The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray - Chapter 934 - Give You A Chance  

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Chapter 934: Give You A Chance

When Jordan heard Dwayne’s name, a look of surprise flashed in his eyes.

He had been in DC for almost a month. He naturally couldn’t stay by Maddy’s side all day or just protect Flynn.

Gathering information about the major families and forces in DC for Lucas was also part of his job.

The Peerless Martial Association was a massive force in DC, so Jordan had naturally searched around. He was no stranger to Dwayne, a powerhouse of the Peerless Martial Association.

Although Dwayne was currently ranked seventh in the Peerless Martial Association, it was because he kept a low profile and didn’t want to be too conscious. Thus, he deliberately maintained this ranking.

In terms of martial arts competency, Dwayne was definitely among the top five in the Peerless Martial Association.

After Jordan learned that the expert in front of him was Dwayne, who kept an extremely low profile and rarely appeared in public, a stronger battle intent surged in Jordan’s heart.

“We’ll know if I’m a match for you or not only after a fight!” Jordan had a strong fighting spirit, and he adjusted himself to his best state.

Jordan hoped that Dwayne could force him to unleash his potential and surpass his limits in the following battle so that he could break through his bottleneck!

“Hah, bring it on! Since you’ve got a death wish, I’ll give you what you want!” Dwayne sneered as an overwhelmingly terrifying aura immediately emerged from his body. Clearly, he was showing his full strength and planned to defeat Jordan.

At this moment, Jordan actually felt an intense bloody aura coming from Dwayne.

Someone would generally only have such a strong and bloody aura after killing countless people.

For example, Lucas and Jordan had fought on the battlefield of Calico for numerous years and killed countless enemies. Thus, they naturally carried a murderous aura.

But Dwayne didn’t actually have such a strong murderous aura but a bloodthirsty one that was nauseating. Who were the people he killed…

In fact, Jordan didn’t need to think much about it. He could easily guess it as long as he thought about the things the Peerless Martial Association had done.

“I must kill you today!” Jordan roared and charged toward Dwayne.

The two of them soon got into a brawl. Their speed and strength were extremely horrifying.

It was a road where humans were scarce. Under the dim street lights, their bodies intertwined, and fierce gusts of wind shot out from their battle, ruining everything in their path.

It was no wonder that Dwayne was a top powerhouse of the Peerless Martial Association. Not only was he extremely quick, but he was very strong as well. He raised his leg and kicked at Jordan’s head.

Hearing the sharp whistling of the kick, Jordan didn’t dare to take the blow. He crossed his arms and protected his head.


An incredibly massive force slammed into his arm, causing him to move several steps backward before finally stabilizing.

But at this moment, the bones of Jordan’s arm felt almost broken, as if a truck had run over his arm. It was shaking uncontrollably.

Fortunately, he had blocked the attack with his arms crossed, thus defusing part of the force. If he had been kicked in the head, his head would have exploded.


As soon as Jordan regained his balance, Dwayne quickly caught up and punched his face!

In a hurry, Jordan could only dodge. But a powerhouse like Dwayne had extremely quick reflexes. Jordan barely managed to dodge the first attack, but the subsequent punches landed on Jordan’s arm and chest.

In particular, the last blow that landed on Jordan’s chest sent him flying several meters away. While landing, Jordan quickly adjusted his body and bent his knees to avoid being knocked over by Dwayne.

But at this moment, Jordan felt extremely uncomfortable. An excruciating pain began spreading from the spot he was punched on his chest, making him feel like burning pain with every breath he took.

Some blood surged up his throat, but he forced himself to swallow it.

Indeed, during the brawl just now, Jordan had sustained some internal injuries.

It was the first time he was injured after leaving Calico with Lucas. It was apparent how terrifying this expert of the Peerless Martial Association was!

Seeing that Jordan was injured, Dwayne didn’t follow up and instead stood near Jordan. “Kid, you really have some skills. I have to admit that I wasn’t as powerful as you when I was your age. It’d be a shame if you died here!

“How about this? Although I don’t know why you’re following Lucas Gray, I can tell you that as long as you join the Peerless Martial Association, we’ll give you anything you want, be it wealth, power, status, or anything else!

“I can guarantee that if you join the Peerless Martial Association, you’ll be able to get everything that Julian York had!

“Think it through carefully!”

Even Jordan didn’t expect that Dwayne would suddenly extend an olive branch to him, wanting him to leave Lucas and join the Peerless Martial Association.

Moreover, Dwayne promised to give him everything that Julian had.

Julian had been part of the Peerless Martial Association for numerous years before finally reaching where he had been. He had become one of the top ten experts of the Peerless Martial Association and had an endless amount of wealth and authority within the association.

Now, Dwayne actually promised that Jordan would immediately obtain these things that Julian had worked hard for decades to achieve. It was absolutely a great temptation.

Of course, Dwayne wasn’t making empty promises. In his opinion, the strength Jordan had displayed during the fight was already far greater than Julian’s. So he felt that it was only right for Jordan to enjoy everything Julian had after joining the association.

Staring at Dwayne, Jordan slowly stood up from the floor and reached out to wipe the bloodstain on the corner of his lips. With a smirk, he said wickedly, “On account of your sincerity, I’ll give you a chance too!

“If you give up the Peerless Martial Association and pledge allegiance to Lucas, I can promise that I won’t kill you!”

When Dwayne heard this, a shocking killing intent appeared in his eyes! “You have a death wish!”

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