The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray-Chapter 1175 - 1175 Fight

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1175 Fight

Full of excitement, Clinton immediately mocked, “Lucas Gray, you’re too audacious. How dare you speak to Mr. Kenzo like that?! You probably don’t know that he’s the fourth most powerful figure in the Peerless Martial Association, and his strength is second only to Mr. Zander, the head of the Peerless Martial Association’s US headquarters!

“The Peerless Martial Association is an extremely powerful organization with branches in more than a hundred countries! The US headquarters of the Peerless Martial Association alone is something that even the eight top families won’t dare to deal with together!

“Even if you have a powerful status, you’ll have no choice but to die once you offend the Peerless Martial Association!

“Besides, how dare you covet the Waltons’ assets?! Mr. Kenzo has already made it very clear that we are supported by the Peerless Martial Association. In fact, the majority of our assets belong to the association!

“You’re tempting fate by trying to snatch the Waltons’ assets from the Peerless Martial Association! I can understand that you’re greedy and ambitious, but you’re courting death by offending the Waltons and the Peerless Martial Association!”

Clinton had now regained his arrogance, and he even looked at Lucas smugly.

Seeing his behavior, Lucas shook his head and sighed. “I planned to save your pride and acquire your assets for three billion dollars. But now, I don’t want to give you a single cent because you’re not worthy at all!”

Clinton flew into a rage. “What did you say?”

At the side, Kenzo’s eyes were full of a surging murderous intent as he hollered, “Punk, since you have a death wish, don’t blame me!”

With that, Kenzo stepped forward and charged at Lucas.

Although he did have some scruples about Lucas’s background and was afraid of causing trouble for himself and the Peerless Martial Association, Lucas obviously wasn’t taking them seriously. This made the proud Kenzo extremely displeased.

So he had already developed a strong murderous intent toward Lucas.

As for Lucas’s background, Kenzo believed that as long as he killed everyone in this room, no one would be able to find out, even if Lucas had a powerful backer or was from the royal family.

Watching Kenzo charge toward him, Lucas remained sitting calmly without even blinking. 𝘧r𝘦𝗲w𝘦𝚋𝐧o𝘷𝘦𝙡.co𝑚

With Jordan by his side, Lucas didn’t have to take action personally.

“Hmph, I’m your opponent! You’re not worthy of touching Lucas!”

Just as Kenzo was about to reach Lucas, Jordan suddenly moved and struck at Kenzo.


Their fists collided, stirring up a strong gust of wind that made it seem like there was a storm in the entire private room. A small sandalwood coffee table at the side shattered into pieces from the strong gust.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them had already exchanged more than ten blows.

After exchanging some blows with Jordan, Kenzo felt astonished because he found that Jordan wasn’t any inferior to him!

He had painstakingly trained hard for more than four decades to get to where he was, but what about the young man in front of him? He had merely been practicing martial arts for perhaps two decades, yet he was already on par with him. How could Kenzo not be shocked?

Despite being in the midst of a heated fight, Jordan had the time to slip in a snide and contemptuous remark. “Is this the so-called fourth top expert of the Peerless Martial Association? It seems you’re nothing much!”

Hearing the mocking comment, Kenzo was almost so angry that he vomited blood! Is this punk insulting me intentionally?

At the side, Albert was so dumbfounded and shocked by this scene that he was at a complete loss for words.

He thought that as long as Kenzo took action, Lucas would be no match for him and would definitely die!

But Albert never imagined that Lucas would still remain relaxed in his seat while the young man who was like a bodyguard was skilled enough to fight Kenzo evenly!

How… how is that possible?

If Albert wasn’t aware of Kenzo’s character, he might really suspect that he was going easy on Jordan.

As the fight went on, Kenzo became increasingly shocked because he realized that Jordan wasn’t actually using all his strength!

If he really exerted all his strength, how strong would he be?

Moreover, with such a young and powerful person to protect him, Lucas must have an incredibly high status.

After dodging a punch thrown by Jordan, Kenzo said, “Punk, I admit that you’re indeed very strong, but it’s impossible for you to defeat me with your strength because I haven’t exerted myself to the fullest yet!”

Jordan sneered. “Is that so? Use your full strength then! But first things first, I won’t show you any mercy later. So if you’re willing to surrender now and pledge allegiance to Lucas, I might spare you!”

“You must be dreaming!” Kenzo roared with fury and unleashed his full potential. Then he found an opening and punched straight toward the middle of Jordan’s chest!


His punch contained immense power. Ordinary people would probably have their organs ruptured and die on the spot after suffering such a blow.

But Jordan merely took a few steps back and spat out a mouthful of blood while his face turned a little pale. Then he quickly regained his balance.

“Hmph, this is only the beginning!” Kenzo roared and threw himself forward while Jordan was still catching his breath. He launched several ferocious attacks on Jordan. fr𝚎e𝙬𝚎𝚋𝚗૦ν𝚎𝒍.c૦m

Jordan’s movements were extremely quick as well. He managed to evade the attacks, but his movements seemed forced, as if he was struggling to keep up.

After seeing the changes in the battle, Clinton shouted in excitement, “Great! Mr. Kenzo is so impressive!”

“Indeed, Mr. Kenzo didn’t go all out just now. That’s why that punk thought he could compare to him. But now that Mr. Kenzo has revealed his full strength, that punk can barely manage. It seems like he’ll soon be killed by Mr. Kenzo!”