The Abandoned Husband Dominates-Chapter 1249 - 1249 Becoming the Chief and Taking Over the Immortal Lake!

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Chapter 1249 - 1249 Becoming the Chief and Taking Over the Immortal Lake!

1249 Becoming the Chief and Taking Over the Immortal Lake!

The main culprit behind all of this was Randall!

If he hadn’t coveted Victoria’s purple mutant talent and snatched her away, the two of them wouldn’t have ended up in this state!

The two people who were once in love could no longer even remain friends now. It was even impossible for them to meet in the future!

When he saw Jordan’s murderous aura, Randall found himself afraid for the first time. He had no choice but to admit defeat.


“Jordan, don’t listen to that bitch Victoria’s nonsense. She has no right to blame you or the Steeles. She brought this upon herself. You and I didn’t do anything wrong… Argh!”

Jordan stepped on the rock that was pressing down on Randall and questioned, “Did you do anything wrong?”

Although Randall’s physical resistance was very strong, he was in pain after being attacked by Jordan consecutively.

“I was wrong, I was wrong. No matter what, I shouldn’t have had intentions toward your woman. I was too greedy. After I found out that Victoria had a purple mutant talent, I wanted to take her for myself and let her stay by my side to help me. Jordan, no matter what, we’re family. You’ve provoked me so many times in the past, but I’ve never been ruthless to you. You… You won’t kill me, right?”

Although Randall still had a backup plan and could ask his master to deal with Jordan, he would not be able to do anything if Jordan killed him now.

Jordan kicked the huge rock away. “If you weren’t my uncle, you would have died ten thousand times! Now, I ask you a question, and you answer it honestly.”

Randall had no choice but to obey. “Okay!”

Jordan questioned, “Where did you get those two mythical beasts? Don’t tell me you tamed them yourself. You don’t have the ability to tame mythical beasts of this level. Besides, if you had it all along, you wouldn’t have only taken them out today. Who is the person backing you?!”

Of course, Randall could not be killed. He had occupied the Immortal Lake for so long and knew too many things. Jordan wanted to try his best to figure them out.

Randall hesitated. Of course, he could not expose his master, Mike Baylor.

“Your guess is correct. These divine beasts are indeed not mine, but the moon maiden’s.”

“Moon Maiden?”

Jordan was shocked. He thought of the mysterious woman again.

In fact, this answer was similar to what Jordan had guessed.

Jordan asked, “That Moon Maiden shouldn’t be your ex-girlfriend, right?”

Randall smiled. “How am I qualified to date the Moon Maiden? I lied to Victoria on purpose. After Victoria found out that I was a black mutant, she despised me and refused to be with me. That’s why I made up a story that I had a golden mutant level ex-girlfriend. Victoria’s attitude towards me was indeed different. Hehe.

“Jordan, speaking of which, our treatment of Victoria is actually the complete opposite. I keep bragging about myself and exaggerating my abilities to make her admire me. You, on the other hand, are the opposite. You’re clearly a golden mutant, but you pretend to be nothing. Women, especially those who have fought in the business circle, are all very influential. You can’t not give her something to eat. You were wrong to test her. They can’t accept being tested.”

Victoria had already left, and Jordan did not want to talk about the two of them anymore.

“Enough. You have no right to judge me and Victoria. You’ve never loved Victoria and only used her as a tool. If she didn’t have the ability to control her mind, you shouldn’t even look at her.”

Randall smiled. “If she wasn’t a purple mutant, why would I give her the time of day? It’s not we if she is drop-dead gorgeous. Speaking of devastatingly beautiful women, Jordan, apart from your wife, Lauren, I also want to recommend someone to you. It’s the Moon Maiden I mentioned earlier. I’m guessing that you’re keeping me alive not because I can talk nonsense with you here. You want me to take you to see her, right?”

Randall could tell that Jordan was very curious about the Moon Maiden.

Jordan did not deny it. “That’s right. You’re the only person in the world who knows where the Moon Maiden is. I want to see her and ask her something.”

Randall smiled. “Alright, I’ll bring you there. Since I did something to break you and Victoria apart, I’ll matchmake you as compensation.”

Jordan asked, “What do you mean?”

Randall smiled evilly. “We’re all men. Do you need me to explain it clearly? I’ve said it before. The Moon Maiden is more beautiful than Lauren. Moreover, the Moon Maiden is a golden mutant while Lauren is just an ordinary woman. Everyone knows that you and the Moon Maiden are the most compatible. In the future, when you get together with the Moon Maiden, don’t forget to invite me to your wedding banquet!”

Jordan said with a serious expression, “Do you think I’m like you? You want to take someone else for yourself after seeing that they’re golden mutants? Let me tell you, I already have a wife now. No matter how beautiful and noble that Moon Maiden is, I won’t have any thoughts about her! Tell me the Moon Maiden’s location immediately!”

Randall calmed down and said, “Sapu Sacred Mountain.”

“Sapu Sacred Mountain?”

Jordan was surprised. He had never been to this place before. However, from the name, it did sound like a place where immortals lived.

Randall explained, “Sapu Sacred Mountain is not far from here. It’s one of the sacred mountains of Tibetan Buddhism in the east of the district.”

Jordan turned on his smartphone and searched the place. Through the pictures, Jordan realized that it was a very beautiful place. It was even more beautiful than Mount Kunlun and the Immortal Lake.

It was reasonable for beauties to live in that beautiful scenery.

Jordan looked at Randall and said, “Take me to Sapu Sacred Mountain to meet the Moon Maiden now.”

Randall suddenly put on a pained expression. “Jordan, you know that I’m injured by you. I can’t even move, especially down there. Can you at least let me undergo reconstructive surgery before leaving? If I don’t receive it in a short period of time, I’m afraid I won’t be able to use it for the rest of my life!”

Jordan did not pity Randall at all.

Jordan scoffed coldly, “You should be glad that you’re still alive. Moreover, you’re already so old. Focus on your career and don’t lust after women. Why do you need that? Don’t use it if you can’t use it!”

As he spoke, Jordan took out a basin of water and splashed it on the faces of the unconscious people.

These people fainted after being attacked by Victoria’s mental attack. Their injuries weren’t serious and they were immediately woken up by the water.

After the mutants woke up and saw Jordan, they knelt down again.

“Greetings, Chief!”

Park Sora walked over as well. She held Jordan’s arm and asked, “Brother, everyone wants you to be the leader of the mutants. Do you want to be the leader?”

Jordan looked at Randall, who was acting like he was in great pain, and thought of the Moon Maiden who was hiding behind Sapu Sacred Mountain and plotting in the shadows.

“Alright, I’ll be the leader of the mutants and take over the Immortal Lake. If anyone wants to snatch it from me in the future, ask them to bring it on!”