The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray-Chapter 944 - Face-Off

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Chapter 944: Face-Off

Just before this, Florence had already told Hades that Lucas’s wife was just her illegitimate daughter whom she had abandoned, and neither of them had any feelings for each other. As such, Lucas definitely wouldn’t rush over to save her.

Hades didn’t believe it at first. But now, seeing with his own eyes how cold Lucas was toward Florence, he finally believed what she said.

At the same time, it made him see Lucas in a different light.

Originally, when Hades saw how young Lucas was, he was full of disdain. Young people tended to have all sorts of flaws.

Therefore, he once thought that this young man must have resorted to some despicable means to kill Julian and Dwayne, two top experts of the Peerless Martial Association. As Ezra had said, the fatal wound on Dwayne’s corpse was a hole caused by a bullet.

If this young man was as ruthless and cold as those sly old foxes, he could possibly become a top powerhouse. fre𝑒𝘸𝚎𝚋n૦ѵℯl.c𝒐𝘮

Staring into Lucas’s eyes, Hades suddenly sneered. “Hmph, since you don’t care about this woman’s life, I’ll kill her right now!”

He tightened his grip, and in the next second, he was about to break Florence’s neck.

But the moment he was about to do so, a thin hand suddenly grabbed his wrist!

Immediately afterward, a huge force came from this hand, clamping down on his!

Hades’ pupils suddenly constricted. Just now, Lucas suddenly vanished from about ten meters away from him. Without a doubt, the person who suddenly appeared and grabbed his wrist was Lucas!

“I didn’t come here to save her, but did I give you permission to kill her?” Lucas’s cold and indifferent voice rang in Hades’ ears, as if it came from hell.

Hades’s expression changed drastically. He couldn’t figure out how Lucas suddenly appeared behind him even though he had been more than ten meters away just now.


His eyes couldn’t even get a clear glimpse of Lucas’s movements!

Moreover, the terrifying force coming from Lucas’s hand grabbing his wrist caused him to feel excruciating pain. Hades had no doubt that Lucas would be able to crush his wrist bones by applying some more force!

“Who… are you?” A layer of cold sweat emerged on Hades’s face as he felt a great threat.

If he had previously thought that Lucas had killed Dwayne with a gun, he didn’t think so now.

The strength of this young man was beyond his imagination!

In fact, he wasn’t even sure if he could even defeat Lucas!

“Let go or have your hand broken, your choice,” Lucas said indifferently.

Although Lucas sounded extremely arrogant, and Hades would definitely kill anyone who dared to say something like this to him, he actually chose to let go immediately.

Cough Cough!

Florence’s body fell to the floor, and she coughed for a long time before taking deep breaths, seemingly relieved to have survived a close shave with death.

She finally survived!

“Since I’ve let her go, shouldn’t you let go now?” Hades asked through gritted teeth, trying his best to endure the pain coming from his wrist.

He just had a face-off with Lucas yet came out on the losing end. It made him extremely embarrassed and furious.

“Hmph!” Lucas snorted coldly, but he still let go of Hades’s arm.

Hades immediately withdrew his hand. When he saw the bruising on his wrist, his forehead throbbed.


It was dead silent in the Howards’ villa.

Everyone stared dumbfoundedly at everything in front of them with deep shock in their eyes.

Lucas had suddenly appeared beside Hades and grabbed his wrist to force him to let go of Florence. The Howards thought that Hades would definitely lose his temper and teach Lucas a lesson.

But to their surprise, this powerhouse, who had been extremely tyrannical in the Howards, suddenly behaved in a drastically different manner. He actually let go of Florence obediently!

Seeing the way Hades was now, he still seemed to be extremely wary of Lucas!

Is Lucas Gray… so powerful that even a top powerhouse of the Peerless Martial Association can’t defeat him?

At this moment, Felix’s face abruptly twitched while his heart began pounding rapidly.

The scene in front of him made him feel a strong ominous hunch, as if he had just missed a chance that was gone forever!

Lucas, his grandson-in-law, actually forced Hades of the Peerless Martial Association to back down and not dare to move easily. Just how powerful must he be?

“Punk, you killed two experts of the Peerless Martial Association. We’re never going to let you off!

“Just wait for me here. You’ll die here soon!”

Hades stared into Lucas’s eyes ruthlessly, and then…

He turned around and walked toward the entrance of the Howards’ villa. Instead of fighting with Lucas, he chose to leave immediately!

This scene caused Ezra, Samuel, and the others to be so astonished that their eyes were about to fall out.

They could have never imagined that Hades, who had just threatened to kill the Howards and wanted to kill Lucas, would turn around to flee after just a brief face-off with Lucas!

But immediately afterward, something even more shocking happened!

“Stop! Did I say that you could leave?”

As Lucas’s indifferent and cold voice sounded, Jordan moved quickly and stood at the entrance of the villa to stop Hades.

Ezra, Samuel, and the rest of the Howards were immediately flabbergasted, thinking that Lucas was much more arrogant than Hades of the Peerless Martial Association! f𝐫𝑒𝗲𝙬𝒆𝚋𝐧૦𝘃𝗲l.c𝚘𝘮

Hades, who was blocked, slowly turned his head around and stared at Lucas with a cold, murderous look in his eyes.

“None of you can stop me from leaving!”

He wasn’t a fool. Lucas’s incredible speed just now and the massive force in Lucas’s grip on his arm made him know clearly that he was no match for Lucas.

Since he knew he couldn’t defeat Lucas, he naturally wouldn’t care about his pride and insist on fighting him!

Thus, escaping was Hades’s best choice now!

Although Jordan was standing at the entrance, Hades didn’t take him seriously at all. He simply rushed toward Jordan and swung his fist to force him back.

“Hah, good that you’re here! Do you really think you can escape?” A fierce battle intent suddenly appeared on Jordan’s face as he charged forward to meet Hades!

The two of them collided almost immediately!