The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray-Chapter 1200 - 1200 Who’s the Impostor?

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1200 Who’s the Impostor?

What Lucas said made Silas’s heart skip a beat. Could Lucas Gray really be the Mr. Gray that Mr. Frey addressed?

But he soon dropped the idea.

Impossible. That’s impossible!

Even if the manager of Club Aurora had made a mistake, it was absolutely impossible for the distinguished guest to be Lucas!

“Hahaha, Lucas Gray, do you really think you can put yourself on a pedestal just because we have the same last name? What a joke. How dare you accuse me of overestimating myself?!


“What makes you think a loser like you can be the big shot behind Club Aurora? What an absurd way to brag. You really dare to say all sorts of nonsense! You’re so shamelessly thick-skinned!

“Come on, why don’t we ask everyone here? Who believes that you’re the big shot behind Club Aurora?”

Silas laughed maniacally. Then he really looked at the others in the room and asked, “Guys, do any of you believe that the distinguished guest Mr. Gray that Mr. Frey addressed just now is the Lucas Gray in front of us?”

He emphasized the words ‘Mr. Gray’ with obvious mockery and contempt.

The others in the room smiled derisively.

They naturally didn’t believe Lucas. Instead, they began mocking him one after another.

“Haha, this is definitely the greatest joke I’ve heard this year! The big shot behind Club Aurora is someone who can acquire the assets of a family like the Waltons. How can a small fry like you pass off as him?”

“Lucas Gray, you really have a death wish. How dare you pretend to be the big shot behind Club Aurora? I’ll see how you die once he finds out!”

“Exactly! Let’s inform Mr. Frey later that there’s a shameless bastard here who dares to pretend to be a distinguished guest of Club Aurora. He has a death wish!”

“Ashley, it’s not that we’re being heartless and deliberately annoying you. But your husband, whom you’ve only met three times, is really stupid for wanting to pretend to be someone powerful when he’s just a poor loser. He could have pretended to be anyone else, yet he wants to be a most distinguished guest of Club Aurora, and he’s even doing it in the most luxurious King’s Room in the club! You can’t blame us if he has a death wish!”

No one believed what Lucas said. 𝘧𝓇𝗲𝑒we𝙗noѵ𝑒l.𝐜o𝘮

Apart from mocking him and making sarcastic remarks, some of them even wanted to go straight to Frey to complain about Lucas’s ‘misconduct’ of being an imposter.

Ashley looked at Lucas in surprise.

But she definitely didn’t think that Lucas was trying to pass off as anyone. Since he had already said so, then he had to be the distinguished guest of Club Aurora that Frey had addressed. Silas was definitely the impostor!

To Ashley’s surprise, Lucas had already taken down the Waltons!

The Waltons were one of the eight top families of DC!

Even the others of the eight top families didn’t dare to provoke the Waltons easily. But Lucas had managed to acquire all their assets overnight. His immense power really astonished Ashley!

Ashley knew that even the Steeles would have to pay a tremendous price if they wanted to deal with the Waltons or acquire their assets. They would have to go through a long struggle to accomplish either. Anyway, it was absolutely impossible for them to be able to acquire the Waltons’ empire as easily as Lucas had!

In that case, Lucas was probably really far more powerful than the Steeles!

While Ashley was stunned and looking at Lucas in a daze, Allie shook Ashley’s arm and whispered anxiously into her ear, “Ashley, you’d better quickly persuade Lucas! Talking like that he… he’ll really anger the people of Club Aurora and the big shot behind it!

“Such a big shot will definitely not tolerate this kind of offense. If he hears about this, Lucas will really be dead meat! Besides, even you will be implicated and face terrible consequences!

“You’d better get Lucas to apologize and say that he was talking nonsense and that everyone shouldn’t take offense. Beg them not to complain to the people of Club Aurora!”

Seeing the anxiousness and worry on Allie’s face, Ashley felt warm.

Just now, to ask for mercy for her and Lucas, Allie had been ridiculed by the people here. But she still chose to stand on her side now and help her and Lucas. It really touched Ashley.

But despite feeling touched, Ashley would never persuade Lucas to apologize to these people because he wasn’t wrong at all. He only allowed the shameless Silas to take credit and assume his identity because he was just too low-profile.

Ashley believed that even if they really reported Lucas to the manager, the one who would suffer misfortune wouldn’t be Lucas but those being aggressive toward him!

Lucas was a most distinguished guest of Club Aurora. That’s why Frey had personally invited him to the King’s Room and gifted him the two bottles of red wine worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Thus, Ashley believed that once the people of Club Aurora found that someone had assumed Lucas’s identity and even tried to use them against him, they definitely wouldn’t leave things at that! 𝘧𝓇𝒆𝗲𝓌𝙚𝙗𝓷o𝘷𝒆𝘭.𝐜𝚘𝒎

“Allie, don’t worry. I believe Lucas is one of the most distinguished guests of Club Aurora!

“If Silas and the others are really thick-skinned enough to report Lucas, the ones who will suffer will definitely be them!”

With an ice-cold expression, Ashley glanced at Silas, Peter, and the others who were extremely arrogant toward Lucas.

They were all acting self-righteous, but they harbored vicious intentions. She believed that they would definitely suffer retribution!

Stunned, Allie stared at Ashley with a look of disbelief before pinching her arm hard. “Are you a fool? You actually believe him?! You… Oh, I really don’t know what to say!

“Anyway, you’d better get Lucas to apologize quickly and tell him to stop talking nonsense. Otherwise, it will be too late when the people of Club Aurora are here!”

At this moment, someone eager to suck up to Peter and leave a good impression on him suddenly opened the door and dashed out.

“Oh no!” Allie’s expression changed drastically. “He must have gone to call someone here!”