The Abandoned Husband Dominates-Chapter 1250 - 1250 The Winged Bird Is Gone!

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1250 The Winged Bird Is Gone!

At this stage, the Moon Maiden, whose strength was unfathomable, had been hiding in the dark and had not revealed herself.

To Jordan, the safest method was the same. He should not occupy the Immortal Lake too early and take over the Mutant Tribe. Otherwise, he would become the target of everyone. Only God knew how many terrifying powers like the Moon Maiden were staring at the mysterious Immortal Lake.

However, Jordan chose to take over boldly. He wanted the people hiding in the dark to know that he, Jordan, had taken over the Immortal Lake and become its master.

He wanted to lure all these people out!

Jordan had the Deity’s prediction ability. If there was really any danger, he would sense it in advance.

When they heard that Jordan had finally taken over the Immortal Lake, Salvatore, Park Sora, and the others were unusually excited. Their master had taken over the Immortal Lake and became the leader of the mutants. Naturally, their status would also rise.

“Haha, I’ve already said that Jordan has the final say in the chaos of the Immortal Lake. Let’s see which of these mutant bastards dares to disobey me in the future!”

Salvatore became smug.

On the other hand, the mutants all knelt down to Jordan.

“Long live the Chief! Long live the Deity!”

Looking at the mutants kneeling in unison, Park Sora patted Salvatore and asked, “Should we kneel too?”

Salvatore said, “We don’t need to. We’ve been following Mr. Jordan since the beginning. We’re different from these traitors. If you want to kneel to Mr. Jordan, you can do it at other times, haha.”

Park Sora pretended to be embarrassed and angry. “Are you asking for a beating? I’m underage! Don’t tease me!”

Jordan did not feel very happy when he saw all the mutants kneeling before him. A thunderclap sounded in the sky, scaring everyone. Jordan looked at the kneeling mutants with a dignified expression and said, “Get up! No kneeling! There is no emperor here. No one is worth kneeling to! You bunch of people have always relied on the fact that you’re mutants. You’re arrogant and conceited. You burn, kill, and rob. You commit all kinds of evil. I’m warning you. If you still dare to act rashly under my hands, I’ll be the first to kill you!

“If you want to be a member of the Mutant Tribe, you must meet three conditions. The first is justice, the second is justice, and the third is f*cking justice!”

Upon hearing Jordan’s words, everyone stood up and spoke one after another.

Linus said, “That’s right! We mutants want to be the teachers of justice! We want to spread positive energy! We want to do good for society and all mankind!”

Mike said, “Before I joined the Mutant Tribe, I was a Christian. I often did good deeds. Last time, I even used my superpower to save a mother and daughter who jumped off a building to commit suicide. Thank God for letting me meet a clan leader who has such a similar worldview as me! I feel like my entire soul has been sublimated!”

Grachev said, “I also… fit very well.”

Shirley sneered. “Grachev, this is the first time you’ve spoken so softly. Are you feeling guilty? How many people have you killed in the past? Are you worthy of talking about justice?”

Grachev said angrily, “You’re not much better than me! Recently, many male idols and celebrities have gone missing in Korea. It’s all because of you, right?!”

Jordan knew that this group of mutants had done many bad things in the past. If they were punished for their past crimes, they would probably be sentenced to death.

Mutants were extremely precious, and the proportion of people who could become mutants was extremely low. Therefore, they could not be killed easily.

Jordan said, “Write down all the bad things you’ve done in the past and hand them over. I’ll punish you according to your crimes. You’d better compensate me accordingly. In the past, under the leadership of this delinquent uncle of mine, the Mutant Tribe had a very bad culture. After all, if the upper beam isn’t right, the lower beam will be crooked. What my uncle did wasn’t human. I can understand why you fell. However, from today onwards, if you still dare to casually kill and humiliate ordinary people, I won’t let you off!”

While Jordan was teaching the mutants a lesson, he did not forget to pull Randall out and scold him angrily.


The mutants agreed readily.

Jordan looked at Salvatore and said, “We’re going to Sapu Sacred Mountain now. Salvatore, stay behind and watch over this group of mutants. Teach them a lesson. I’ll leave the Immortal Lake to you.”

Salvatore was extremely excited. “Yes! Mr. Jordan! I’ll definitely make them realize their mistakes and teach them well!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a mutant quietly approached Salvatore and tried to get close to him. “Salvatore, I toasted you yesterday. Do you still remember me? Can I write less of the crimes in the self-reflection essay?”

At this moment, Park Sora and Dragon walked over. Park Sora asked, “Brother, what are we going to Sapu Sacred Mountain for? Is it fun there?”

Dragon glanced at the lifeless Randall and guessed, “Are we going to find the Moon Maiden?”

Jordan nodded and looked at Randall, “Take us to Sapu Sacred Mountain to look for your ex-girlfriend now!”

Randall sat on the ground with a pained expression. “Okay, but can you assign me a doctor on the plane? I want to do reconstructive surgery on the way.”

Jordan rejected her outright, “No.”

Park Sora couldn’t help but laugh and tease, “Oh, Randall, you’re supposed to be impenetrable. How can you be so fragile? Nothing will happen. Let’s go quickly!”

As she spoke, she got someone to help Randall up.

However, after Randall stood up, he made another request. “I have another request. I’m willing to offer these two ferocious beasts, the mutated gorilla and the mutated tiger, to you as a gift for you as you have now taken over and become the leader of the mutants. However, I want to bring that Winged Bird with me. To be honest, that’s the Moon Maiden’s favorite pet and I stole it from her. I have to return it, or she’ll kill me.”

Jordan nodded and said, “Alright, bring it then.”

As he spoke, Jordan and the others immediately arrived at the parking lot of the Immortal Lake. They were prepared to bring Randall’s Winged Bird to look for the Moon Maiden. The members of the Mutant Tribe also followed behind to send him off.

However, when they reached the helipad, Randall was shocked. “Oh no! The Winged Bird is gone! My plane with the Winged Bird is gone too!”

Randall placed the bird on a special plane. Now, even the bird and the plane were both gone.

Jordan thought about it. Before them, only Victoria had left early. It seemed like Victoria had taken them away.

Victoria had the ability to control other people’s thoughts. For her, controlling the people on the plane to take her away was a piece of cake.

Randall also thought of this and cursed angrily, “Damn it! It must be that b*tch Victoria who stole my bird! Ah! That bitch!”

Randall’s master had “lent” him that incomparably noble Winged Bird. He had only been given three months to use it. It would be troublesome if Randall couldn’t return the Winged Bird in three months.

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