The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray - Chapter 940 - : Expulsion from the Family  

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Chapter 940: Expulsion from the Family

Lucas’s confident voice immediately gave Cheyenne peace of mind.

At the thought of Lucas’s past and the power he had shown in the face of the various powerful enemies previously, she believed that Lucas wasn’t blowing his trumpet.

Since he said that he would be fine, she was sure that he definitely would!

“Honey, I trust you!” Cheyenne gritted her teeth and said, “I’ll wait here for news from you. Once you’re done handling those matters, call me to let me feel relieved!”

“Okay, I will. Rest assured, and wait for my good news!” Lucas agreed with a faint smile.

After he hung up the phone, his face immediately darkened. He knocked on the door of another room within the presidential suite.

Jordan came out with a puzzled look. “Lucas, is something wrong?”

“Another person with a death wish is here. You can practice your skills again!” Lucas said coldly. “Let’s immediately go back to the Howards’!”

Jordan knew that something must have happened. Without further ado, he followed Lucas out the door and drove the car to the Howard residence.

At this moment, in the Howard residence in DC…

The Howards all gathered in Ezra’s villa, looking extremely nervous.

Florence looked especially horrified when the crowd surrounded her.

She knew that Lucas would never come to the Howards’ to save her, so she could only call Cheyenne.

Since Cheyenne was the person Lucas cared about the most, and Cheyenne would never watch her biological mother die just like that, Florence knew that she would definitely ask Lucas to save her.

In other words, Lucas would definitely come.

But what Florence was most worried about now was that it was probably impossible for Lucas to survive Hades’ wrath.

As the most terrifying existence of the Peerless Martial Association, Hades had unfathomable strength. Even Lucas couldn’t possibly be a match for this terrifying expert!

Not only was Florence thinking this way, but the rest of the Howards also had no hope that Lucas would be able to defeat Hades.

Although Lucas had revealed a domineering aura that made Howards’ experts feel terrified, Jordan was the only one who took action. Lucas had never displayed his true strength.

As for the matter of Lucas killing Julian and Dwayne, the Howards had only heard about it but didn’t see it with their own eyes. Thus, it was even more impossible for them to imagine Lucas’s combat power.

Moreover, because of the immense power of the Peerless Martial Association in DC, the Howards didn’t believe that Lucas’s power alone could match up to that of Hades, the top expert of the Peerless Martial Association.

Among the nervous Howards, only Ezra had some faint excitement in his eyes.

As long as Lucas came, he would definitely be killed by Hades!

After that, Florence would completely lose her eligibility to compete to be the head of the family, and Ezra would finally get the position he had been longing for!

Ezra was still planning things out in his head. But he never thought that if Lucas was killed by Hades, he wouldn’t be able to escape the blame for instigating Dwayne, which led to his death!

Given Hades’ character, he would never let Ezra go, so it was even more impossible for him to be the Howards’ helmsman!

As time passed, the time limit of 20 minutes set by Hades was almost up.

But Lucas never appeared.

Florence twisted her fingers and looked at the door every few seconds. She seemed to be getting more and more anxious and nervous.

If Lucas really didn’t show up… she would probably be killed by Hades!

She had now figured out Hades’s identity and character, and her heart was full of fear for this man who would kill without blinking and had a past of being brutal.

Lucas… why aren’t you here yet? Come quickly!

If you still don’t come, I… I’m going to die!

Aren’t you afraid that Cheyenne will blame you for this? Hurry up!

Florence exclaimed hysterically.

The other Howards also looked terribly uneasy, and they kept looking at the villa entrance.

Hades had already said that if Lucas didn’t show up on time, the rest of the Howards wouldn’t be able to escape either!

If Hades took his anger out on them, they would be in deep trouble!

“Hah, there’s only two minutes left before time is up!

“If Lucas Gray doesn’t show up in two minutes, don’t blame me for starting a massacre here!”

Hades looked at the watch and suddenly had an extremely morbid, cold, and bloodthirsty expression as his gaze swept the Howards one by one.

The hearts of all the Howards tensed up, and a feeling of fear instantly surged from the bottom of their hearts.

What he said was so menacing that the Howards all felt terrified.

Although the Howards had many guards and expert bodyguards, they were nothing to the Peerless Martial Association!

Since Hades said that he wanted to launch a massacre here, it was definitely not just an empty threat!

“Florence, what have you done? Your son-in-law is a scourge! If it wasn’t for him, this wouldn’t have happened to our family!”

“That’s right! If it wasn’t for your desire to seize power and become the helmsman, this wouldn’t have happened!”

“You put the rest of us in trouble for your own ambitions. How can we live in the same place with a vicious woman like you? You should have been expelled from the family long ago!”

“How dare you even dream of being the helmsman? Bitch, you should get out of the Howard family as soon as possible!”

“That’s right. Get the hell out of the family!”

The rest of the Howards rebuked Florence under the extreme fear.

They all agreed that if it wasn’t for her son-in-law, the Howards wouldn’t be facing the current crisis, nor would they be threatened by Hades.

Hades sneered at this scene and chuckled sinisterly.

The Howards, one of the eight top families of DC, really show their ugly side in the face of the threat of death!

But of course, these privileged and pampered scions were nothing in the face of true strength. They were no different from poor dogs and cats at the mercy of their slaughterer!

If not for some rules of the Peerless Martial Association, he would be able to slaughter all the hundreds of people in the Howard residence by himself right now!

Although he couldn’t kill all the Howards, he was still allowed to kill a few to assert dominance.

While thinking about it, Hades couldn’t help sticking out his tongue to lick the corners of his mouth and show a bloodthirsty and maniacal smile.

This smile immediately sent a chill into the Howards’ hearts.

Felix gritted his teeth and said, “Hades, as you can see, none of us welcomes that punk, and only this woman is related to him.

“I will immediately expel this woman from the family. You can do whatever you want with her!

“I only hope that you can spare the rest of the Howards!”

Felix’s words immediately caused Florence to freeze, completely dumbstruck.

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