The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant-Chapter 1081 - Show Off

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Chapter 1081: 1081: Show Off

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It’s not that she didn’t like things from the modern era.

Most of the modern technology made things easier for them, but at the same time, there had been a lot of ancient touches. So, she was only interested in certain advanced technology.

This was also why she was persistent in being nice to the boss of AO2. She tried her best to get to know the products of AO2. Since she couldn’t join the company, she wanted to buy them instead.

However, she bought too many of them, and they needed approval from the Director, but he was always missing.

In the end, her love for AO2 turned into hatred.


Zhan Lichuan was too cold, too distant.

But now, she was sitting on top of this man who was smiling at her. There was an elegant and noble temperament around him. This arrogant and powerful man told her that everything he had was hers and she could take anything she wanted. This was…

Touching… She was moved by him.

This was the happiness of getting close to her idol.

“Dear, you aren’t angry at me, right?”

Di Jingkun, sitting nearby, couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

‘This man was the richest man on earth! You are afraid that your wife is angry with you? Are you crazy? Is there something wrong with you? I would be crying out of joy if I was your uncle?!’

At this moment, Di Jingkun truly regretted his actions.

Ever since he learned he belonged to the Royal Family in Country B and he was the twin brother of Di Jingxuan, he always felt that life was unfair to him. He hated the world and his father.

In fact, when he first learned that he had a father and a twin brother, he thought of reuniting with them.

But, he was too arrogant and egoistic to do so.

His father did not take good care of him and his mother. He ended up getting taken away. His father didn’t even notice that one of his sons had been stolen.

Seeing how his father loved his brother so dearly, he was jealous of him. He wanted the same kind of love, but he never went back to them.

This was because he didn’t want to get his father’s love by begging. He tried to make himself greater and stronger in order to be loved.

He was already at the Extremes then and was a mafia. He had faith in himself that once he returned home, his father would be proud of him.

However, before he had the chance to return home, his father had already passed.

He was furious.

Di Jingxuan and his father were idiots. They knew that Country B was not an easy place to be in. Why didn’t they bring more mercenaries with them? Just like him. He would always have 6 S-grade mercenaries like Ray next to him whenever he went out of the house.

Why didn’t his father do more preparations before going to Country B?

His father was dead now, and all of his efforts had gone to waste.

Was he supposed to show them to his younger brother?

Why should he?

That brat had been loved and taken care of by their father as he poured all of the love he had for their mother onto Di Jingxuan. This allowed Di Jingxuan to grow up in a warm, loving environment.

Half of the inheritance Di Jingxuan had belonged to him.

These were things that belonged to him, but when their father died, all of them went to Di Jingxuan. Why?!

Was he supposed to ask for them from Di Jingxuan?

What was the difference between him and a beggar then?

This was why he could only do it by using brute force.

He didn’t want much. He only wanted the part he deserved.

At the same time, he wanted that little brat to know that his elder brother was much more powerful than him. The only reason why he had all those fortunes was only that he had a kind-hearted brother who didn’t bear to take them away from him.

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