The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant-Chapter 1082 - Hes Scared

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Chapter 1082: 1082: He’s Scared

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This was why he had sent men to capture Di Jingxuan multiple times, but he always failed at it.

Di Jingxuan was much more cunning than their father. No matter where he went, there would be incredibly experienced assassins with him. He did not see any S-grade mercenaries next to Di Jingxuan, so he sent S-grade assassins after him. However, it consistently ended up with his men being killed instead.

In the end, he suspected there were SS-grade mercenaries who were protecting him all the time. It didn’t make sense that every time he was left alone, all the men he sent ended up dying.

Then, he met Xie Qingyan.

Back then, Xie Qingyan’s code name was Qingyan. She was one of the top assassins. With that woman next to him, Di Jingxuan’s life became even better.


But….Di Jingxuan would never know that his brother was in love with her as well.

He loved Qingyan.

He loved her to bits!

He was the one who met Qingyan first and even caught the other person’s attention, but when she met Di Jingxuan, she fell for him instead!

That brat took away his father and then the woman he loved. The hatred he had for Di Jingxuan was beyond words.

Especially when he found out that she wasn’t only an assassin but also the daughter of the Xie family. He felt so envious that his heart was about to stop.

This was why when Xie Qingyan got pregnant, he found multiple women and got them pregnant as well.

Cheng Shuyu was the first woman to get pregnant with his child, and she gave birth 2 days earlier than Xie Qingyan. As for the other women, he forced them to give birth earlier than the expected date.

He had also bribed Xie Qingyan’s doctor, so she was told that she only had one daughter when in fact, she had given birth to a pair of twins.

Coincidentally, Cheng Shuyu gave birth to a girl, and in the end, he managed to take away both of Xie Qingyan’s children.

He wanted to kill both the children, but then, he thought of the painful childhood he had. He wanted Di Jingxuan’s son to experience the pain and suffering of the world.

As for his daughter, he threw her away.

But now, the girl he had abandoned without any hesitation turned out to be such an excellent person. She was able to fight him, Foxx, and Ray all on her own. She even ended up being married to Zhan Lichuan, who was the Director of both the Ops Corporates and AO2!!

The world was her oyster!

Seeing how close the couple was, he began to regret everything he did.

He regretted it so badly that it hurt.

He shouldn’t have swapped them!

If he didn’t, the girl who was sitting on Zhan Lichuan’s lap now would be his biological daughter.

The girl with those skills would be his daughter!

Di Jingxuan took away everything that belonged to him, and Di Jinqian took away his daughter’s.

Initially, he could have risen to power with the help of his daughter, but because his daughter was pampered by the Di family, she ended up becoming someone simple and boring.

When he thought about how both the bosses of AO2 and Sanctuary were fighting for Jinqian, Di Jingkun felt envious…

He wanted to kill the useless Di Anran for all the regret he had.

He was about to explode in rage!

Zhan Lichuan could already confirm now that his wife was Saka. Although he didn’t know how Jinqian became Saka, the current Jinqian was definitely not the one she used to be.

He was feeling…..scared!

Jinqian felt that something was wrong as well. She narrowed her eyes and asked, “Why should I be angry at you?”

Perhaps….this man found out about the truth?

Zhan Lichuan said in a sorrowful tone, “You bit me.”

Seeing how there was still blood at the edge of his lips, Jinqian’s eyes turned sharp.

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