me a brocade pouch that can destroy the loose cultivator of dragon mountain.”

Shang Ping Yin Mu was stunned. His eyes moved with difficulty. “Brocade Pouch?”

Bai Yuqiong frowned slightly. She had not heard anything about the brocade pouch given to Yi Luo by ancient god Tai Chi. She could not help but feel alarmed.

Yi Luo opened the brocade pouch and saw a piece of paper in it. There were only six words written on the paper.

“Long pi, Long Xiao’s foster son!”

Yi Luo suddenly understood and smiled, “Taiji heavenly venerate is really smart. With this pouch, we can deal with long Shan’s loose cultivator.”

Shang Pingyin’s Dao Heart had been destroyed, and he couldn’t take it anymore. Yi Luo immediately gathered the rest of the divine martial guards into his camp, he said to Bai yuqiong, “Heavenly Master, His Majesty ordered us to come here and bring the ancestral court’s South Heaven Gate. Once this gate is out, we can suppress the glazed Azure Heaven Pavilion and the enemy army. “We have eight million gods and demons, but the enemy army is only a little over a hundred thousand. “Under the situation where the Azure Heaven pavilion is restrained, loose cultivator dragon mountain will certainly increase his military strength.”

Bai yuqiong understood and said, “Heavenly king yiluo means that if loose cultivator dragon mountain wants to increase his military strength, he can only summon the primordial behemoths of the Beast World.”

Yiluo smiled and said, “Loose cultivator dragon mountain summoned the primordial behemoths and filled them into the Azure Heaven Pavilion, borrowing the strength of the behemoths to resist our eight million army. “These beasts also need to set up an array. The intelligence of the beasts is not high, and they need to be mixed with humans and beasts to make it easier for him to unleash the full power of the Azure Heaven Pavilion’s array formation.”

Bai Yuqiong knew his plan like the back of her hand, she said, “Then, the heavenly king summoned heavenly venerate long Xiao from the beast world! Heavenly venerate long Xiao saw that his foster son was enemies with the heavenly court, so he would definitely be angry and call back loose cultivator long shan and the beasts from the Beast World. As a result, only Meng Yungui and the gods of the feather emergence camp were left in the azure azure azure glazed pavilion’s array formation. “Once the behemoth leaves, the array formation that they originally maintained will immediately collapse!”

Yi Luo laughed loudly. “As a result, we can defeat Meng Yungui in a battle! Celestial Master Bai, you are proficient in all kinds of array formations, but I am far inferior to you. Therefore, I need you to dispatch the various formations of my army and force loose cultivator long shan to summon the Behemoth of the Beast Realm!”

Bai yuqiong said solemnly, “I will definitely do my best!”

After the two of them came up with a plan, Bai Yuqiong ordered the godfiend army to leave the city, but she was a little hesitant.

She did not want to see Meng Yungui die just like that. The plan set by Heavenly King Yi Luo was extremely vicious. Meng Yungui’s small army alone could not fight against the Heavenly Court’s army. If they wanted to fight, they could only summon the beast realm primordial Behemoth.

However, as long as heavenly venerate long Xiao summoned the Beast Realm Primordial Beast and the Dragon Qilin back, he would give Meng Yungui a thorough punishment. The array formation in the azure sky glazed pavilion would not be able to withstand a single blow!

What welcomed Meng Yungui was not only his death, but also the fate of the entire army being wiped out. All the soldiers of the plume manifestation camp would be buried with him!

She and Meng Yungui were close friends.

They were both human beings and heavenly masters of the Heavenly Court. They supported each other. Meng Yungui had once helped her fight against son of Heaven Yin. She could not bear to see Meng Yungui die in front of her.

“However, heavenly king Yiluo is right behind me. He controls the South Heaven Gate. If I make any strange moves, I will definitely die.”

Bai Yuqiong struggled in her heart. “Senior brother Meng, why are you rebelling at this critical moment? You are such a cunning and cautious person. Why do you have to rebel now…”

On the other side, when Bai Yuqiong and Yi Luo had brought their troops over, the dragon qilin was already prepared to summon the immemorial behemoths of the beast world at any time.

He was long Xiao’s foster son, the young master of the Beast World. He had been managing the beast world for many years and had countless behemoths under his command.

He also had great ambitions and the thought of helping eternal peace solve their problems.

He wanted to turn south heaven into a battlefield to hold back the Army of Heavenly Court!

The Army of the Beast realm was his capital.

To achieve this step, he had to drag as many gods and devils of Heavenly Court to South Heaven as possible, forcing it to become a place that couldn’t be abandoned. This would cause heavenly court to have no choice but to send more soldiers continuously!

This would reduce the pressure on eternal peace.

The dragon qilin had cultivated with Qin Mu for many years and was released by Qin Mu to gain experience. He had already grown into a qualified general.

Even though he was nominally loose cultivator of dragon mountain who had the reputation of being the number one celestial teacher in the world, he was still inferior to Shang Pingyin when it came to setting up formations. In the past few years, Meng Yungui had been secretly helping him control the changes in the formation, in just a few short years, he had grown rapidly. He could be said to be wholehearted when it came to using all kinds of battle formations, and the gap between him and celestial teacher was getting smaller and smaller.

However, when he summoned the primordial behemoths of the Beast World, everything was already destined.

Ancient god Taiji was the one who had come up with the plan for Yi Luo. These two ancient gods were extremely intelligent, and they had calculated the Dragon Qilin’s defeat without thinking!

“Summon the primordial behemoths!”Bai Yuqiong gave the order, and the Heavenly Court’s army surged out. The dragon qilin immediately summoned the primordial behemoths. The Sky in the southern sky was torn apart, and the behemoths descended from the sky one after another, entering the twenty-eight heavens set up by the azure glazed sky canopy!

Meng Yungui and Prince youming immediately helped him disperse the immemorial behemoths in the beast realm and enter the layers of formations in the twenty-eight heavens. With the help of the Beast Realm, they would definitely not lose this battle!

At the instant the two armies collided, flesh and blood flew everywhere. Even the gods and devils who were usually high and mighty were just insignificant ants in the torrent of the battlefield at this moment. At the instant of the collision, countless gods and Devils died!

At this moment, the sky suddenly cracked open, and a huge dragon head emerged from the crack. Its eyes were like the blazing sun, emitting a shocking heat that illuminated the vast battlefield!

Heavenly King Yiluo raised his head and sneered, “Heavenly venerate long Xiao, are you also going to rebel?”

The huge dragon head was none other than long Xiao. His face was gloomy, and wherever his eyes shone, countless immemorial behemoths in the azure azure sky pillar could not help but fly up. One by one, they sank into the crack in the sky and were forcefully pulled back to the beast world by him!

The Dragon Qilin’s heart was filled with both anger and sorrow. He raised his head and said sternly, “Foster father –”

Shua —

Long Xiao’s gaze shone over. The dragon qilin resisted with all his might, but he still flew up amidst the light and entered the beast world.

The Dragon Qilin struggled and couldn’t break free. He turned his head to look at Meng Yungui and Prince You Ming and shouted loudly, “Survive! Wait for my return! You must survive –”

The Crack in the sky closed, and the dragon qilin disappeared.

“My Foster Son sent out his troops without permission. I will strictly restrain him.”Long Xiao’s voice exploded, and his huge head retracted back into the beast world.

Heavenly King Yiluo laughed and strode out of the city. He looked up and saw that the countless array formations in the Azure Sky Pillar had suddenly gone out of control. Without the control of the primordial beasts of the Beast World, the various array formations were not functioning properly!

The celestial and Demon Army of the Heavenly Court charged into the twenty-eight heavens of the azure sky pillar. Immediately, the flesh and blood of the plume manifestation battalion soldiers flew everywhere!

Prince youming and Meng Yungui knew that their defeat was already set. Their primordial spirits left their bodies and they unleashed all sorts of divine abilities. They fought to the death, protecting thousands of plume manifestation battalion soldiers as they fought their way out of the encirclement. They tried to break through the Azure Sky Pillar and escape to the outside world!

Prince youming grabbed the jade pillar of the Azure Sky Pillar and was about to retrieve the 28 heavens of the azure sky pillar and take away this precious treasure. At this moment, Heavenly King Yiluo activated the South Heaven Gate of the ancestral court. Between the two mountain ranges, the fire was raging and the Dao rhythm was spreading. The South Heaven Gate suppressed down, causing cracking sounds to ring out from Prince Youming’s body.

He let out an angry roar and increased all his strength to the maximum. His turtle and snake primordial spirit danced in the air and the light of the Great Dao filled the air. However, he was still unable to pull up the Azure Sky Pillar.

He was still trying his best to pull it up when Meng Yungui suddenly flew over and pulled him away. “Crown prince of the Northern Emperor, if you don’t Leave Now, you will never be able to leave again!”

Just as they left, heavenly king Yiluo cut the air with his wings.

Heavenly King Yiluo landed on the ground. Countless armies charged out from both sides of him and formed a formation to attack the remnants of the feather transformation camp.

Heavenly King Yiluo turned his head and looked at Bai Yuqiong. He said calmly, “Heavenly Master Bai, although your formation is inferior to Meng Yungui’s, there shouldn’t be such a huge loophole, right? You actually let Meng Yungui and the rebels escape!”

Bai Yuqiong stepped forward and said, “Meng Yungui’s attainments are far above mine. Even Heavenly Master Shang was defeated by him, let alone me. Fortunately, we are sure to win this round!”

Heavenly King Yiluo did not pursue the matter further. He put away the Azure Sky Building and the Southern Sky Gate and chased after Meng Yungui and Prince You Ming, he said, “Heavenly Master Bai, you are a smart person. You should know which side the general trend is on. The general trend is that all who block it will be crushed to pieces by the general trend! Meng Yungui is an example!”

Bai Yuqiong kept silent and followed his footsteps.

She passed down orders one after another, changing the formation to surround and intercept Meng Yungui’s remnants.

In Celestial Master Long Xiao’s Heavenly Palace in the Beast World.


The dragon qilin knelt on the ground, kowtowing like garlic, and his tears fell like rain. “Why did Foster Father Call Us Back? Foster father, you broke your oath with the sect master –”


Heavenly venerate long Xiao sat on the emperor’s seat in Ling Xiao’s treasured palace, his nine faces gloomy, “Pi, I’m saving you!”He shouted! Can’t you see the general trend of the world? Heavenly Emperor Clear Sky had the support of the ancestral court, Jade capital city, behind him. The general trend was going to crush both eternal peace and carefree village into pieces and they would no longer exist! “Even your so-called cult Master Qin and heavenly venerate mu wouldn’t be able to withstand a single blow in front of such a general trend! “You almost destroyed our Beast Realm!”

The Dragon Qilin smashed his head against the ground, causing the ground to be covered in blood. The tears in his eyes turned into blood, he cried loudly, “Foster Father, I don’t want to see you die. You Can’t defeat the cult master! If you are united with the cult master, you can still live if you send troops to South Heaven now…”

Heavenly venerate long Xiao was furious. He stood up from his emperor’s seat, he said sternly, “Long Pi, you are out of your mind! What benefits do I get from joining Celestial Master Mu? Can he grant me the position of Celestial Master? Or can he give me endless years of glory and wealth? He can’t give me anything! And Heavenly Emperor Haotian has already given me the title of ten Celestial Masters! The Great Power of the Beast World is in my hands! If he, Celestial Master Mu, succeeds, Will the power of the Beast World still be in my hands in the future?”

With his order, a few experts of the Beast World stepped forward and took control of the dragon qilin.

“Lock Prince Pi up and let him think about it!”

Celestial Master Long Xiao flicked his sleeves. “When the dust has settled, release him!”

The Dragon Qilin was dragged out and cried, “Foster father, have you forgotten the pact you made with the cult master? If you break your oath, you will die! You Can’t defeat the cult master! Foster father, don’t Lose Your Life!”

Long Xiao was furious. With a roar, a small thing rolled down from the Dragon Qilin’s ear. It was the small earth count with the head of a bull, the face of a tiger, the face of a human, and the body of an ox.

Long Xiao pointed at the small earth count and said angrily, “The pact you mentioned, is it him? Celestial Master Mu played me, and you played me too!”

He picked up the small earth count and threw it into the Dragon Qilin’s arms. “Lock him up for me. Don’t let him come out and do anything!”


The Dragon Qilin was locked in the Cage of divine consciousness. The strong practitioners of the few huge beasts guarded outside the cage, sealing it with their divine consciousness.

Not long after, the Dragon Qilin’s children were thrown in as well. Long Xiao was probably worried that they would secretly come down to the world to deliver a letter to Qin Mu.

The Dragon Qilin’s face was as dead as ash. The small earth count crawled up from his arms and looked at him with a solemn expression.

The dragon qilin avoided his gaze.

“Moo,”little earth count said to him with a very solemn expression.

The Dragon Qilin couldn’t stop his tears from falling. “I know, but I don’t want foster father to die like this…”


Little Earth count became even more solemn and opened his mouth to spit out a book of contract.

The Dragon Qilin raised his hand, wanting to stop it, but he retracted it again.

This book of contract was the Contract Qin Mu had made with long Xiao. It promised that long Xiao wouldn’t betray him, or else his soul would be taken away by the little earth count.

The Little Earth count here wasn’t a little earth count, but Qin Fengqing.

The Little Earth count raised his hooves and opened the book of contract with great difficulty. The two sons and daughters of the Dragon Qilin rushed forward to help him open the book of contract.

Little Earth count opened his mouth and read the words on the book of contract.

The Dragon Qilin closed his eyes, and tears couldn’t stop falling.

He knew that the book of contract in Little Earth Count’s mouth was long Xiao’s life-hastening talisman. When Little Earth Count finished reading the book of contract, Qin Fengqing would descend.

This was Qin Mu’s trump card against Long Xiao.

Even though the dragon qilin knew, he couldn’t stop it.

“Where I stand, I am Youdu!”

Little Earth count spat out Youdu’s words, and his body spun. A small youdu that was only four feet wide appeared in the Cage of Divine Consciousness in the Beast World. This youdu was connected to Youdu in the origin world.

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