The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray - Chapter 997 - So-Called Brother

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Chapter 997: So-Called Brother

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Karen had picked Cheyenne up from the roadside and adopted her, so it was somewhat understandable that she mistreated Cheyenne and disliked her.

But Charlotte was Karen’s biological daughter, and Karen treated her so heartlessly too. Not only did she collude with an outsider to kidnap her daughter, but she even said that she would give her daughter to him as a plaything, leaving her at his mercy. This was incredibly inhumane!

“Lucas, you bastard, you’re nothing compared to Jace…”

Karen was still insulting Lucas when Jace suddenly rushed toward her and slapped her face hard!


“Idiot! Shut up! Shut up!” Jace roared, wishing he could rip Karen’s mouth apart.

This idiot had failed to complete the task, and she was even found by Lucas’s people, who brought her here.

Yet she still didn’t have a clear idea of the situation and was still insulting Lucas!

Was she blind? Did she not see that all the experts had been defeated and had collapsed on the floor?

So what if he was a Hutton? Did this idiot still think that he could defeat the terrifying Lucas?

All she did was spout nonsense. She was completely useless!

Karen was dumbfounded by Jace’s sudden slap.

She touched her numb and stinging face, utterly dumbfounded. “Mr… Mr. Hutton, why did you hit me? Lucas Gray is our enemy. Can’t I scold him? Don’t you wish he’d immediately die too? Now that such a great opportunity is in front of us, are you going to let this bastard off?”

“Idiot!” Jace scolded Karen while feeling flustered.

He had originally thought that Lucas would definitely obey him since he had held William and Charlotte hostage. He had been sure that he would be able to kill Lucas, so he had said that Lucas was just like an animal waiting to be slaughtered by him.


But in just a few minutes, the situation suddenly reversed. And now, Lucas was the one with control over Jace’s life. Lucas could kill him at any time!

Despite feeling extremely unwilling, Jace couldn’t think of any other solution.

“Lucas, you can kill my subordinates, but no matter what, I am your half-brother, and there are blood ties between us. You can’t kill me!” Jace clenched his fist, desperately trying to contain the fear in his heart while speaking to Lucas.

Lucas sneered. “Brother? When you were humiliating me and trying to kill me just now, why didn’t you remember that you’re my brother and that there are blood ties between us? It’s too ridiculous for you to say that now!”

Half-brother? Blood ties? Karen felt like her mind was struck by a thunderbolt as she immediately froze in place.

There was too much information from the brief conversation between Jace and Lucas, so much so that Karen’s mind was in a whirlwind.

Jace was Lucas’s half-brother, which meant that Lucas was also a Hutton! He was a descendant of one of the eight most powerful families in DC!

Karen had never heard Lucas mention this before!

She had always thought that Lucas was just a penniless boy who had married into the Carters because of Cheyenne!

Immediately afterward, Karen finally saw the corpses lying on the floor in the room. All of them were Jace’s subordinates!

There were so many of them. Could Lucas have killed them all?

At this moment, Karen felt her legs go weak. Unable to stand any longer, she fell to the floor.

“Lucas Gray, no matter what, I’m a scion of the Huttons and also your brother! The Huttons won’t let you off if you really want to kill me!” Jace hurriedly said when he sensed that Lucas really wanted to kill him.

Lucas said coldly, “Do you still think I’d be afraid of the Huttons at this point? Also, what kind of brother are you?

“When my mother and I were still living with the Huttons more than twenty years ago, you’d bully me at every turn and called me a bastard all the time. You even insulted me together with your subordinates!

“Later, your mother was afraid that I would affect your successorship of the position of helmsman, so she was determined to drive my mother and me out of the family. She kept telling tales to Michael Hutton and even schemed against my mother to frame her and snatch the Stardust Corporation. Finally, the Huttons even kicked my mother and me out of the family, leaving us without even a penny to our names!

“The Huttons even deprived me of my last name and ordered me not to return to DC for the rest of my life! And what were you doing at the time? You were happily gloating and clapping your hands to celebrate that I was kicked out by the Huttons. Have you already forgotten?

“What right do you have to call yourself my brother? I don’t have a cold-blooded brother like you!

“As for the Hutton family, which you’ve been so proud of and worried that I would return to, they’re nothing in my eyes! Only a short-sighted and incompetent small fry like you would think that the position of helmsman is a holy grail that everyone had to fight for!

“I’ll tell you the truth. If my mother hadn’t asked me to spare the Huttons when she was on her deathbed, I would have destroyed all of you a long time ago. You wouldn’t have the chance to be so arrogant in front of me!”

Lucas spoke bluntly while recalling the scenes of him and his mother suffering humiliation by the Huttons before eventually getting kicked out of the family. Lucas’s heart was full of rage, and he wanted to crush Jace to death immediately.

After hearing what Lucas said, Jace was beyond astonished!

He could sense that what Lucas said was true!

He really didn’t take the Huttons seriously, nor did he want the position of the Huttons’ helmsman. Moreover, he was really capable of destroying the Huttons!

But… how was it possible for him to do that?

At this moment, Jace was recalling all the information that he had investigated about Lucas.

Back then, Lucas was only eight years old when he and his mother were kicked out by the Huttons. He was two years younger than Jace and extremely thin and petite back then, so he was quite a pushover.

Later, Lucas and his mother moved to Orange County after getting kicked out of DC. Although Jace felt that the enemy preventing him from gaining the position of helmsman had disappeared, he didn’t completely give up paying attention to Lucas.

Thus, Jace found out later that Lucas and his mother struggled to survive in Orange County, and his mother eventually passed away from a terminal illness. Meanwhile, Lucas married into a second or third-rate family in Orange County and became a live-in son-in-law whom everyone despised.

At the time, Jace felt that Lucas would probably spend the rest of his life as a bottom feeder of society and never return to DC again to threaten his position as successor. He lost interest in Lucas and stopped paying attention to him.

Even after hearing the news of Lucas’s disappearance, Jace merely thought that he had probably already died somewhere.

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