The Abandoned Husband Dominates-Chapter 1135 - Rong Bingshao's Black-Level Ability!  

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Chapter 1135: Rong Bingshao’s Black-Level Ability!

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After the eight secret families collapsed one after another, everyone believed that Jordan and Randall were the masters of the world. Little did they know that the powerful Rong family was not completely controlled by them.

Rong Bingshao, the third generation of the Rong family, was not dead at all. Moreover, he had been secretly monitoring them and accumulating energy.

He was ready to attack!

The reason that Jordan could not find any scientific information about the researchers of the Rong family who invented the Time Gate was because Rong Bailun had already separated these core members.

At the same time, the team led by Nick was not any weaker than Ban Luming’s team, and Rong Bingshao also had the most advanced weapons here.

However, Rong Bingshao did not attack and declare war on Jordan and Randall immediately. After all, he had already died once. He had died previously because he was too young and impulsive.

This time, he had to wait for the best opportunity. Once he attacked, he had to win!

If they failed again, the Rong family would really be finished.

“For Mom and Sister, I have to win!”

Rong Bingshao clenched his fists. He was hiding in the dark now and did not even tell his mother and sister.

Rong Bingshao asked coldly, “How’s that b*stard Jordan doing recently?”

Nick said, “Jordan’s situation hasn’t been too good recently. Ever since his woman, Victoria, was snatched away by his uncle, Randall, he seems to have been suffering from bad luck. According to our spies in the Mutant Tribe, Jordan just went to Nags Head to look for Victoria, but he lost to his half-sister, Park Sora.”

When Rong Bingshao heard this, he snorted in contempt. “Hmph, Jordan, haven’t you always been invincible? I didn’t expect you to lose to a black-level mutant. If your uncle Randall were to beat you up, wouldn’t you be done for?”

Rong Bingshao was very happy to hear that Jordan had failed.

This was because when Rong Bingshao fought Jordan one-on-one previously, he was always the one being defeated.

Nick continued, “Jordan and Victoria chatted alone on the beach for a while. Jordan seemed to want to take Victoria abroad to escape the US pursuit order, but Victoria didn’t agree.”

Rong Bingshao snorted again. “Victoria has now elevated in status to a new level. Of course she won’t be willing to be with Jordan anymore. Randall is clearly a stronger existence than Jordan. I know this b*tch too well! It’s a pity. I thought I had slept with her once, but I was hypnotized by that b*stard Shaun. He implanted fake memories into me! If I can really sleep with a purple-level mutant, my life will not be in vain!”

Rong Bingshao had also learned from the Mutant Tribe that Shaun had slept with Victoria in the capital.

When Rong Bingshao found out, he was very unhappy because Jordan had killed him because of this. If he had done it, he wouldn’t have died for nothing. In the end, he didn’t do anything at all.

Nick continued. “Jordan went to Hawaii after that. He wanted to use the Time Gate we left in Hawaii. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by Randall in advance.”

Rong Bingshao narrowed his eyes. “Randall is indeed ruthless. In order to stop his nephew, he’s willing to destroy such a heaven-defying invention of the Rong family. But why did Jordan want to return to the past?”

Nick said, “Jordan must want to return to the Immortal Lake and obtain his ability.”

Rong Bingshao said, “Of course I know. He traveled back in time because he wanted to go to the Immortal Lake. I mean, what makes him think that he can obtain an ability by going to the Immortal Lake? Doesn’t he already have the ability to predict the future? Can this ability be upgraded if he jumps in again?”

Nick shook his head. “I don’t know about that either. Maybe he just wants to take another gamble. Master Rong, speaking of the Immortal Lake, have you considered this matter? Do you want to try?”

Rong Bingshao took a deep breath, feeling very stressed.

“That b*stard Jordan must be in despair now. He thinks that the Time Gate in Hawaii is the only Time Gate in the world. Little does he know that I have another one here! I can do what Jordan can’t! I can return to the past at any time and enter Immortal Lake without the control of the Mutant Tribe to obtain an ability! If I have a gold-level power… then I can rule the entire world alone!”

Nick also said, “Even a woman like Victoria has a purple-level ability. I believe that Master Rong’s talent will be no less!”

With that, Nick took out a small bottle. It contained the “Immortal Water” from the Immortal Lake. It could be tested in advance to see if a person was qualified to be a mutant.

However, Rong Bingshao was a little concerned. He had already obtained this Immortal Water, but he had never dared to test it. He was afraid that he did not have the potential to become a mutant!

After all, the chances of becoming a mutant were too low.

Rong Bingshao said, “Forget it, Nick. All of you have tested it. None of you can make this Immortal Water change color. The probability is too low. I don’t think I can be a mutant. I don’t want to do anything that will affect my confidence now!”

Nick felt a little exasperated. “Forgive me for being blunt, Bingshao. But if it was your father, even if he lost once, he would never be afraid of trying it even if he ended up being an ordinary person. You’ve already died at Jordan’s hands once. Don’t you want to return the favor?

“Now, Jordan wants to return to the past, but he can’t. You can go to the Immortal Lake to obtain your talent at any time, but you don’t dare to. If Jordan finds out, he will definitely laugh at you!”

Rong Bingshao was furious. He gritted his teeth. “Jordan… Alright! I’ll test it. Even if I don’t have the talent, I can still kill Jordan and avenge Grandpa!”

With that, Rong Bingshao reached out a finger and placed it in the small bottle.

Everyone was looking forward to seeing this scene. Everyone shouted in unison.

“Color! Color! Color!”

In the first few dozen seconds, nothing changed. Just as Rong Bingshao thought that he had no talent, the water in the bottle suddenly began to turn black.

“Black! Congratulations, Master Rong! You’re a black-level mutant!”

“Congratulations, Master Rong!”

Rong Bingshao also shouted excitedly, “Hahahahaha, I have a black-level talent! Although it’s not as good as Victoria’s purple-level talent and Randall’s gold-level ability, a black-level talent is enough to kill Jordan! Let’s go. Follow me to the Immortal Lake immediately. I want to awaken my abilities! When I awaken my ability, it will be the day you die, Jordan!”

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