Tales of Herding Gods-Chapter 1687

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Chapter 1687: Chapter 1671: traitors die

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The Beast World was situated at the back of the myriad worlds in the heavens. Its territory was extremely vast. It could be said that it occupied half of the universe. Such a vast territory was the territory of the Beast World.

However, there was no Hades in the beast world.

However, just as the little earth count was doing his magic, the Beast World finally had Hades.

This piece of Hades was very small. It was pitifully small, but it was enough.

When this small Youdu appeared, the little earth count felt that it had established a connection with a vast and profound existence.

This existence was so majestic and powerful that the little earth count blinked his eyes and shook the ox tail behind his buttocks.

The Dragon Qilin’s daughter Zhu Hongyu looked curiously at the tail behind his buttocks and quietly touched it.

“Ma Ha!”The little earth count said to her very seriously.

“Understood, uncle…”Zhu Hongyu stood to the side, feeling wronged.

At this moment, the Little Youdu suddenly expanded. In an instant, it expanded rapidly and broke through the restraints of the divine sense cage. In a short moment, it expanded to an area half the size of the Yuan world!

The Beast World’s Youdu overlapped with the Beast World. The primordial behemoths in the Beast World also had powerful existences that were not inferior to the experts of the throne realm. However, when the Beast World’s Youdu appeared, they only felt a slight abnormality, however, they did not know where the abnormality came from.

In the Beast World’s Heavenly Palace, heavenly venerate long Xiao also sensed a strange wave of fluctuation that shook his primordial spirit. However, everything returned to normal in the next moment, and he could not help but be surprised.

“What happened?”

After all, he was much more cautious. Although this wave of fluctuation was slight, it caused an abnormality in the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth in the Beast World. A powerful existence like him was very sensitive to the Great Dao.

His divine sense was extremely powerful. He immediately released his divine sense to explore the void within a radius of 10,000 kilometers. He searched from the first void all the way to the 35th void, but he still did not sense anything amiss.

The Great Dao of Heaven and Earth in the Beast realm seems to have suddenly increased, but where did the increased Great Dao of Heaven and earth go

Just as he thought of this, all nine heads and 18 eyes suddenly fell into darkness!

Celestial Master Long Xiao’s body stiffened as he stood in the boundless darkness.

He was a little terrified. At this moment, he had lost his sense of his physical body!

He could no longer sense where his body was!

It was his primordial spirit that was now in the darkness. His powerful physical body had unknowingly separated from his primordial spirit, and he did not even realize when it had separated!

The eyes of his primordial spirit were like eighteen gigantic suns, emitting endless firepower in an attempt to disperse the darkness around him.

He had a vast divine ability. If he dug out the eyes of his body, he would be a real sun in the universe.

Although his primordial spirit could not compare to his body, it contained an extremely powerful divine sense. If his primordial spirit visualized, creating stars would not be a problem!

However, this darkness was extremely strange. It had actually absorbed the divine light from his eyes, making it impossible for his eyes to illuminate his surroundings!

“Earth Count!”

Heavenly venerate long Xiao’s hair stood on end as he suddenly thought of the creator’s natural enemy.

As an archaic divine king, Long Xiao was worshiped by the creators and used specifically to counter ancient gods. Regardless of whether it was the mother of Heaven, the mother of Earth, the Queen of Heavenly Yin, or the four ancient gods, they were all countered by him.

There was only one ancient god, and not only was he unable to restrain it, he was even suppressed!

Earth count, only the earth count that controlled death could strip him of his soul and flesh, causing him to unknowingly fall into Youdu!


“Without Youdu in the Beast World, earth count can not descend!”

Long Xiao’s eyes widened, and his nine heads cautiously stared at his surroundings. His heart was filled with fear and unease. “Furthermore, earth count is already dead!”

Suddenly, butterfly-shaped patterns spread out from the darkness in front of him. The butterfly-shaped patterns were constantly changing and growing larger.

Then, a vertical eye slowly opened in the middle of the patterns.

Celestial Master Long Xiao’s heart was thumping wildly. The natural suppression of his natural enemies made his soul tremble. He could not muster up any thoughts of resistance and could only stare blankly at the vertical eye.

At that moment, another butterfly-shaped pattern surged out from the darkness. It was a pair of eyes, located below the vertical eye.

The pair of eyes opened, and the karmic flames in them burned fiercely. It was as if the souls of countless living beings and gods were suffering, struggling, and roaring in the sea of karmic flames in their eyes.

The myriad of demonic thoughts of these living beings were endless, causing heavenly venerate long Xiao’s divine sense to become extremely chaotic, unable to gather together.

In front of him, three eyes opened one after another, revealing the face of a youth in the darkness.

“Heavenly venerate long Xiao?”

Heavenly venerate long Xiao was stunned. This face was almost the same as Qin Mu’s, but it was a little younger. What was even stranger was that a pair of long horns had grown on the top of Qin Mu’s head, the magma that came from the bottom of the ten thousand worlds flowed down like a long river along the pair of horns.

Weng, Weng, Weng.

A huge noise sounded out, and six huge reincarnation appeared in the darkness, rotating in different directions.

“No, it’s heavenly venerate Mu’s older brother!”

When they had signed the Pact of Little Earth count, Qin Mu had told Long Xiao that little earth count was his older brother and had a savage nature. Even he was slightly afraid of this older brother.

At that time, Long Xiao had only thought it was a joke. Later, when he saw the little earth count living in the Dragon Qilin’s ears, he had thought that the so-called little earth count was this little guy.

He had never expected that Qin Mu would really have an older brother who looked almost identical to him!

However, what was strange was that Qin Mu looked to be many years older than his older brother.

Fine Youdu Devil language came from the surroundings. It sounded like the voice of the small earth count beside the dragon qilin, chanting something.

Qin Fengqing didn’t say a word and listened quietly. When the voice finished chanting the contract of the small earth count, she said, “Long Xiao, you have violated the contract twice. Today is the day you fulfill the contract. Do you have anything else to say?”

Long Xiao suppressed the fear in his heart and laughed, “I am the leader of the primordial divine kings. I have suppressed all the ancient gods since ancient times. Now, I am the Lord of the Beast World, the heavenly venerate of the Heaven Court! You Little Brat, you haven’t even grown your hair yet. Do you still want to take my life?”

He forcefully activated his primordial spirit and mobilized his spiritual sense, trying to attack Qin Fengqing. At the same time, he was frantically sensing his physical body!

His physical body was extremely powerful. Back then, when he was thrown into the sinkhole to be suppressed, he was still able to escape. If he could sense his physical body, he expected that this little earth count would not be his match!

The two horns of lava above Qin Fengqing’s head flowed even more rapidly. He slowly reached out his hand and grabbed at long Xiao.

The distracting thoughts and demonic thoughts of all living beings came from long Xiao’s nine heads. All sorts of thoughts disrupted his thoughts and consciousness, preventing him from activating his divine sense. When he saw Qin Fengqing’s large hand grabbing at him, he immediately lost his previous arrogance and immediately turned around to flee!

However, the space he was in was extremely strange. No matter which direction he fled in, Qin Fengqing and the six heavenly wheels were always in front of him.

He summoned his primordial spirit and attacked Qin Fengqing frantically, planning to kill Qin Fengqing with the strength of his primordial spirit.

However, no matter how he attacked, his attacks did not have any power when they landed on Qin Fengqing’s body. Qin Fengqing’s palm still grabbed his nine necks and lifted him up.


Celestial Master Long Xiao’s eyes turned white from being pinched. He hurriedly said, “Stop! I surrender! I surrender to Celestial Master Mu!”

Qin Fengqing shook her head. “Hades has its rules. When the contract is signed, there is no going back on it. Those who break their promises will die.”

He opened his mouth wide. Celestial Master Long Xiao looked at himself being sent into his mouth in horror. His voice was shrill. “If my body was still here, I would not have died in your hands! I am not convinced –”


Qin Fengqing swallowed him, and her three eyes slowly closed.

“Your body has always been there. You and I are now in your body.”

His body slowly faded away, and the six heavenly wheels also slowly disappeared into the darkness. “Long Xiao, you are a stubborn person.”

The Darkness faded away, and heavenly venerate long Xiao’s enormous body coiled around the heavenly palace. His long neck stood high in the sky outside the Heavenly Palace, and his eyes were wide open as if he was looking for something.

Suddenly, his body lost all its strength. His nine heads drooped down powerlessly, and his long neck became extremely soft.

His heads fell from the sky, and his eyes were wide open. The Flames in his eyes were still burning fiercely, like eighteen suns falling from the sky.

However, he had completely lost his aura.

He had violated the Pact of the little earth count. The Little Earth count, Qin Fengqing, had appeared in his body and taken away his soul in front of his primordial spirit.

He had been searching for the body that he had been trying so hard to sense. In fact, it had always been there.

At this moment, almost all the primordial beasts in the Beast World could not help but raise their heads no matter where they were.

Eighteen Suns fell from the sky. Long Xiao’s neck and head smashed into his heavenly palace one after another, pushing it to the palaces.

Long Xiao was dead.

His heavenly palace, which had been built with countless treasures of the ancestral court, was also smashed into pieces by him.

The Heavenly Palace fell from the sky and hit the ground.

In the spiritual sense cage, the dragon qilin suddenly fell to the ground and cried loudly. He sensed the death of his foster father.

In the palace, countless exotic beasts were running in all directions. The Heavenly Palace collapsed and fell from the sky. Some of the beasts couldn’t fly, so the only thing waiting for them was death.

The kings of the beasts guarding the divine sense cage were also fleeing in all directions like headless flies. Many of the beasts directly jumped down from the edge of the Heavenly Palace, but they were often smashed into a bloody mess!

Staying in the heavenly palace was even more terrifying. The Heavenly Palace was collapsing, the towering buildings were collapsing, and the collapsed halls often smashed the beasts into pieces!

The dragon qilin got up, wiped away his tears, and let out a low and strange roar.

Outside the divine sense cage, a huge void mother suddenly poked its head out from the void, waving its sharp claws and tearing the cage apart.

The Dragon Qilin brought the little earth count and his children out of the cage, and climbed onto the head of that huge void mother. Suddenly, its body shook, and it revealed its true body. It turned into a huge creature that had the head of a thousand-li-long qilin and the tail of a dragon, and it roared towards the sky, the Dragon’s roar reverberated endlessly!

On the ground of the beast world, countless huge beasts suddenly stood up. Their bodies shook as they transformed into numerous giants with the heads of beasts and the bodies of humans!

Loud Bangs came from within their bodies. It was as if there were doors opening within their bodies. Those were the layers of divine treasures within their bodies!

These ancient beast divine arts practitioners stepped on auspicious clouds and soared into the sky. They flew towards the falling heavenly palace. The Giants used their hands and shoulders to support the falling Beast Heavenly Palace, causing it to fall slower and slower.

Finally, the Heavenly Palace stopped falling. Instead, it continued to fly upward.

Many of these beast divine arts practitioners came from Lan Yuntian’s sect, and they cultivated in the Dao of otherworldlings. Later, these otherworldlings left the Great Black Mountain of the Ancestral Court and entered the Beast World with the Dragon Qilin.

Here, the dragon qilin led them in an attempt to combine the cultivation system of the Divine Treasury Heavenly Palace with the special characteristics of the beast race, creating a unique civilization belonging to the Beast Race.

Over the years, he had already made some achievements!

The Beast Race Heavenly Palace returned to its original place. The Dragon Qilin stood in the middle of the heavenly palace surrounded by clouds, and behind him was long Xiao’s gigantic corpse.

In the ruins of the Beast Race Heavenly Palace, the gigantic beasts shook their bodies, shaking off the debris and pillars on their bodies. They were the kings of the various races in the beast realm, and they had power that was second only to Celestial Master Long Xiao, ruling over their own races.

One by one, the giant Beast Kings stepped forward and arrived in front of the Void Mother Beast. They looked up at the dragon qilin that was standing on top of the Void Mother Beast’s head.

Suddenly, an immemorial beast king bent his knees and knelt down.

Behind him, the immemorial beast kings lowered their heads and knelt down.

The Dragon Qilin let out a long dragon’s roar that was loud and heavy. It spread throughout the mountains and plains.

The immemorial Beast Kings raised their heads and let out a long and heavy roar that shook the mountains and the stars.

On this day, the Old Master of the Beast World died and a new master was born.

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