The Bloodline System (Web Novel)-Chapter 969: Emergency In Luchas City

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Chapter 969: Emergency In Luchas City

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"Tell us what is going on?" Gradier Xanatus instantly began questioning as he stood in front of this man.

During the last three days Gradier Xanatus and Red Shadow had spent this time scouring Gildian City that had been destroyed a long time ago. The city was not conducive for anyone to stay within so it took quite the time for them to spot a particular area that was suspicious.

Before this they had been tracking numerous footprints that they had spotted across the grounds of different areas in the decimated city. After getting to the area where the footprints were headed, they spotted hundreds of ashy infected people gathered together.

It was unknown how such a situation came to be but it was obvious that the infected were gathered together in this place for a reason. There was definitely a motive but Gradier Xanatus and Red Shadow had enough knowledge about the ashy infected to understand that they couldn't question them.

The ashy infected people were incapable of holding a conversation so they had to figure out why they were gathered here another way.

They inspected the area subtly without letting the infected sight them and found out that there was a normal person somewhere around that place.

When the infection had gotten to this stage, they knew the infected would attack anything living so they didn't understand why the person within was alive and well.

It took another time of inspection and contemplation before they decided to go on the offensive.

They tried infiltrating the area and were attacked from all sides by the infected.

While they were trying to fend off the attacks they spotted this man coming out from an underground shelter with a box.

The man still wasn't affected by all the ruckus and the infected didn't try to attack him. They even tried to protect him as mindless as they were.

Now they had managed to catch him and bring him here.


The man laying on the ground had a rabbit ear and a short scar on his chin area. However even though he looked a little different from a normal human, he didn't have a bloodline.

Gradier Xanatus and Red Shadow couldn't sense a bloodline from him.

"There's no point even if I tell you anything now," The man voiced out with a terrified but ominous tone.

"You're too late. The plans are already in motion," He added.

"We don't have time for this, tell us what you did," Gradier Xanatus stated as he moved closer to the man with his eyes glowing a strange blue color.

"What I did? Pfft it's not comparable to what the others did... You all are getting what is coming to you," The man voiced out before tapping on his breast pocket area.


His head exploded in the next instant dying the entire place in blood and gore. The technological nose mask he was putting on earlier also got blasted into pieces 

Gradier Xanatus and Red Shadow had not expected this development. They weren't able to do anything about this which brought a look of frustration to their faces.

"He was a pure Slarkov," Gradier Xanatus voiced out with a look of concern.

"Whatever is happening, it looks like he wasn't alone in this," Red Shadow voiced out.

"I just made an emergency call to the MBO, the hoarde of infected we just battled must be wiped out before they spread out to the cities," Gradier Xanatus stated before turning to the side to stare at the brownish box like item on the ground.

"Let's check out this box, we might be able to get a clue from there," He added as he moved towards the box to open it.

Red Shadow squatted in front as the box opened up and they spotted a massive conical flask like object sealed at the top.

"Is this what I think it is?" Red Shadow voiced out as Gradier Xanatus brought the tool out of the box.

At the same time they were inspecting the contents of this box a loud alarm rang out in this part of the city along with the winds blowing across ominous screams.

Gradier Xanatus and Red Shadow stared at each other with looks of wariness before they both leapt across the sky towards the source of the alarm with the box in Gradier Xanatus hands.


-"Number seven, they asked for you to come man the 257th floor,"

"Huh? Who did?" Gustav asked with a confused expression.

-"Someone with status in the Bureau I guess... They must have their eyes on you cos they specifically asked for you to be the one to man floor 257 in the meantime,"

Numbed five voiced through the team channel.

-"Ooouu looks like Number seven has been pulling chicks during our few days here,"

-"Number seven the woman slayer,"

-"Do link us up when you get a sugar mummy,"

The other teammates voiced out through the channel with sarcastic tones.

Gustav was a little surprised about this development but he already knew who was behind this.

"Alright," Gustav answered through the communication channel and got ready to switch with Number five again.

This new situation made things easier for Gustav as he felt he could still make the earlier plan work instead of going through extreme measures for the new one.

It was already the fourth day and Gustav knew only tomorrow was left for him before the real officer Tantrum regained consciousness.

He didn't want to waste any more time in getting the research.

Few Minutes later Gustav was on the 257th floor on surveillance once more. He had only been here for a short time when he bumped into Amira.

Amira smiled at him as she spotted him while walking through a corridor.

"Did you...?" Gustav was about to ask when she cur him off.

"Yes, I pulled some strings to have them bring you back to this floor," She stated.

"Why?" Gustav asked.

"Because..." Amira's face turned beet red as a thought appeared in her mind.

"We didn't get to finish our previous conversation... Can you join me for lunch again today?" She asked.