The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant-Chapter 1177 - Badly Betrayed

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Chapter 1177: 1177: Badly Betrayed

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“If you miss this chance, I will then deal with all of you in my own ways. By then, please don’t say that your niece is a cruel woman.”

“Aren’t you heartless and cruel?! If it wasn’t because of you, Ranle’s reputation would not have been ruined and we would not be embarrassed in front of the whole world. It’s all because of you…”

“That’s enough!”Jinqian stopped Lee Jiayin.

“You are already betrayed by your husband, but instead, you’re still so enthusiastically defending him? I already told you that I don’t have much time to talk to you. Di Jingan might not have seen Di Anran, but I’m sure the both of you have met her.

“She was a smart woman. You might not believe it, but I wasn’t the one who threw her in prison. She was the one who surrendered and she is being imprisoned for life. She didn’t even commit a murder crime. She was merely the murderer’s daughter, so I went easy on her. She went to prison voluntarily.


“So, please don’t think that being in prison would be the end of your lousy schemes. In fact, life in prison is only the beginning of your future.”

Di Jinqian’s words caused Lee Jiayin and Di Ranle’s body to tremble in fear.

Although they had only been here for half a day, they saw Di Ranle with their own eyes.

Di Ranle had to do jobs that belonged to 16 prisoners. Within 2 weeks, she had already gotten at least 10 years older and she had lost all of the pride left in her.

They asked her why she ended up in prison and questioned if it was Di Jinqian or the Di family who did this to her.

When she heard Di Jinqian’s name, Di Ranle got so frightened that she wet her pants. She screamed as she repeatedly said, “It’s none of my business! It’s my father’s decision! Please let me go! I will surrender myself!”

Di Ranle was repeating these four phrases like a machine. It continuously came out of Di Ranle’s mouth.

Thinking of how they ended up in this state because of Di Jinqian, all of them panicked.

“Jinqian, no matter what happens, I am your uncle.”

Jinqian chuckled, “Don’t play these cards with me. In the royal family, you don’t even care if they are your brothers or your father. You’re only my uncle, one I am not even close with. Why do you keep repeating the fact that you’re family? You’re not even as close to me as my neighbour’s dog.”

Di Jingan had been used to playing nasty ever since he was a child. He has never been this furious, and he couldn’t even breathe properly.

“You only have three minutes left. Hurry up!”

With that said, Jinqian put on an innocent look.

“Mum, Dad… From how they are acting now, I don’t think we’ll be done when 3 minutes are up. If we can’t settle it within three minutes, you have to leave them to me. I like punishing them in my own ways.”

Di Jingxuan took a deep breath before smiling, “Actually, I would support the idea of you dealing with them on your own.”

Xie Qingyan nodded her head in agreement,”That’s right. We’re curious about what you have in mind.”

Jinqian pursed her lips. She didn’t want to tell them about it.

After all, they just wanted to see how violent she could be.

But… Everyone has their own little secret.

Her parents were the one that she wanted to keep her secret from.

She didn’t want to show how violent she could be in front of her parents.

Jinqian looked at Di Jingan with an unhappy look in her eyes, “Quick! Make up your mind. You only have 2 minutes left.”

“You can kill me instantly with only one word. You have already ruined my reputation. I’m sure that you’ll be going after my businesses now. What else do you want?”

“What else do I want?” Jinqian was getting impatient. “Shouldn’t you be asking me if that was enough?”