The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray - Chapter 945 - : Training Target  

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Chapter 945: Training Target

Lucas stood in the villa and looked at the two people fighting without any intention of making a move.

On his way to the Howards, Lucas had asked Jordan to come along so that Jordan could fight with Hades.

Jordan’s skills had been stuck at a bottleneck for a long time, and the best way to break through was by engaging in intense battles or even struggling between life and death.

Just over an hour ago, Jordan and Dwayne had fought, and his bottleneck loosened significantly while his combat skills improved greatly. At first, he was slightly inferior to Dwayne and even suffered some injuries. But he eventually defeated Dwayne and forced the latter into fleeing.

But Dwayne clearly wasn’t enough, as he couldn’t make Jordan break through his bottleneck completely.

Since Hades was here to avenge Dwayne, he should be stronger than him.

He was a good candidate for Jordan to try his hands at.

As long as Jordan engaged in a life-and-death struggle with a powerhouse of this level, he would be able to maximize his potential and break through his bottleneck to reach a higher level!

So Lucas didn’t do anything when Jordan moved to stop Hades.

Meanwhile, Hades had initially thought that Jordan was just an insignificant lackey whom he would send flying with a punch.


But when their fists collided, Hades realized that he was extremely wrong!

Although Jordan was very young and only in his twenties, the power in his fist almost crushed the fingerbones of Hades, who didn’t use his full strength because he had underestimated his opponent!

Amid the intense pain and the massive power contained in Jordan’s fist, Hades was actually knocked back and moved back several steps in a row!

All the Howards were stunned.

They never thought that Hades, who was incomparably formidable to them, would be knocked backward by a single punch from Lucas’s subordinate!

Hades took several steps back before defusing the massive force from his wrist. The pain in his fingers made burning rage surge throughout his body.

The fact that he had the domineering nickname Hades, which the head of the association had given him, was enough to show how much power and authority he commanded.

But he was now blocked by Lucas’s subordinate, and he was even forced back by a punch. It was an enormous disgrace to Hades!

“Punk, you’re courting death!” Hades was furious, and killing intent was surging in his eyes.

Jordan curled his lips in disdain. “I really thought that you were some peerless expert, but I didn’t expect you to be too scared to fight against Lucas!

“You were the one who threatened Lucas with that woman’s life to come here. Why are you behaving like a mouse seeing a cat now that Lucas is here? Why are you fleeing in panic?

“Someone like you is indeed not worthy of being Lucas’s opponent. In that case, I’ll fight with you and teach you a lesson!”

Jordan’s remarks immediately enraged Hades! “Punk, I must kill you!”

But after shouting, he subconsciously glanced at Lucas. When he saw that Lucas didn’t show any intention of fighting him, he felt slightly relieved.

Hades knew very well that he was no match for Lucas. If he pitted himself against Lucas, he would have no chance of winning!

Jordan sneered. “Old man, you’re very arrogant. But if you want to take my life, let me see how capable you really are!”

“Since you have a death wish, I’ll fulfill it!” Hades roared angrily. He stomped hard on the floor and charged toward Jordan.


He thought the reason Jordan had managed to force him back just now was only that he had underestimated the enemy and didn’t take Jordan, causing him to suffer a loss.

So this time, Hades began accumulating all his power from the start before attacking Jordan ferociously.

On the other side, Jordan’s face was brimming with fighting intent.

Although he had repelled Hades just now, Jordan was well aware that Hades wouldn’t be easy to deal with. His true strength was indeed a notch superior to his.

Of course, this was better because there would be more value in defeating him. In this way, he could train his own skills and break through his bottleneck!

Moreover, Jordan knew that the chance to fight with a powerhouse like Hades was rare to come by.


Soon, the two of them were clashing.

They exerted their full strength, so this battle was extremely intense.

Because the battle was taking place in the living room of Ezra’s villa, the Howards screamed and hid in the corners of the first floor once the fight broke out, afraid of being affected.

The couch, coffee table, vases, and other items in the villa were pulverized during the fight between the two powerful experts.

Lucas picked up Florence, who was still lying on the floor without any energy to move, and carried her by her clothes to a safe place at the side.

Florence’s expression was extremely complicated at this moment. She wanted to thank Lucas, but she didn’t know how to start.

But Lucas hadn’t expected Florence to thank him. After carrying her to the edge of the hall, he turned his head and stopped looking at her.

“…” Florence opened her mouth, but she didn’t say anything in the end.

“Hey, I heard that you’re an expert of the Peerless Martial Association, and your nickname is Hades, right? With such a domineering name, why is your strength so mediocre?

“You can’t even compare to Dwayne. Aren’t you too mediocre?

“You can’t even defeat me, but you’re thinking of killing Lucas? You must be dreaming.

“Or have your skills degenerated to such a terrible state because you’ve gotten used to being on a pedestal in the Peerless Martial Association?”

Jordan mocked Hades while fighting intensely with him.

Although Hades’s first few attacks were fierce, his later moves became weaker and weaker, and he seemed to have yet to exert his full strength.

Jordan was fighting Hades in order to make a breakthrough, so he was naturally displeased.

But Hades had actually never thought of fighting seriously with Jordan.

Hades wasn’t a fool. He knew that Lucas, whom he couldn’t beat, was still keeping an eye on him. Even if he used his full strength and defeated Jordan, he would still never be a match for Lucas.

Thus, he didn’t want to fight Jordan at all. Instead, he used the opportunity to quietly approach the villa entrance in order to facilitate escaping!

But he was now taunted by a greenhorn like Jordan. He was about to blow his fuse!

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