The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray-Chapter 1003 - I’m Going To Protect Him

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Chapter 1003: I’m Going To Protect Him

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But Karen quickly reacted and realized that Lucas would never jump to his death so easily. Since he dared to jump off, it meant that the height of over ten meters meant nothing to Lucas at all!

At the thought of it, Karen looked at the bodyguards on the floor again and recalled the name of the invincible God of War she just heard and couldn’t help shivering as she fell into deep horror.

Karen was shocked to find out how powerful Lucas really was. When she recalled how she used to insult and humiliate Lucas and even try to slap his face, she was overwhelmed with fear and collapsed to the floor, utterly weak and powerless.

She should be grateful that Lucas had tolerated her and showed her mercy until now!

When Stanley saw Lucas jump off the building, he quickly chased after him with a solemn expression.

But he also knew that the aura emanating from the white-bearded old man just now was too amazing. It made him feel a terrifying feeling of suffocation even from a distance.

Stanley had no doubt that even if he could catch up with Lucas and the old man, he would probably be no match for the latter!

Instead of chasing after them and courting death, he might as well stay here to help Lucas deal with the aftermath.

William was still seriously wounded and lying unconscious on the floor, so he had to send him to get treatment as soon as possible.

He also had to guard Karen closely and wait for Lucas to return.

But he still had some worry in his heart. The strength of the white-bearded old man was too incredible. Even Lucas might not be a match for him. It made Stanley feel extremely astonished.

Meanwhile, after jumping down from the fifth floor, Lucas bent his knees slightly and immediately chased after the white-bearded old man and Jace.

But Lucas was also extremely shocked. 𝑓𝐫𝑒e𝒘𝚎𝘣𝚗𝘰𝘷𝐞𝑙.co𝑚

Reason being, the white-bearded old man was astonishingly fast. He was actually lightning fast even though he was carrying the burden of Jace along. Even at top speed, Lucas barely managed to catch up.

In that case, if the white-bearded old man wasn’t carrying Jace, he would probably be a lot faster!

It was the first time Lucas had encountered a top powerhouse like this one since he left Calico!

Who is this powerful person? Why did he suddenly appear here to save Jace?

Is this old man a member of the royals? Is he an elite powerhouse belonging to the family Jace’s mother is from?

But it seemed somewhat unlikely too. Although there were indeed some powerhouses working for the royals, their most powerful ones were probably at the level of Damien Zander of the Peerless Martial Association and Jordan. But this old man was much stronger!

While Lucas was thinking about it, he chased after the old man with all his might. No matter what, he couldn’t let the white-bearded old man save Jace!

Lucas’s full-speed running was quite terrifying. After covering a large distance, he finally caught up to the white-bearded old man and raised his foot to kick two stones at the latter’s back!



Under the force of Lucas’s foot, these two stones contained as much power as bullets.

Not daring to be careless, the old man had no choice but to twist his body to the side to dodge.

But the dodging inevitably caused him to slow down, and Lucas quickly appeared in front of him to block him.

The old man could only stop and narrow his eyes at Lucas while still holding Jace’s arm with one hand. He finally said, “Young man, it’s better not to be too ruthless. If you let him off, I can guarantee that he will never appear in front of you again and never cause trouble for you again.”

Lucas ignored his words and instead stared straight at him. “Who are you? Your skills are extremely rare in the entire country. You’re definitely not a nameless person.”

The old man said indifferently, “I’m just a man from the countryside, and all I ask is that you let him off.”

“You want me to let him off? Impossible!” Lucas said firmly, leaving no room for negotiation.

This time, Jace had ordered people to capture Charlotte and William to hold them as hostages to threaten Lucas. He had even almost injured Cheyenne, which had touched Lucas’s bottom line.

This time, Lucas pulled an excellent move by stalling for time and allowing Stanley to take advantage of the time while Lucas played Russian Roulette to save Charlotte. It gave Lucas one less thing to worry about, allowing him to defeat Jace in one fell swoop.

Moreover, Jace hadn’t been aware of Lucas’s true strength, so he had underestimated his enemy and been too careless, which were the crucial reasons for his failure.

But if the same thing happened again, Lucas couldn’t guarantee that he would be able to save all his loved ones unscathed since Jace would know his strength and be prepared.

Besides, Jace already hated Lucas to the bone, so even if Lucas spared his life now, he would definitely find an opportunity to take revenge against Lucas. Moreover, now that Jace was aware of Lucas’s true identity, he had to die!

After the old man heard Lucas’s refusal, a trace of displeasure immediately appeared on his face.

He frowned and stared intently at Lucas. “Do you really think you can kill this kid with me here?”

Lucas retorted, “In that case, are you insisting on saving him and becoming my enemy?”

Strong killing intent appeared in his eyes.

This old man was undoubtedly powerful. Not only was his aura extremely daunting, but his speed was also terrifying. He was one of the strongest people Lucas had met in all these years.

But if the old man was bent on saving Jace, Lucas didn’t mind becoming his enemy. Anyone who stopped him from killing Jace would be his enemy!

At this moment, Jace was as pale as a sheet while the old man was holding him. During the high-speed sprint just now, Jace’s slick and neatly combed hair had been completely messed up.

Jace stood still with a deadpan expression. In the face of experts like Lucas and the white-bearded old man, he was just like an insignificant nobody who could be crushed into smithereens at any time.

But the contradicting thing was that one wanted to take his life, while the other wanted to protect him.

“Run!” The white-bearded old man suddenly squeezed Jace’s arm to snap him back to his senses. He then let go of Jace and blocked Lucas.