The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray-Chapter 1004 - Lucas’s Mother

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Chapter 1004: Lucas’s Mother

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Jace froze for two seconds before suddenly understanding what the white-bearded old man meant. He wanted him to stop Lucas to give Jace the opportunity to flee!

A look of euphoria immediately appeared on his face. Without saying another word, he turned around and ran away.

Jace didn’t know who this white-bearded old man who suddenly appeared was. But when he fell off earlier, this old man had saved his life and brought him to escape. Now, he was helping him block the terrifying Lucas. To Jace, the white-bearded old man was his savior and only hope now!

When Lucas saw the white-bearded old man’s stance, his face darkened completely. “Since you want to fight, I’ll grant you your wish!”

A menacing aura suddenly emerged from Lucas’s body, and the withered branches and grasses around him instantly fell in all directions, as if there was a typhoon!

The expression of the white-bearded old man’s face became extremely grave. He knew that although this young man was less than thirty years old, his power wasn’t inferior to him in the slightest.

If he didn’t exert his full power, he would probably be no match for Lucas!

The white-bearded old man clenched his fists, and his full strength burst out from his body.

The two extremely terrifying auras touched, and it was like a real storm had erupted. Countless leaves and blades of grass broke one after another and danced wildly all over.

At this moment, Lucas suddenly moved, and his body turned into a blurry shadow that charged straight at the white-bearded old man!

But when he was about to approach the man, he suddenly accelerated, moving so fast that even his shadow couldn’t be seen. He appeared behind the old man at lightning speed.

The white-bearded old man wasn’t slow either. He snorted coldly and threw a kick without turning around, as if he already knew that Lucas would show up there!


Lucas blocked his kick with one palm. But even though he blocked the kick, he was still kicked more than ten meters away under the immense force.

While Lucas was flying in midair, the corners of his mouth suddenly curled into a mysterious smile.

The moment he was about to land, he flipped over and landed lightly on the ground. Without taking another look at the old man, he instantly ran in the direction Jace had fled in.

Only now did the white-bearded old man realize that he had fallen into Lucas’s trap. Lucas had only pretended to fight him head-on. But with the help of his kick, he flew away and chased after Jace!

Not only did his own kick not cause any damage to Lucas, but it actually gave Lucas a boost to help him chase faster!

“Kid, hold it right there!” The white-bearded old man flew into a rage and roared before chasing after Lucas as fast as he could.

But Lucas was already 40 to 50 meters ahead of the old man.

The old man was no longer burdened by Jace, so he was moving extremely quickly. In fact, he was even a little faster than Lucas. In another ten seconds or so, he would be able to catch up to Lucas.

But at the same time, Jace’s figure had already appeared a short distance in front of Lucas.

Given the speed of Jace, an ordinary person with no martial arts skills at all, Lucas would be able to catch up with him in just a moment!

“Stop! Don’t kill him!” The white-bearded old man was extremely anxious and could only holler furiously again and again.

Jace was already running wildly with all his might. It could be said that he had never run so fast in his life.

But at this moment, he heard the roars coming from not far behind him. He subconsciously turned around, only to see Lucas rushing toward him. He was so frightened that he almost lost his mind!

Now, all Jace could think was,?Lucas is catching up! He’s about to kill me! What should I do?!

His legs were trembling, and he tripped over a stone on the ground.

“Ah!” Jace shouted before falling hard to the ground. He even lost a tooth from knocking his face against a stone.

But he couldn’t care less about this now. He immediately turned around and stared at Lucas’s figure.

Seeing Lucas less than ten meters behind him and about to catch up, Jace was so frightened that he was about to faint. A stream of liquid flowed out of his lower body. 𝘧r𝑒𝘦𝒘𝘦𝙗novel.𝐜o𝒎

Lucas was extremely quick, and within a moment, he had already appeared in front of Jace and raised his hand to hit Jace’s head!

A strong killing intent emerged in his eyes. No matter what, he had to kill Jace before the white-bearded old man arrived to stop him!

Lucas’s slap contained almost all his strength. If it hit Jace’s head, it would definitely split it apart, making Jace die on the spot!

Jace’s face was deathly pale, and he could see the shadow of his imminent death!

On the verge of death, Jace suddenly closed his eyes and shouted, “No, Lucas Gray, you can’t kill me!

“I know a secret about your mother. If you kill me, you’ll never find out!”

Lucas’s heart trembled violently!

Since it concerned his mother, he couldn’t miss it no matter what.

But it was too late when Jace shouted. Even though Lucas had already restrained most of his force and shifted his position in time, his palm still struck Jace’s back!


With a loud sound, Jace, who had already fallen to the ground, was directly pressed into the ground by the force of Lucas’s palm. His entire head plunged into the mud. His entire face was covered in mud, and the bones of his shoulder blades made cracking sounds. They had obviously been broken by Lucas’s palm.

This was already the result of Lucas’s efforts to restrain his force. Otherwise, Jace would have been crushed into a pile of flesh.

But even then, Jace’s shoulder blades had been broken, and his organs were severely injured. He was completely unconscious now.

At this time, the white-bearded old man finally caught up and saw the tragic state Jace was in.

Without hesitation, he blocked in front of Jace with a terrifying coldness in his eyes. “How dare you do that to him?!”

Lucas shouted angrily, “Get lost!”

If not for Jace’s last words, Lucas wouldn’t have shown any mercy at all. Even though Jace had fainted, he still had to find out the secret regarding his mother!

“Lucas Gray, you’ve already severely injured him! What more do you want?!” The white-bearded old man’s face was extremely gloomy as he blocked Lucas, refusing to let him move.

Lucas’s eyes were bloodshot as he hollered in fury, “Get lost. Otherwise, I won’t show you any mercy!”𝗳𝐫𝘦e𝘸𝗲𝚋𝓃𝚘v𝘦𝘭.𝑐𝒐m