The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray-Chapter 1016 - Taking Responsibility

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Chapter 1016: Taking Responsibility

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The chubby middle-aged man was Eric Branson, Mark’s father!

When he saw his son’s cold corpse and heard what the butler said, his eyes were brimming with boiling fury.

“Bitch! Where is that bitch Becky Sanders? Where is she now?” Eric hollered furiously.

The butler hurriedly said, “I’ve sent someone to the Sanders’ to find her. It shouldn’t be long before we bring that woman here!”

“That bitch must die! If she didn’t create trouble, my son wouldn’t have died!”

Eric gritted teeth, resentment written all over his face. “But that bitch can’t be the only one who dies! At the end of the day, Maddy Stone’s boyfriend is the one who caused Mark’s death. If he hadn’t had the audacity to break Mark’s limbs, how could he have died in the clothing store because he wasn’t rescued in time?

“Maddy and her boyfriend are the murderers of my son. I won’t let anyone involved in Mark’s death off!

“Tell the Stones to hand over that couple! Otherwise, I will remove the Stones from DC today!”

The butler quickly bent forward. “I’ve already told the Stones about this matter, but they only agreed to give us an explanation. I told Carlos Stone to hand them over, but he kept stammering, seemingly reluctant…”

Hearing this, Eric immediately flew into a rage. “He’s defying me! How dare he disobey us?

“Tell him to bring his daughter and her bastard boyfriend to my house within an hour to confess. Or else, I won’t spare him!”

The butler immediately agreed and hurriedly turned around to go make arrangements.

Although Eric had yet to become the official helmsman of the Bransons, he had long been regarded as the head. His status was inferior only to the current helmsman. Since he said that he would remove the Stones from DC, he would definitely be able to achieve it!

Meanwhile, Jordan had already arrived at the Stone residence together with Maddy.

Maddy opened the car door and said to Jordan, “Head back to Lucas’s first. I’ll call you if I can’t solve it.”

“No, I’ll go with you.” Jordan had always obeyed Maddy, but this time, his attitude was extremely firm. After turning the engine off, he got out of the car with Maddy.

“Maddy, you’re my girlfriend now, and I am also responsible for this incident. No matter what, I’m going to face it with you. If your family is angry, tell them to come to me. Anyway, I can take a beating.”

Jordan looked at Maddy with a smile.

Maddy felt touched.

Although Jordan was a few years younger than her, he was indeed a rare gem because he was actually willing to do so much for her.

She took Jordan’s hand without saying anything else, and the two of them entered the Stone residence.

“How dare you have the cheek to return, you unfilial wench?!”

As soon as they stepped inside the Stones’ main villa, they were greeted by a thunderous roar of fury.

The furious person was naturally Carlos, Maddy’s father, the current helmsman of the Stone family.

The last time Lucas had dealings with the Stones, Geoffrey, the former helmsman, had planned to pass the position of helmsman to Maddy, but she refused to accept it. Thus, he had handed it over to Carlos.

The moment he saw Maddy return, the veins on his head began bulging, and he wanted to slap her hard.

In particular, seeing her return with Jordan hand in hand, he was livid.

Maddy took a deep breath and said, “Dad, didn’t you tell me to hurry home?”

“Shut up! How dare you talk back?! You’d better come clean about how you created so much trouble for us!” Carlos scolded as he kicked a vase over to the floor.

Maddy said truthfully, “Dad, I’ve said that it’s not our fault for what happened today. Mark Branson and his girlfriend, Becky Sanders, started it. Mark attacked us first, and he even used a knife. Jordan was just helping me. All he did was break Mark’s limbs. We didn’t expect him to die either.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Carlos became even more furious and directed his anger at Jordan. “In that case, you were the one who killed Mark Branson?”

Jordan took a step forward and said sincerely, “If he really died because of my mistake, I will take full responsibility!”

“Bullshit! How can you be responsible? How are you going to be responsible? Only if you pay for it with your own life will the Bransons stop pursuing this matter!”

Carlos hurled vulgarities before saying, “Do you know that the dead Mark is the scion of the Bransons?! His father, Eric, is already the designated future helmsman of their family, yet you killed his son at this time. He obviously won’t let us off!

“I’m not afraid to tell you that the Bransons’ butler has just called me and told me to take you two to the Branson residence to confess. Otherwise, they won’t spare us!

“Jordan, you indeed killed Mark. If you still love my daughter, go to the Bransons, confess your guilt, and take all the responsibility! Do you hear me?”

When Jordan heard this, the expression on his face froze for a moment.

Although he did think so himself and was willing to take all the responsibility alone for Maddy because he loved her, now that Carlos ordered him to do it, the significance was different. It made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

Moreover, Carlos said that the Bransons would only be appeased if he compensated them with his life. Since Carlos asked Jordan to go to the Bransons’ to take responsibility for everything, wasn’t he basically telling Jordan to go there to die?

After Maddy heard what Carlos said, anger instantly surged in her heart. She stood beside Jordan, held his hand tightly, and said to Carlos, “Dad, if the Bransons really want to hold it against us, then so be it. I was the cause of it all, and Jordan was just protecting me! If you must appease the Bransons, then you can hand me over to them!”

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