The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray - Chapter 933 - The Powerful Dwayne  

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Chapter 933: The Powerful Dwayne

“Lucas, watch out!” Jordan exclaimed while turning the steering wheel sharply!


Amid the ear-piercing screech of the brakes, the Land Rover drifted with a sharp swing of the rear, dodging the SUV by a close shave.

The SUV was tall and sturdy. If it really collided with Jordan’s Land Rover, the two of them would probably be the ones to suffer.

“It seems someone came to die.” Lucas looked at the SUV outside the car window.

After failing to hit the Land Rover, the SUV stopped, and a burly man in his forties wearing a black robe with the word ‘Peerless’ embroidered in gold thread stepped out of it.

Lucas narrowed his eyes. “This time, it’s someone from the Peerless Martial Association.”

The people of the Peerless Martial Association were extremely arrogant, and they had always been proud of themselves. Thus, wherever they went, they would wear the association’s uniform with the word ‘Peerless’ embroidered in gold or silver.

Upon seeing their attire, many people would often be frightened.

Of course, Jordan and Lucas were exceptions.

“Lucas, is he here to seek revenge against us?” Jordan stared at the middle-aged man with a grim look.

He could sense the domineering aura coming from the burly man. It was almost stronger than anyone Jordan had met before. In fact, it was on par with his!

Lucas said, “He’s indeed a very powerful expert who’s a little bit stronger than you are. Unless you unleash your full potential, you won’t be able to defeat him.”

Hearing this, Jordan immediately seemed excited and eager to try. “Lucas, let me deal with this person!

“I’ve been stuck at a bottleneck for a long time, and I haven’t met a decent opponent. This man might be able to help me break through this bottleneck!”

Lucas smiled without stopping him at all. All he said was, “Go.”

Lucas understood Jordan’s mindset very well.

In addition to diligent training, martial arts practitioners usually improved faster by fighting against various powerful enemies.

In particular, in life-and-death battles, the potential within the body would be better stimulated, thus allowing martial arts practitioners to achieve breakthroughs.

Since Jordan returned to Orange County with Lucas, he had rarely been able to encounter strong opponents like those on the Calico battlefield, which had always been an issue for Jordan.

Now that there was suddenly such an expert coming their way, it was definitely a pleasant surprise for Jordan!

Although this burly man was slightly stronger than Jordan, Lucas wouldn’t let Jordan encounter an accident even if he lost.

Of course, Lucas was even more confident that Jordan would be able to defeat this expert with his own abilities.

Jordan opened the door of the Land Rover and walked out while Lucas continued sitting in the backseat, watching everything calmly.

“Are you from the Peerless Martial Association? State your name!” Jordan walked up to the burly man while stretching his fingers with a look of battle intent.

But the burly man merely glanced at Jordan before looking away, seemingly extremely disdainful toward him.

He stared at the backseat of the Land Rover and said sneeringly, “Lucas Gray, I’m here to kill you! Hurry up and get your ass out here to die!”

The burly man was Dwayne, the person Ezra had contacted earlier. He was the seventh expert of the Peerless Martial Association.

After the call, Ezra had already sent Lucas’s photo and license plate number to Dwayne. So he could tell at a glance that the person who got out of the car was only Lucas’s subordinate, while the real Lucas was still hiding in their car.

Dwayne was annoyed because he thought that Lucas was treating him with contempt by only sending one subordinate while remaining sitting in the car!

Jordan’s face darkened. The person in front of him actually ignored him and even told Lucas to come out and die. How outrageous!

“Hah, you’re just trash who doesn’t even dare to report his name. Are you worthy of fighting with Lucas? I bet you can’t even defeat me!” Jordan was angered as well. He stared at the burly man, his eyes full of battle intent.

“Hmph, you’re just Lucas Gray’s lackey. How dare you speak so audaciously?! Fine, I’ll kill you first!

“After I kill you, I’ll see how Lucas Gray can continue hiding in the car like a coward!”

Dwayne was enraged. His fists began to tremble, and an unparalleled and fierce aura instantly burst out from his body!

Next, he stomped on the ground and darted toward Jordan.

There was battle intent brewing in Jordan’s eyes as he immediately raised his aura to the maximum. With a wicked smile, he dashed toward the expert from the Peerless Martial Association.

The two ferocious fists collided in an instant. A sonic boom and an invisible force exploded at the position of collision!

There were no fancy moves and only simple, direct collisions. It was a fight of absolute power!

Dwayne didn’t take Jordan seriously at first, nor did he want to fight Jordan. So he exerted his full strength in the first punch, wanting to punch Jordan to death!

But the moment their punches collided, Dwayne’s expression changed drastically. The massive power coming from Jordan’s fist made him extremely shocked!

His goal of using a single blow with all his strength to kill Jordan was completely invalidated!

This young man, who was only in his twenties and had a sinister look, actually possessed power on par with his!

“Hehe, now, do you still think that I’m just a small fry you can get rid of easily?” Jordan chuckled as he flexed his fingers.

But despite sounding relaxed, he was actually shocked.

It was no wonder that Dwayne was one of the top experts of the Peerless Martial Association. He was indeed a formidable opponent.

Be it in terms of speed or force, the punch just now was the toughest he had faced in the last six months. After the collision, his fingers and knuckles were sore.

But it was precisely because Dwayne was such a rare powerhouse that Jordan found it meaningful to fight with him!

“Hah, punk, you’ve indeed exceeded my expectations. It’s truly inappropriate to call you a small fry.

“But you’re still not a match for me because I, Dwayne, am the seventh most powerful expert in the Peerless Martial Association!”

Dwayne licked the corner of his lips and finally revealed his name, showing some respect to Jordan.

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